Claim To Fame

It seems the girls have made it. Beverley, Diana and Katy have achieved their dreams. They are the famous girl band that is Judgment!! When the girls meet the famous One Direction, some hearts are taken, then some are Brocken. How do they cope with the fame? Do the couples stay together? Or will everything fall appart? • "Best book I have read in my life!" A unicorn said even though it just learnt to read and this is the first thing it has attempted to read. • "Most heart warming story." Said a dragon who has a burning heart due to constant heart burns. • (Book 1 in the Independence series)


3. Coz we danced all night to the best song ever


Diana came to the room shorty after I interrupted her little chat with that dude down there. She's a sucker for romance, then again so am I. Well at least Diana has Tom. I guess I just never found the perfect guy...

After a few minuets of silence I went over to Katy's room and knocked on the door. "What is it?" A weak voice replied. I opened the door and creeped in. Katy was sat on the bed with her laptop and looking slightly red eyed.

"What's wrong BooBear?" I asked. Yeah, I call her BooBear. Got a problem? Katy just shook her head and turned away from me. I sat next to her and looked at the laptop screen expecting to see something about One Direction breaking up or something...but no.

She had a tweet...from her boyfriend.

'@Katy_Judgement hi katy! I have news for u! yh, I'm breaking up wiv u. ur proberbly cryin rit now cause ur weak like that but suc it up! Iv met someone. she's 10x hotter and gr8 in bed unlike you being frigid. anyway have a nice day. Konor x'

I held her close after reading it just shushing her. She was probably trying to hide it from me. "No matter what, you always have me and Diana. And now try free to stalk Louis!" I said, making her giggle into my shoulder.

"Thanks. But I can't believe he was that harsh about it. And did it in public!" She pulled away wide eyed. "What are you going to do?" She asked.

"Tweet him, make it public. Then smash his face in." I answered. She just shrugged and went into the bathroom. I went through to the lounge and laid on the sofa before pulling my phone out, opening Twitter, and clicking on Konor's tweet.

'@Katy_Judgement@KonorGrimsey Hi! it's Bev! I happened to notice you disobeyed my orders. Ya know, don't be yourself around my best friend? Remember how I said I would make your life a living hell? Well guess what! I'm coming to England so I can do just that! Isn't it exiting?! I haven't ruined a life in ages! Anyway...I WILL RIP YOUR FEMININE PUBIC HAIR OUT. GOT IT?? Love always-Bev'

I love the fact that I hacked into Twitter so my tweets can be as long as I want. My phone then beeped.

Real_Liam_Payne re-tweeted your Tweet

What? Liam...what??? Before I could think anymore Diana ran into the room. "Katy's going to want to hear this." She said. "KATY!" she yelled before I stopped her. I simply showed her the tweet in my phone and her face slowly turned red with anger. The one thing you don't want to do, is upset people Diana cares about.

"Yeah?" Katy appeared at the door.

"Hun, we've been invited to a club tonight. Wanna go? Get your mind off things?" Diana asked. Club? What? When? Cool. "With who? LOUIS TOMLIMSON??" Katy asked. I giggled at her little outburst. "Just a few lads. You like them I promise." Diana never breaks a promise. "Can we go?" Diana asked. "Okay." Katy agreed and they both turned to me. "Sure." I shrugged as we all went to our rooms to prepare.

I loosely curled my hair letting it flow down. I wore a short black dress with of the shoulder sleeves like Sandy from Grease. It hugged my figure perfectly and showed off my curves. I had a matching blue jacket and some silver gladiator sandals.

I put my small purse in my pocket and headed to the lounge. Diana was standing beside the sofa looking through her purse. She had a tight American flag patterned dress on and red heels making her even taller, a grey blouse type jacket over that. Her black hair was in a fishtail plait to the side.

"Hey, looking sexy." I said as I slapped her bum, it's an inside joke thing.

Just then Katy came bouncing in, I'm ready!" She exclaimed. She had small black flowers dotted around her hair that was straitened. She had a heart cut strapless black flowed dress in that ended about mid thigh accompanied with black heels and a black jacket.

My phone then vibrated in my pocket.

