Stick With Me

The zombie apocolipes. Siren Dexter fights her way through America when she bumps into a very confused boy band. One Direction. Siren has to go through protecting five boys, along the way she finds out that she is not who she thinks she is. Can she protect everyone dear to her? Follow Siren to find out what happens. And remember, not everything is as it seems. (Fan fiction)(Zombie)(Romance)(Humor)


2. Schools Out!



I flung my arm at the digital alarm clock and One Direction shut up immediately. School, the parent lovely way of letting us know we're prisoners here in this hell of a world. I don't really need school, I practically already have my job. I'm going to work with dad in the U.S governments secret services. Obviously only I can know about it and I would have to go through thousands of tests but it's totally worth it. You see my dad is one of the guards at the White House and works with the president most his time, but when he gets home he teaches me all there is to know. I can use all types of guns, take them apart and put them back together again, I'm handy with a sword or knife if needed, I know all the survival things that are needed, I am an excellent swimmer if i say so myself, and best of all I am an expert at archery. No, not those stupid cheap plastic ones you get at a carnival with huge targets where its impossible to miss. No, my bow is the MOST expensive of its type and most high tech you will ever com across. Any my target would be my dad, running around the forest behind our house in his protective suit which I will talk more about later.

Just then there was a knock at my door. "Siren! If you're later for school again then your grounded!" Mum yelled.

I groaned as I sat up in bed and replied. "I'm up mother!"

I then made my way into my bathroom and jumped into the shower, I washed my black hair and tanned skin before jumping out. Both my parents are completely white through and through, that's because they adopted me. I don't want any sorrow or pity. They went on a trip to England, for work purposes, and they saw me as a toddler in the London orphanage and they just fell in love. At least, that's what they told me. I think I might be Hispanic, or Pakistani maybe? But I've accepted the fact that I will never know, I'm happy with the people I call my family.

After my session of thinking about the reasons I'm an unknown species I made my way to my closet and pulled out some denim high-wasted shorts and a white crop top that said NIALL'S CRAZY MOFO. Yes, I'm a Directioner. Niall's girls here.

I sat at my dressing table and dried my hair which fell to my waist in natural waves. I put a thin cover of make-up on my face and then put my white TOMS on my sock-less feet (Louis moment). I then put my Ray Bans sunglasses over my brown eyes before proceeding to grab my school bag and iPhone as I ran down stairs.

"Morning daddy." I said as I kissed his cheek. I'm a daddy's girl. *Insert smiley face here* ha ha sorry.

"Morning Princess, your up late again. Don't want your mother upset again do you?" He replied.

I shook my head, "Nope, I'll be going then." I then stole the piece of toast out his hand and headed out the door as I heard a "Hey!" From him.

I walked down the pathway and towards my bike. Sorry, motorbike. Yes, I'm a biker chick. I hopped on the bike, put the key in the ignition and drove off.

-10 minutes later-

I arrived at school just as the bell went off. "Crap." I muttered as I ran to class. I approached the closed door of homeroom and I just barged in without knocking.

"Miss Dexter?" Miss Hefflals shot at me in an angry manner, obviously asking for a good excuse for why I'm late.

"That's my name Miss. You act as if you havn't seen me in years." I said sarcastically as I made my way to a spare seat at the back. Most teachers would scream at me to get out or give me a detention but Miss Heffals just gave me an evil look and carried on talking about whatever it is that makes her sleep at night.

"Hey Siren, nice entrance today." The boy beside me, Jake, said. Jake was the player type of guy who tries to gets into everyone's pants then leave them wanting more. Ya know what I mean. I am the only girl in the school that he hasn't yet bedded.

"Thank you Jacob." I said.

"The names Jake but whatever." I shrugged and played random shiz on my phone under the desk. "So, what ya doing tonight?" He asked.

"Absolutely nothing. In fact I'm looking for something to do." I said.

"Well in that case why don't we-"

"No thanks, I'm busy anyway." I said.

"But you just said your free."

"Oh, I am free, I just don't like you. Like, at all."

"I will get you, Siren Dexter." He smirked and winked.

"Mhm." I nodded like I would to a three year old.

Just then Miss came round handing out papers for that looked like test papers. "Is this a test?" I asked Jake who just smirked and went to writing on his paper.

"It's a load of shit, I wouldn't bother." Riker, the class clown, said to me.

"Okay, cheers Riker." I said.

30 minutes later the school interval (I don't know what you call it) boomed through the school hall and a message from the principle came through.

"The Government has strictly noted that all children are to be sent home immediately and wait for further information there. Thank you." Of course the whole class erupted in cheers and everyone went running out the class. I followed behind them as I took my keys out my pocket.

