Chasing Butterflies

A Peacock Project novel featuring music, singing, cinnamon, true stories, the search for self-fulfilment, the art of creative writing, secrets to finding love and happiness, my world map, magic, and butterflies.

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1. Foreword

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every story needs a heroine, no matter her background or her present circumstances.  This is my story.

My grand plan is to finally publish a best-selling novel and release a CD of original songs.
Every day I imagine standing in a book store, with a display of hardcover books all bearing the title of one of my currently unfinished works, with a great big silly grin on my face.  I also dream of standing on stage in front of a huge audience on live national, possibly international television, singing my heart out.

If the book I published were my autobiography, the blurb would probably read something like this,


‘Meet Psyche Stewart, a hopeless romantic, baker of cinnamon treats, Jane Austen geek, amateur photographer and aspiring writer and singer. 

Life in in her home town is quiet and peaceful, but no two days are completely the same.  Despite having a rich variety in her life, there are three things missing in her life.  Three things that she dreams of more than anything in the entire world.

Psyche  wants to find love, publish a novel, and releasing a CD album.

Unfortunately,  she lacks confidence both in her writing and in herself as a person, mostly stemming from negative self-image.  And she has neglected her voice.  On top of all this, she is extremely lazy, with no drive to overcome the bumps that life hands her.

To succeed, she will have to find the drive to overcome her internal conflicts, and to motivate herself to do things for herself.


If my life were a movie, the cast list would read, in order of appearance,

1. Psyche Elizabeth Stewart (That’s my name, don’t wear it out.)

2. Mrs Stewart (My overbearing control-freak of a mother, though she does give good advice when both of us are calm and reasonable.)

3. Hazel Brown (She doesn’t have a lot of money, but she always makes the nicest cards for all occasions.)

4. DarklingPhoebus (I "met" him online but I don’t know him personally, though I want to.)

5. Hailey Osborne (She’s probably the most successful of the three of our group who graduated from St Edberg Comp.)

6. Norman Stewart (My Grandpapa)

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