(Creepypasta) Meeting RendermanL

You go out during night and run into a beast... You end up almost murdered but something makes you stay alive


1. Whats that claw?

You jumped up and felt your head. Your (H/C) hair fell in your face and you pulled it back. Just another nightmare you whispered. Suddenly you heard a scream and you froze. It sounded like it was from downstairs. You hear something smash and then you become curious. Carefully you get out of the bed trying to not make a sound. Slowly you walked to your door and when you gripped the handle you froze. A pair of claws where in the door near your face. You let go of the door and stepped back fightend. You felt the wall behind you and relised you were now agaisnt the wall. The claws that were now in the door where gone and all was quiet. You sighed and gavered all your corage back and opened the door. You slowly made your way down the dusty stairs to see....


HeHe Cliff hanger... :P

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