"Hey there." Riker said as he joined me. Did I mention he's my best friend?

"Hey." I said.

"Why do ya think they sent us home?" He said in his thick Irish accent.

"Dunno. And honestly, I don't care."

"C'mon, that's no attitude for a future guard of the U.S." he laughed. I just chuckled as I proceeded to my motorbike.

"See ya Si." Riker waved me off and I drove back home.

When I got home I went through to the lounge and turned the TV on. Mum and dad wouldn't be home, they'd be working. The TV automatically turned to the news channel as it always does, dad likes it that way. I was about to turn over to The Walking Dead when something caught my eye.

"The science lab in central Washington has failed. The latest test patient was being tested for a cure for cancer. This went wrong and created a virus which we have taken the liberty of calling it V7Z. This patient has escaped from the facility it was kept in and has been spreading this virus. The syntems for this is the victim will lose all consciousness and when they wake they are not the same person. They attack anyone close by and wont stop. Its the virus 7 zombie."

My face couldn't control my shock. Zombie? Is this serious? Jesus. Out of all the zombie things I've watched, I never expected it to actually happen?? Damn. I took my phone and called my dad strait away. It rung and then I heard a ringing coming from the kitchen. I froze. A cold chill ran down my spine as I slowly turned my head towards the kitchen. Dads phones in the kitchen. But he never leaves his phone. Ever. So if dads in the kitchen, why hasn't he greeted me? I dare think.

I slowly stood, my hand shaking, and made my way to the kitchen. There stood my dad, back to me staring down at the sink.

"D-dad?" I stuttered. His body shuffled around to look at me. His normal pale skin was as white as snow, his normally brown eyes were icy blue and lifeless.

"Ssss. Ssssss. Siii-rreeen?" He tried. There was pain in his features before I saw hunger. Hate. Death. I let out a blood curdling scream as I realized what happened. He's a zombie. I saw it then, a bite mark on his wrist.

Dad started running at me and I dashed up stairs and into my room. I locked my door and dug through my drawer. I found it, my pistol. I waited for the banging at my door to stop before I opened it. Dad- the zombie looked up at me as I rose the gun. He was so close that the gun was touching his forehead. His face features turned to hunger just as I pulled the trigger. I saw the blood spray out the back of his head and his body fell limp. I caught him as he fell and his eyes were wide open but he was dead. For good. I'm not going to go on about how I cried for hours on end, or how much he meant to me. Because you can guess how I feel. I did, however, wander where mum was.

I pulled my phone out and called her. After a few attempts...she picked up!

"Siren? Oh honey! Where are you? Are you with your father? He was going to wait at the house for you."

"Mum, I'm with dad. He-"

"Oh thank god! Well he'll know what to do then I have to go love, work is still harsh, I love you." She then hung up. Shit. What the hell do I do now? The shed! Right, Siren, get yourself togehter. I whipped the tears from my face as I stood up. I had to push on.

I put my phone in my pocket and stood away from dad's lifeless body, gun in hand. I then went downstairs and to the back door. I ran as fast as I could to the lake in the forest.

When I arrived at the lake I went to the small fishing shed that dad has set up for occasions such as this. I took the key from under a rock and unlocked the door.

As I entered I went strait over to the picture frame on the wall. I pulled the picture away from the wall and it fell to the ground.

Behind it was a small number pad. I typed in the numbers 1013 and I placed the picture over the pad.

The floor boards under the rug gave a small click as it unlocked. I pulled away the rug and pulled the trap door up.

As I opened it a steel ladder folded down to the room below. I slid down and went strait to the end of the long room.

Along the back wall were three manakins, they all held leather suits. One for dad, one for mum, and one for me.

I pushed unwanted thoughts away and slipped mine off the manakin and onto my body. It fit just as I remembered.

Next I put on a pair of black high top Supra's. These aren't any high tops, these are silent shoes, they make no noise and have super grip. Pretty neat.

I then put on a black slim watch, this watch has three hands, one pointing to The White House, one The Pentagon and one the U.S military base.

I then put on an assassin blade. Ya know, like the ones you get in assassins creed? They are so cool!

The last thing was a black back pack. This bag is a bit like Hermione's bag. It can fit anything in it. I put anything I could find in that.

Then I went to the main priority; my bow.

As I said earlier it's the best of the best. It's made of titanium as well as the arrows. The bow comes with a glove that has an activation all magnet in it to bring the arrows back to me. I slung the bow over my back and headed back for town.

Better go to a shop to get some food.

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