Things Will Be Good In Time (A Jack and Finn fanfiction)

Kelsey and her friend Abbie go to London as Kelsey got a job there, who knew she'd fall for her boss... but what will follow?


1. Part 1

'Hey, I’m moving to London next week, I’ve applied for a teaching job down there' I text all my close friends and family. 'well I best start packing, mum do you think I'll be okay on my own down there, I don't want to live on my own but no one else will move with me'

'Have you asked Annie, I’m sure she will, if not I'll put extra money in your bank for you' my mum replied. So that's it I shall ask Annie, if not I'll ask Abbie, she would love to, I’m sure she would. I unlocked my phone again and text Annie: 'so you know I just text you saying I’m going to London to live, well do you want to move with me, I understand if you can’t with you working here xxx'

From Annie: 'I would love to but all the work here is keeping me busy, sorry babe xxx'

Okay so Annie can’t, I then text Abbie: 'I’ve just been told I can take someone to London with me, to live that is, will you move down there with me x'

From Abbie: omg yes I would love to, next week right?'

To Abbie: 'yes, omg I can’t believe you gonna come with me! It can be a fresh start for the both of us, you are the best x'

From Abbie: 'yes it will, I just told mum, she is so happy, to think I thought I was going to be stuck here forever! XD x'

'Mum Annie can’t go so I asked Abbie and she said yes! I have a buddy for London now, so happy'

'Oh good, do you want me to help you pack? Oh how are you getting there?'

'Oh Mr. Harries is coming here personally, he knows that I’m asking a friend to move with me coz he did suggest it so he is bringing his brother to help us'

So me and mum started to pack my stuff ready for me moving out, I carefully pealed my posters off the wall and put them into a folder ready to put up in my room. It felt so weird, I would soon be out in there world without my mum there to help me, only me and Abbie.

It was Tuesday of the week we were leaving and I was meeting Abbie to cover last minute plan, wow we will be going on Thursday and we are both gonna be working in the same school, see Abbie doesn't know this but I arranged it with Mr. Harries only yesterday. I will be working in nursery with Mr. Harries brother and Abbie will be going into the year three class as TA and then will be move to the teaching role. Gosh how exciting!

So it’s now Wednesday and I’m off to Abbie's to help her gather all off her stuff and take it back to mine ready for tomorrow when Mr. Harries and his brother come to collect us. I actually am really excited and so is Abbie.

'Hey there, are you ready? It’s going to be so great; we will have so many good times!' I say as Abbie pulls her bags out of her house.

'Yer, feel a bit weird though, it’s just going to be just the two of us and we won’t know anyone when we first get there'

'Yer I know, but we will make friends hopefully'

'Hopefully, if not we are screwed'

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