What happens at boarding school...

...Stays at boarding school.


2. White Barn

I let stupidity take over and follow him out the door.

He pulls me to the staircase and let's go of my wrist, before heading down, himself. As I follow suit, I see Taylor trip through the doorway, obviously drunk, but more obviously hurt. She has a deep gash jawline. I jump the last two stairs and run over to her.

"Taylor! Taylor, what happened??" I say, loudly, and she breaks down and sobs onto my shoulder. I comfort her, but my ulterior motive is to get her to explain what happened. I coax it out of her and she shudders,

" Charlie- Charlie a-attacked me..!" She whisper screams. I tell her it's gonna be alright and help her upstairs to take care if her cuts, I'm on the 7th step and I get the notion that someone's following me. Now I remember that Robert was going to show me something.

"Robert, can you wait out here? I've gotta help her change." I ask him and he looks soooo helpless it's pathetic. I give in and sigh, " I'll let you in when I need help with her cuts, okay?"

He is in shock but somehow manages to nod.

I lead Taylor the rest of the way up the stairs and help her into our room, where she immediately pulls of her T-shirt before I can close the door. If the sight of a shirtless Taylor doesn't snap Robert out of it, then I don't know what will.

I slam the door shut and curse under my breath, telling myself that Taylor didn't know what she was doing. I cover the peephole and help her get a grey camisole of mine on, but it takes some time to convince her that she really should wear pants, or at least shorts.

With Taylor fully dressed in a cami and pajama shorts, I invite Robert in and get some alcohol from the bathroom. I come back in and Robert eyes the clear plastic bottle in my hand.

"Don't you think that's a little strong?" He asks sincerely, not realizing it's for medicinal purposes.

I punch him in the should. "It's to clean her cuts!" I explain.

Using the cotton balls on the desk, I carefully dab rubbing alcohol onto the gash on her jaw.

By the time we finish, Taylor is a sobbing mess.

I decide it would be best for her to sleep her hangover off by herself, and explain to Taylor that I'm going somewhere with Robert. Taylor's special personality makes an appearance and...

"You and Robert are going somewhere? Ohhhh, I know what you mean! You're going somewhere to do it! Hahaha, you could have just said so Aria!" I pale, then blush, then pale again. I start to object but realize it's no use.

"No- ugh. Sure, yeah, Taylor. That's what we're doing."

Robert is looking at me, shocked, and I shrug.

We get Taylor into bed and make our way to wherever we're going.

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