In Your Shadow

A poem from the point of view of a boy out-shined by his older sibling. [This is also included in my "Leaves of Lines" compilation]


2. Back

I try and try,

I close my eyes,

to shut away the tears.


I lie and lie,

just to myself,

for no one else hears.


I run and run,

away from here,

away from this lonely place.


I turn and turn,

to slink away,

and somehow hide my face.


But when the road runs out of ground

and the pavement disappears,

I stop.


I turn back the way I came,

and to my knees,

I drop.


I can’t go forward,

I can’t go back,

I can’t.


I’m stuck here,

only here,

I rant.


The breeze blows, the river sounds,

but cannot carry to 

my ears.


The sun shines, bright and strong,

but can’t quite dry

my tears.


But something changes, something new,

comes close to

my side.


Whispering in my covered ears,

telling me not

to hide.


Birds gather me up on fanciful song,

bearing me back on



And slowly, step by step,

I make my way


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