Secrets Under The Starlight(Ed Sheeran Fan Fic)

"Tell me about you" Ed said, turning his face towards her.
They were lying on the grass, stars twinkling above them.
"There's not much to tell" She replies.
"Oh I know there is" He smiles into the darkness.
The girl takes a deep breath and begins to tell this gorgeous boy she hardly knows all her secrets, under the dark night sky.


4. Chapter Four

Scrolling through her Facebook news feed, Sophie suddenly stopped when she heard the unfamiliar 'ting' of a notification. It was a friend request, she realized, and clicked on it. 'Ed Sheeran'. She knew it was the boy from school. But she clicked on his profile anyway. His profile picture was him smiling happily into the camera, ginger hair in his eyes surrounded by some boys smiling similarly to Ed,his friends she guessed. Delving deeper into his pictures she found she couldn't stop scrolling through them. He seemed to look more perfect in each one. Pictures of him with a puppy, him with other boys and girls, family members and friends. She smiled when she came across a cute selfie of him, wearing a beanie hat. Clicking off Ed's profile back onto her friend request she accepted it, unsure of whether to say 'Hi'.

Speaking online had to be much easier than face to face she thought. Her finger was hovering above the mouse about to open a new chat with Ed when a message from him flashed on the screen of her laptop.

Hey:). Ed said.

Hi:) Sophie replied.

You Talk!!:D Ed typed back.

On here I do, not so much face to face xD Sophie replied, smiling to herself.

Well you should,I'd love to hear your voice:)I've heard a lot about you x

Sophie) how?:)

Ed) My brother is friends with your brother!:)

Sophie) Really? I didn't know that :D

Ed) I did ;) how are you?

Sophie) I wouldn't have known, I don't really speak to Chad much. I'm good thank you, you?:)

Ed) How come? And I'm good too thank you x

Sophie) Well, Me and Chad,we're just so different,y'know?

Ed) I see what you mean, I've met him a few times when he's came to my house to see my brother, he seems nice;)

Sophie) He is. I mean, It doesn't even seem like I know him sometimes, we're not close really.x

Ed) Maybe speak to him?Ask him about me;)joking:) You shouldn't be so shy, you're beautiful:)

Sophie) Me?no,you've got it wrong:3but thankyou:) I'll go and ask him about you now!See what you're really like;) Speak soon, Bye Ed:)x


She logged out of Facebook and closed down her laptop, catching sight of herself in the mirror opposite her bed. She was smiling. He'd called her beautiful,and they hardly even knew each other. Sophie stood up and walked until she was standing outside her brothers room. She knocked three times and waited.

"Sophie?" He stood in the doorway, Xbox remote in hand.

"Hey" She smiled.

"You're actually talking?are you feeling alright?" He joked, poking Sophie playfully in the arm.

"Yeah,for a while.Can I come in?"

"Yeah, I suppose I can pause GTA to have a proper conversation with my sister who never speaks" He winked.

"I just wanted to ask about Ed, you know your friends brother?"

"Matthew's brother?The ginger kid?"

"Yeah" Sophie smiled "The ginger kid"

"He's alright, why,what do you wanna know?"

"Just..anything" Sophie replied.

"He started at your school didn't he?"

Sophie nodded.

"Ooh I know what this is about! Do you fancy him?!"

"No!I don't think..No, Yeah, maybe. I hardly know him though. I wish I could speak to him properly, It's just too scary."

"Awh!Sophie's in lurrveee"

"Shut up" Sophie laughed and threw a pillow in the direction of her big brother.

"Just try it. When you see him say hi. It can't be that hard."

"It is hard Chad, but I'll try. Thanks"

"No problem, keep talking Soph' He grinned.

Sophie smiled back and left her brothers room feeling a tiny bit better about herself and closing the door behind her. Maybe saying hi face to face wouldn't be so hard after all.

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