Bang( A One Direction Fanfic )

We are the worlds' top seven wanted criminals, joined together to make an unstoppable team.


1. Chapter 1: The Second Choice

" You know the plan right?" Niall asks me as I start removing things I'll need to have from my backpack. Rope, duck tape, and a bunch of other things that will come in handy later.

" Yeah, " I reply half heartily, ignoring his stares.

" I don't want any slip ups, so tell me. Step by step. "

I sigh and put down what I'm doing to stare him in the eye. " You and I will stay here, in the van, until we hear Zayn's voice. "

He nods, and looks out the window. His blonde hair was lazily done today, considering it would be all messed up in a minute.

The van came to a stop outside the bank. All was quiet, until we heard a gunshot.

That must've been Zayn. That means he'll tell us to come in soon. Then, I will have to meet Harry at the vault that contains our objective.

I pushed a strand of my caramel hair behind my ear and I started to adjust my black leather jacket. I hate what Louis makes us wear. Louis is the leader if the group.

Let me explain, because you're probably confused right now. We are the worlds' top seven wanted criminals, joined together to make an unstoppable team.

Our members? Louis Tomlinson: the leader of the group. Bossy, sassy, and all game.

Niall Horan: the co-leader. He basically makes sure everything is Planned out, and the plan is permanently burned Into your brain.

Harry Styles: The hacker. He knows how to hack into any kind of object you could think of. Safes, computers, you name it. Even snack machines.

Zayn Malik: The fighter. He does all the dirty work. You know, the killing. He also trained me to fight, so he probably is my biggest role model of them all. If that makes sense.

Liam Payne: Helps Louis find new goals for us to reach. Like money, murder, etc.

Cecile Raid: the awesome, intelligent girl in the group. Who always knows what's going on and always has the best moves. Did I mention she's the others' favorite?

Then there's me: Meredith Hayes. But I'd rather be called Mere. It's more professional, you know? I'm the good girl, the one who's scared to do most things. I usually catch all the crap from Louis. I'm like an extra fighter... A backup. And I don't like it. I want to more than just an extra.

I want to prove that I'm better than Cecile.

I mean, not that I have a problem with her, we are actually good friends. But I'm done with the favoritism.

" All clear, guys. "

Zayn's voiced boomed through the van, as Niall shoved the slide open door. I climbed out running towards the front entrance. The doors were blocked, but they would let me in.

Just as I closed towards the doors, Louis opened it with a scowl. "You're late, as usual..."

I didn't pay much mind, I just kept speed walking towards the back of the Cherlaid County Bank.

Workers squatted on the floor, with their hands up in surrender. I grabbed my gun, and placed it towards the roof. I shot it once, twice, three times.

"Don't think about calling the police," I started towards a middle aged woman, with fear etched all over her face. " Cause If you do, I will shoot you faster than you can say bank. "

I wouldn't shoot anyone. I would never take someone's life, but this is what I had to do. I had to threaten them, to make them terrified.

There was something about my job that made me feel alive. Like a feeling as if you were flying.

I have to stop getting distracted and go and help Harry stash the money in the van.

As I got to the over large safe, I saw that Cecile was already helping Harry.

Great. Another day of being the second choice. Can't wait.

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