@Real_Liam_Payne followed you

@Louis_Tomlinson followed you

@NiallOfficial followed you

@ZaynMalik1D followed you

@Harry_Styles followed you

@Harry_Styles:@Bev_Stainer are you the Irish one? x

What. The. Fuck. "Bev, you're really pale." Diana said. I...what? Did 5/5 of One Direction just follow me? Huh?

"What is it?" Katy asked. Before I could say anything the doorbell rang. Diana went rushing to the door, me and Katy following.

It opened to revile...Paul Higgens? I may not be a huge fan but I bloody know who he is. "Miss Sankey?" He asked, eyeing us. "That's me." Diana said. "I was sent to collect you, the boys are in the limo." He said. Boys...OH MY GOD HES TALKING ABOUT THE BOYS.

"DIANA SANKEY, ARE WE GOING CLUBBING WITH A BOY BAND?" I yelled in her face. She said nothing. I will take that as a yes. "Let's go shall we?" Diana rushed out the door, Paul practically dragging me and Katy along as we were in to much of a shock. We went to the glass lift and set off for the ground floor. "Your Paul Higgens." I said, as I stroked his face. Most people would have looked at me as if I grew two heads, but Paul just rolled his eyes and huffed. "You have seen Louis Tomlinson." Katy muttered, stroking the other side of his face. "Yes, and yes. I'm guessing you didn't inform your friends I was coming?" He asked, directed to Diana. She shook her head,"no. I didn't want them to freak to much.""Well that worked out well." I rolled my eyes. "Oh my gosh. If we're meeting 1D then my Narnian dream can come true!"

"Not likely Bev." Diana laughed.

"Okay girls, heads down. Make no eye contact and keep close to me. Okay?" Paul said. "Aye." I nodded.

"Yup." Katy jumped.

"Okay." Diana smiled.

"Good." Paul said as the lift doors opened to revile screaming and flashing cameras. The glass hotel doors were horded with teen girls or paps. Paul walked over to the door and lead us out, I was behind them all.

Soon it became very crowded as we made our way to the limo.

It seemed like there was no space to breath...Oh god no. I'm having a panic attack. I'm claustrophobic. I stopped walking and stood there, clutching my head. My hearing became muffled and vision blurry, god please help me.

I'm guessing the others went ahed and left me. What great hosts they are.

I nearly collapsed right there but a pair of hands grabbed my arm and dragged me off somewhere.

Soon I was pushed down and heard a car door close. It felt like my head was on a lap maybe? I opened my eyes and waited for my vision to adjust. I wish I hadn't. My eyes met a pair of blue ones, unfamiliar but I've seen them before. I observed the rest of the pale face, perfect cheek bones, strait teeth, dimple on the chin. Wait...

I bolted upright and scanned the rest of the car. Either side of me was Katy on my right and...Niall Horan on my left. I scanned the car to see 7 pairs of eyes on me. Infront of me was Zayn, Liam and Diana. Then behind was the famous Larry Stylinson and Pauly. "Well this is weird." I said. "She's the Irish one!" Harry yelled. "Jesus Christ. You want my Irish fist down your throat? Cause I suggest you shut it if you dont." I said.

"Sorry." He mumbled. "Um..." Louis started. I glanced over at Katy and she was staring at Louis, wide eyed. "A pigeon died." I said, knowing it would get her attention. "HOW MANY TIMES!? ITS KEVIN!?" Katy yelled in my face. "Wait, so Kevin died?" I asked.

"Oh my god you're impossible." "You bet." I winked. "Girls." Diana started, catching both our attentions. "Please, behave for one night? Because I might lose my mind." "Why do you care? You don't even like One Direction." I said, trying to be annoying. "Uh, this is Beverley, the stupid one..." She ignored my statement. "Hey! I'm just as smart as you!" I exclaimed. She gave me a 'oh really' look. "Well, I'm average." I retreated."And Katy, your #1 fan." Diana said in a sarcastic way.

"Bewere the were-fan." I yelled at the top of my voice before throwing my arms in front of my face. As I expected Katy threw her fists at me, hitting my arm. "I'm sorry Boo, I love you really." I cooed. "Boo?" Louis asked.

"Yes, I nicknamed her BooBear because of her obsession with you." I said. "Oi! It's not an obsession." Katy defended.

