Zombie Apocalypse. | One Direction

Because of experiments, many members of the scientific team die for unknown issues. Now they "come alive again", becoming those "living dead humans" that we see in science fiction movies, characters who never thought they'd be real. Now they travel the world in search of human flesh to devour that of survivors who have not yet died.
Every day there are new shelters, problems, dangers. All we can do is try to survive, touring various parts of the continent in search of the "cure" that will get you back to normal, and everyone can get on with their lives.
Do the zombies get to rule the world?
We will have to overcome the deaths of our loved ones, those who have always been with us. We must overcome every obstacle in our way to try to save the world.

Several survivors from different corners of the world, unite for the same reason.
"Do not share any kind of relationship or feelings with a human person who has survived."

Will we survive the zombie apocalypse without being eaten?


2. chapter one

A voice snapped me out of my thoughts, the truth is that I was saying quite stupid, and I should think of other things before thinking about assumptions that zombies are corrupting the human race. 

I suppressed a slight giggle at that thought and went I back to reality. 

"Can we go to play?" My sister said really adorable, with her newly awakened voice.

"Okay beautiful, go down to the street, I'm going to have a shower, and I'll go." She nodded, grabbed something to play out and ran downstairs to the street. I took a long and intense shower, what if it was true that the zombies were attacking us? 

Sam, stop hallucinating, it is impossible, that only happens in movies, not real. I could feel the strange feeling that something was happening out there. I left the shower; I dressed in jeans, boots and a tank top, I tied my hair into a high ponytail and went outside looking for my sister, I inadvertently spent 20 minutes and I had left her alone. I really worried. I went after her, it would not be complicated, she never miss this street, surely she is in the garden playing with Austin, I thought. 

Austin is her best friend, he was 9 years old and he is the neighbor across the street, they were always together and were like soul mates. 

I was right, they were playing together, I sighed with relief and went back inside the house for a glass of water. I can not leave the subject of the head, how it would be possible that some undead eat human flesh! 

Oh my god, stop thinking that, You're driving me crazy, I thought. 

I wanted to make sure it was a joke, I ran to my room and turned on the laptop to be able to find some news in which I could confirm. 

I tried to relax, I was tightening and it was not good for me. 

I looked for something simple "zombie apocalypse" and I founded dozens of news, they were talking about the same thing. 

No, it can not be. How? It can't be happening! I peered out the window of my room facing the rear of the garden where Amy and Austin were playing with a ball. 

"Amy, Austin, go up here, right now!" They did ignore what I said. "Guys, get up, I have chocolate!" Small and typical trap that all children bite. I smiled and these two kiddies were in my room in less than 15 seconds. 

"Austin, sweetheart, where are your parents?" What worried me is that his parents and they had died because of zombies.

"I don't know, they still haven't come home." Austin said repressing a tear. Tha'ts what I thought. I gave him a little hug. 

"You will stay with me, okay?" He nodded and I left on my bed next to Amy. I closed all windows and locked all the doors, I also closed all the curtains and with the greatest possible haste went down to the basement for a few backpacks. We should get out of here asap. 

What was the worst thing about it? Worst of all was that I was alone, I had no one, I was with two kids and they surely not survive. Me? Able to survive a zombie apocalypse? I can. Able to kill someone? I don't think so, but that's what I have to do. 

I'm scared, very scared, I'm alone in this, and I need someone who can be with me to help me, to protect me. 

I took three bags and two small for children. One for each, with some clothes for them. And three of my clothes, supplies, knives were in the kitchen and two pistols from my father who had kept in a drawer with double bottom. 

"Ugh, ugh." I heard becoming from outside. What was that? "Ugh, ughhhhh." I heard it back. Zombies? ..? Zombies, fuck, zombies! 

Luckily, I had seen many zombie movies and I think I know a little about this, the best thing about it is that my father taught me to shoot. 

I didn't even know how to drive a car. Shit, shit, shit. Now what do I do? I gave a little sigh and breathed hard. As in the movies, like crazy, but you cannot stay here, I thought. 

I filled all backpacks, I took the necessary objects and I went up to pick up Austin and Amy. 

"Guys, come on, you can't stay here anymore." I will try to be more discreet, hmm. "We're going to buy some things." They accepted happy and I gave them their backpacks. 

We went out to the garage, the kids seized my hand and wewent into the car, I put the safe, started the engine and took a deep breath. 

It's now or never. 

Escape, or die. 

I will not give up. 

I opened the garage door and I could already see "walkers", with green skin, wounds, torn clothes, and red eyes walked awkwardly toward the car. 

"Ughhh, ughhhh." they approached. 

"What was that?" Amy and Austin both said "Hey guys, calm down, nothing happens." I turned on the radio. I'd be more relaxed with Demi Lovato's music. 

I tore the heart in my throat and I went to the supermarket. This driver was not so hard. Hopefully there was no one there, I didn't want us to be devoured by zombies.

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