A Best Friends Lover

Mine. Yours. OURS.


1. Can this get any worse?!

Meadow's POV

I was at my bff's house ally's and we were watching WTF?! news on YouTube when we heard a knock at the door. I answered it. "Hi may I help you?" I asked. It was a teen ager. She was wearing a blue tank top that said, 'Kewl Girls' which was out YouTube channel name. We had a vine named that to but we also had separate vines. Mine was , 'kewl meadow' and hers was 'kewl ally' . "Omg! Y-your meadow!! Form kewl girls?!" She screamed. I smiled and motioned for ally to come over here. "Hey. I'm-" the girl cut her off. "I know who you are!! Your ally!!" She smiled. "Yep that's me." "So what did you come here for anyway?" I asked her. "I came here since I'm such a BIG fan of you guys I bought you guys each VIP passes to magcon." We both looked at each other. Our jaws dropped. We jumped up and down. "Omg omg omg?! Really?!" Ally asked her excitedly. She nodded and smiled. She handed us our tickets. We hugged her, took a few pics, auto graphed a few pics, gave her our number, and did a vine and a video blog with her. "Don't give our number out or we will never speak to you agin. Got it?" I asked the girl. Which I now knew her name was rose. She nodded her head and left. We jumped up and down. Ally said I could stay the night. Before we went to bed we decided to do a few 'kewl questions' on a blog. "Hey guys! Were here just sitting at home all packed up ready for our flight tomorrow!" Ally said starting us out. I smiled. "Yes and were also going to do a few 'kewl questions'!" I said excitedly. She pulled out her phone to read some tweets. "First question. What is your favorite animal/animals?" She read aloud. "Umm mine would probably be a panda." I said. "Yeah that color really looks good on you." I laughed and playfully pushed her. "Um mine would be a puppy I think." She said. "Yeah that color looks good on you." I mimicked. "What? That doesn't even make sense." She giggled. "Shut up." I laughed and brushed my hair back with my hand. We did a few more questions then high 5d the camera good bye and posted the video. After that we went to sleep insulting each other playfully. "Bird brains!" She yelled. "Head shitter!" I yelled back. "Ass hole!" "Bitch!" We laughed. "I love you like a sister ally." I said to her. "I love you to meadow. Like a sister." We giggled and drifted off to sleep.

Hope you liked the first chapter! I didn't know what animal you liked so I randomly chose for you lol um I'm not sure if that's your name but it's in the other story so yeah lol. Well if you have ANY feed back good or bad please let me know in the comments! Credit for the person who is ally will be in the comments! Thanks for reading! Love you my munchkins!! Byee! Muah!! ;*

-In Love With Harry

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