Secrets Under The Starlight(Ed Sheeran Fan Fic)

"Tell me about you" Ed said, turning his face towards her.
They were lying on the grass, stars twinkling above them.
"There's not much to tell" She replies.
"Oh I know there is" He smiles into the darkness.
The girl takes a deep breath and begins to tell this gorgeous boy she hardly knows all her secrets, under the dark night sky.


1. Chapter One

Her name is Sophie. She's a quiet girl, never really getting involved in anything, She prefers being by herself, and doing things her own way. Some people call her a wallflower: the kind of person who just stays on the outside and notices things but never says anything. Being so quiet and shy growing up never really helped her in her teen life. She found it hard to make friends as a child, but because she was so young her parents never thought anything of it: she was just a shy girl, who they believed would soon blossom into a confident young woman. Although, Sophie is the complete opposite to her brother Chad. He's outgoing, easy to talk to, and he's always making new friends. Because of her being so quiet, people seem to forget that Sophie is as real as everyone else, and that she has feelings like every other human. She might not decide to say much but it doesn't mean she doesn't feel or think anything.


She'd been through her fair share of ups and downs, most of which she went through on her own. She'd never found anyone she felt she could talk to, or even want to talk to about things. Not even her parents seemed to know what was going on in her head, they didn't even know her likes or dislikes anymore, or what she wanted to be when she was older, or if she had any friends at all. They weren't bad parents, they just didn't seem to be too involved in Sophie's life so much anymore. There were times when she just felt so alone that she'd want to walk up behind her mum washing up in the kitchen and wrap her arms around her and just tell her everything. But she couldn't, so she didn't see it happening anytime soon.


The only time she really opened up to anyone is when she met Ed. He was unlike anyone else, and he genuinely seemed interested in her, something no one else did. But before she met him, the guy that turned into the only thing she needed in her life, she had secrets. So this was her life before. The quiet girl with a lot on her mind.

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