Blurred Love

(Sequel to Invisible Love) Justin and Malia have both gone there separate ways to create there own futures. Neither of them have seen each other in months and Malia has something very extreme to tell Justin that could change both their futures forever.


6. Chapter 6

Malia's POV

"Just follow me" We followed a short chubby sales man up the small porch stairs.

"It's a house" I whisper to Justin

"A very small house for rent" He whispers back.

"Mr. and Mrs. Anderson the owners of the house wanted to show you the house but they had a little family issue to take care of" He speaks

"It's adorable" I say in awe. The small house is painted all yellow. The kind of yellow you see everywhere on Easter. Small tree like pushes in front of either side of the 2 step stair case the leads up to the small porch.

We walk threw the white tall door, as soon as I was in the house I was standing in a simple but cute living room. A long vintage yellow couch sits against the plain white walls. A small cherry wood coffee table sits in front on the couch, small tables on either side of the couch hold light blue lamps.

I started to processes ever single detail and furniture in site, finally getting the information to my brain that the house was already furnished "It's...furnished" I whispered to Justin.

"Yep" he smiled cheekily while popping the 'p'

"Now let me inform you guys, the Anderson's remodeled their house. Tore down walls, rebuilt them. Painted new walls, ripping out counters, adding new outlets, etcetera, etcetera." The sales man motioned with he chubby fingers "They left some of there old stuff here like their vintage old oven, coffee tables, there vintage claw foot tub, etcetera. They wanted to keep the old fashion in the house but also wanted to catch the house up with the time period" he explained

I moved across the living room while Justin stayed with the sales man, as I left the living room I walked threw the little dinning area. A small dark wood dinning table stood in the middle of the area with 4 small white cushioned chairs around the table, and a light blue vase with daisies stood in the middle of the table. I walked away entering the small kitchen examining the cabinets that are covered in baby blue paint while the wall and counter stayed a plain white. I look over to my right spotting the small vintage oven.

It's perfect.

"You like it so far" I feel Justin's hot breath on my ear causing small chills to roll down my back. I turn around wrapping my arms around his torso.

"I love it" I peck his lips

The short man awkwardly coughed in corner trying to get our attention. He smile motioning us down a small hallway "Now this here is the two bed rooms" he pointed to doors the stood side by side, he turned around pointing to the other side of the hallway "And this is the bathroom"

The bathroom is perfect. Small. But perfect. The walls are painted a sky blue, the trim is a egg shell white. The white pedestal sink stood right beside the claw foot tub, and next to the tub stood tall is a standing glass shower.

Justin and I moved across the hallway to the bedroom on the far right. It was absolutely beautiful. A queen sized bed sits in the middle of the room against the vanilla off white walls. "A canopy bed" I almost squealed I ran my hands up the copper poles that created the canopy. To the left of the room was a sitting window.

That did it for me, I had to have the house.

"Justin you have no idea how perfect this house is" I sighed

Justin just chuckled "Come on, one more room" we walk over to the other room" room.It is really small but big enough for a small the baby in my belly.

"The Anderson's didn't furnished this room, because they didn't know what the renters would use it for. Storage, office space, bedroom, closet. This was Mr. Anderson's office space, but you could do anything to this room." The short sales man said. Justin and I just nodded to his information.

We all made our way to the living room "So what are you feelings on the house" the sales man he smiled

"Yes!" I blurted, I covered my mouth in embarrassment.

They both chuckled at my enthusiasm "Well you heard the woman" Justin chuckled and gestured to the man.

"Wait! Seriously" I looked up at Justin

"Yes, of course" Justin smiled.

Soon papers were signed, handshakes were exchanged, and the sold sign was up.

~ ~ ~

"Mom! Momma!" I ran threw the house looking for my mom.

"What, Malia!" She yelled from the living room

"We got a house!" I yelled so the whole world could hear "We got a house" I breath out plopping on the couch next to my mom.

"What!?" her eyes widened "How did you pay for it"

"I used the money for when I sold my ranger over" Justin popped in the living room.

"And mom it paid for the first 2 months of being there, it's perfect, I love it" I sigh

"I'm happy for the both of you, but what about jobs, you both don't have any job of any kind" My mom spoke

"We know what we are doing mom, we talked about it, I'll ask Anna for my job back at the photoshop, I know she will give me job she loves me. And Justin gonna get a job at his uncles car mechanic shop" I protested

"Hhh alright, I guess you guys know what your doing, I just want to make sure you've got everything straightened out" she reached out and held my hand.

"We do, promise" I kissed her cheek.

[A/N]Short!!! I know sorry!!! Im stressing, started school and I already have a shit load of homework right now. And it's killing me. So forgive me for the late update and short chapters, Im trying to find time to write.

But I love you all, so please like and comment a lot for an early post.

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