"Of course not."

"What about your crush on Horan that you've have for three years Wolfy?" Diana laughed. I panicked slightly at her statement as he was sitting right next to me but kept my cool. "It's okay to have celebrity crushes. Anyway I don't know about you lot but I intend to get smashed as I've just been kidnapped." I said, relaxing in my chair. "Agreed." Niall said, "hands down." I held my hand up and he slapped it giving me a high-five.

"Princess alert." Zayn yelled, which shocked me because he hadn't spoken yet. "Piss off." Niall mumbled. I just burst out laughing at his reaction. As the others all went into conversation I sat back and let thought take over.

I'm in a car with One Direction. I'm sitting right next to Niall James Horan. What kind of fucked up joke is this? I bet their just really good actors and Diana's tricking me and Katy. But Diana seems so happy around them...oh my god. The dude Diana was talking to in the park was Liam. How did I not notice before? God I'm so stupid. So she must have bumped into Liam, befriended him then got an invite to a party of club or whatever. This is so fucked up. I swear I will kill that bitch if this is a trick. And I never break an oath. "Bev?" An Irish voice brought me away from my train of thought. "Huh?" I looked around to see the limo had stopped and it was empty. Niall was standing at the door staring at me.

"You gonna get out?" He asked, as he held his arm out.

"Yeah. Nice idea." I grabbed his hand and he helped me out, I managed to hit my head on the door as I climbed. I'm so clumsy.

We entered what looked like an old carpet shop and passed an old guy that was obviously a bouncer but he was reading a paper. He eyed me as I followed Niall, almost clinging onto his arm for dear life because, honestly, I was terrified of men. Not of Niall though, he's cool. Well like Diana said I've had a crush on him ever since he entered for X-factor. We walked to the back of the shop and went through another door, the atmosphere changed immediately. There was loud music playing and sweaty bodies that made it very hot. I noticed Diana, Katy and the boys sitting in a booth in the corner of the room. Me and Niall quickly went over to them and all eyes turned to us.

"What have to two been doing?" Harry asked, smirking as usual. "Getting out a limo because someone had her head in the clouds." Niall said.

"I was thinking and wandering if Diana is playing a trick on me and boo because I'm out with 1D!" I said. "Anyway who wants dri...nevermind." I stopped as I noticed they all had drinks in front of them. "Off to the bar than? See you in the morning, and don't blame me when you have a hangover." Diana shouted after me.

"I'm coming, weren't gonna leave me were you?" Niall rushed to my side.

"Na, wouldn't dream of it." I said sarcastically. "What would you like?" The bar tender asked as I approached.

"Pint of Guinness please." I said.

"Right away love." He winked. I just rolled my eyes at him. "Hello? I want that too please!" Niall practically yelled at the bartender. "Sure." The man said, then started to prepare our drinks.

"So, you're a new girl band hey?" Niall asked, turning to face me in his stool.

"Aye, I am."

"What's the name?"


"Judgement? Are you guys...judgemental?"

"No. Just thought it was a cool name. I don't really care about judging." I shrugged.

"Right. What did you do before this?"

"I was at school, down the road as a performing arts school." I said.

"Performing arts?"

"Yeah, like drama and singing and a bit of dancing."


"Your drinks Miss." The bartender interrupted. Two drinks were being placed on the counter. "That will be $10 for both." I went to reach for my purse but Niall had already pulled out 10 dollars out of his pocket and handed them to the bar tender. "Don't tell me you don't want me to pay, just come sit down."

Niall grabbed the two drinks and went back to the booth with the others, me following. I slid in next to Diana, Niall next to Liam opposite me.

"No-shh." Diana said as I sat. "Hey." I said, I had three pair of eyes on me, them belonging to Diana, Liam and Zayn. "I know you were talking about me." I said, looking at Zayn. Him and Liam both looked to Diana for help, I also turned to her. "Yeah, we were." She said. "Can I know what about?"

"Nope." I shrugged it off and continued drinking before Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes came on. "Ahh this is my jam! C'mon let's dance." I said to no one in particular as I jumped up to dance. Soon after Niall joined me and we were dancing around not giving a shit.

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