Staying strong

This story is about a girl who loses her sister, her father, and mother in different ways. What happens when she meets Liam Payne? Will her life stay the same or will it change? Read to find out


2. meeting one direction

Jenna's POV

I walked into my studio. The famous dance studio in London. I teach hip hop, ballet, and other dances. Sometimes I even put on shows so the parents can see how good the do in my studio. I was walking towards the entrance when I saw 5 boys leaning on the wall waiting to go in.

"Hi can I help you?" I ask knowing that there not part of any of my class

"Hi" the blond on said"my name is Niall, and this is zayn, lious, Liam, and Harry. You probly know us from one Driection"

"Not to make you mad or any thing but I don't know who one direction is?"

"One Driection, is a famous boy band"

"Ok, not to be rude but why are you here" most of the time I'm rude

"You see, my friend here got into a brake up with his grilfriend and our manager said we should come here to relax our selfs"

"Fine, you can watch, but you have to stand behind the mirror, you can watch us through it, but I can't see you."

"Thank you"

Hey guys! This is my new story. I am the person who made the unknown daughter of styles. I hope you like this book


~liams kitty😉

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