Secrets Under The Starlight(Ed Sheeran Fan Fic)

"Tell me about you" Ed said, turning his face towards her.
They were lying on the grass, stars twinkling above them.
"There's not much to tell" She replies.
"Oh I know there is" He smiles into the darkness.
The girl takes a deep breath and begins to tell this gorgeous boy she hardly knows all her secrets, under the dark night sky.


2. Chapter Two-School

She was just starting high school when the bullying started. It didn't all flare up at once, but gradually it just seemed to get worse and worse. Back then she was different. With everything going on in her life she never fitted in. Her inability to make friends or even a flowing conversation was making her suffer.  More confident boys, older girls would notice Sophie's flaws and without caring they'd make them known. In primary school it used to be the same, but not so bad. "Cat got your tongue?" Was the most common. "Have you even got a voice in there Sophie?" They used to ask. 

The only time Sophie did speak was in class, a simple "yes sir" for the register, "I don't know sir" to a question she didn't have a  clue how to answer. This would mostly always trigger some giggles from around the room, making Sophie sink further into her chair and blush.

She always seemed to catch Craig, the strangely beautiful boy who sat next to her in lessons, look at her quizzically, as if he was trying to work her out, or stare at her hard enough to actually try and see inside her, to whether she really was a human, or just the weird girl who no one hears a sentence from.Or both. 

Once the bell sounded for lunch time everyday she'd make her way to the library. She wasn't a 'nerd' or a 'geek', she just liked reading; anything to pass the time. She loved how she could get lost in a story, and the fact that if she's reading, she's safe: no one's going to expect her to talk or talk to her if they know she's busy. Maybe she thought wrong about that.

"Hey" A ginger haired boy was standing a few steps away from her table.

Sophie glanced up at him. She'd never seen him before.

"I'm Ed, and I know you're Sophie, and I also know you don't like to speak much, so I wont make you. I've kind of just arrived here, this school doesn't seem so bad.Erm, can I sit here,please?" He asked, pointing towards the seat opposite her.

Sophie nodded her head and watched Ed pull his school bag over his head and dump it on the floor, getting out a book and plopping down on the chair. His school uniform was immaculate: he was new of course. His ginger hair was something Sophie had never seen before, everyone at the school had either brown or blonde hair it seemed. Ed wore badges on his blazer, a round orange badge with a paw print. Sophie wasn't expecting him too look up and see her staring, but somehow she couldn't take her eyes of him. Ed flashed Sophie a smile,and she couldn't resist: the corners of her mouth turned up the tiniest bit. Her first almost-smile in forever. She'd almost forgotten how.

She looked down at her book again, but somehow she couldn't get into the story the way she was before Ed came. He seems nice, different. 'Different' like her.

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