Seperated at Birth

This is about two twins that were separated at birth and then grew up being worst enemies. A fight ends up letting them know they are twins. A girl brings them together whilst they face challenges along the way.

Hope you all enjoy and write me comments on what I can improve!


1. The Fight That Started it All

"Time to get up!!!!!" My mom yells for what seems to be like the 100th time this morning. I get up and ruffle my natural brown curly hair. I'm only in my boxers as I walk towards my dresser and grab a pair of long black dress pants, a red and blue striped cardigan, and a tie. I head to my shower and relax in the hot, steamy water.


After I take a ten  minute shower I put my clothes on and slick my hair back towards the side of my face. Once I like it the way it is I grab my bag and head down stairs. Where I smell something VERY delicious cooking.


YUMMM!!!! I smell my mom's homemade buttermilk pancakes and I begin to run towards the kitchen. I step into the kitchen I see a plate of four pancakes drenched in syrup I grab a fork and sit down.


"At this rate I thought you were never going to get out of bed" My mom says with a cheeky smile.


I just politely smile back and roll my eyes. After I finish all my pancakes I head out the door. I'm old enough to drive so I drive myself to school in a shiny red Bug. I'm such a clean freak that I cleaned it last night because it had a few dead bugs on the windshield. Ha- I think to myself- a bug with bugs on it!


I pull out the drive way and head to my school which is about ten minutes away from my house. The ride seems so short because I play my favorite CD of all times "The Mircales," my favoritr song on the track in "Shop Around."


I pull into the school and see a parking spot right near the building doors and it's not reserved for anyone so i begin to pull up and then see Harry's car.


Harry Styles- my worst enmy since kindergarten because i stole his crayon. He must have a very rich family because he has a green lambergini and is blasting "Wiggle," by Snoop Dogg and Jason Derulo. I wish I could afford a car like that but I can't because my mom is a single mom because she was divorced when I was really little.


As i begin to pull into the spot Harry drives faster into the spot and scratches my car! I stop immetetly and get out of the car and look at the scratch. WOW! The scratch was huge it almost went all across my car.


"Hey, Nerd..." Harry yells.


I cut him off and say, "Marcel, the names Marcel."


"Whatever you name is you scratched my car with your cheap ass loooking car," he contenues to yell.


"I scratched your car, you were the one who went at full speed trying to get the parking spot when I CLEARLY had it." After i said that he begins to walk towards me and i begin to panick.


"So what if this was all my fault, what are you going to do about it?" He asks me acting like a punk and all.


I just stand there and when he begins to turn around I spit at him and you can hear everyone go ooh. ( I was to scared to notice that we attracted a crowd) Harry Turns around and punches me in right in the face. I punched him back and we got into a fight until a teacher broke us up and we were sent to the office and out parrents were being called.


OH NO! I've never gotton in trouble my whole life, I'm doomed!

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