Devilish Charm (What If? Konkurrence)

Et digt om et knust hjerte, en dreng, et spil, om mange tanker.


1. Devilish Charm

Does she makes you smile the way I used to?
Does she make you do stupid things alone?
I never did that.
Most important of all, do you love her?
The way I love you.

Our memories are slowly fading
Along with the new ones you are making.
I see the way you are with her
you are different
Maybe our love was just bad luck.
Bad timing?

Now I am sitting here
Playing Mrs. Wrong
Drinking my heart out in red wine
Thinking about the good times.
While you are out
playing Mr. Right.
Suited up, skintight.

We were just bad luck
Too love-struck
To see right or wrong
Something was going on
Not with me.
with you.

Someone already had your heart
It was never mine as I thought.
The games we played
They weren’t the same
I played for your heart
You played for the other part.

Now I am sitting here
writing this poem

Will you ever show them?
Show them who you are underneath.
Underneath the devilish charm
Doing the most harm
On the girls, which heart
Were never whole from the start.  

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