Blurred Love

(Sequel to Invisible Love) Justin and Malia have both gone there separate ways to create there own futures. Neither of them have seen each other in months and Malia has something very extreme to tell Justin that could change both their futures forever.


2. Chapter 2

Justin's POV

"Hi Justin"....Malia...she looks gorgeous

"Hi..Malia" She's breath taking, god I've missed her so much. I don't know what I was thinking when I said I didn't want to see her cause I was lying, just seeing her makes me feel complete. I don't care about all the shit she said to me and what happened to us when we were apart. Because seeing her right now, fixes everything. She looks beautiful..but different. I think she might have gained a bit of weight but I don't mined, this might sound ridiculous but she looks like she's glowing, and her boobs are bigger-not-that-I'm-staring..but they do..They really do.

"Um..come in"

Malia's POV

"Hi Justin" wow is all I can say, a breakup really treats him well.

"Hi..Malia" oh my god his voice, I'm litterally melting. He looks amazing, I know I'm gonna sound like a middle schooler but ugh! He looks so hot...his shoulders are much more broader, his jaw is more sculpted so much more intense, and biceps are amazing they look so strong ,but different...they are both cover in tattoos, I knew he really like tattoos but I didn't think he was gonna get this many....its very attractive very very attractive.

"Um come in" he moves out of the door way for me, I walk past him and into the kitchen setting down the mash potatoes in my hands onto the counter.

"Oh Malia! How are you sweetheart" Pattie quickly embrasses me into her arms hugging me tightly.

"Hi Pattie, I'm good. How are you" I smile at her once she pulls away.

"So hows know" She looks down at my belly referring to the pregnancy

"Oh..I'm okay just dealing with all the crap that comes along with it" I slightly whisper "I'll be right back I'm gonna grab the rest of the food"

"Okay" Pattie pulls away from me and looks around in the kitchen "Justin! Go out to the car and help Malia grab the food" she shouts out to Justin

"No, no its alright Pattie I can get it" I say softly

"No its okay Justin will help. Justin!" she shouts again

"I'm coming mom!" Justin finally walks into the kitchen looking a little irriated "what"

"Can you help Malia grab the rest of the food from the car" she asks sweetly

"Y-yeah sure" I start to walk and Justin follows behind, once I get to the drivers side of the I press the unlock button from all the doors. "So how have you been" I look up to see Justin pulling out two bowls of food from the car.

"Umm...okay...I've been good" not
really... "What about you"

"I've been pretty good, thinking about dropping out of college, don't thing I'm exactly ready for college this year. Im probably gonna give it another try next year" He says and starts to walk away with the food into the house while I follow him.

"But didn't you get that big scholarship for hockey" I ask

"Yeah but I was being foolish for thinking I want to do that for a living, I want a real job" he says and sets the food down.

"Oh..well at least you know what you really what to do" I say and set the food down also. We both walk back out to the car grabbing more food.

"Yeah I guess...So what was it you wanted to talk to me about" as soon as he asked my heart started to pound, I had forgotten all about it.

"Um..m..maybe later okay" I say closing the car door

"No. I've been waiting to hear what this important talk it about" he says setting the bowl of food on the back of the car.

" might want to sit.." I say tucking a strained of hair behind my ear

"Malia there is no where to sit" he chuckles

"T-then sit on the ground"

"Is this really necessary" he chuckles again and sits down on the driveway.

" don't really know how to tell you this-well I don but I just don't want you to freak out...hhh either way you with freak out I ju-"

"Malia! Just tell me" he grabs my wrist to stop me from pacing and looks up at me

"Justin, I-I'm pregnant"

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