(Creepypasta) Meeting RendermanL

You go out during night and run into a beast... You end up almost murdered but something makes you stay alive


3. Wake up!!!

You woke with a pounding ache in your head and you sat up to see everything was white. Was this what it was like to die? You tried to stand but then noticed a pain in the back of your neck. As you placed your hand carefully you felt something warm. Blood. You stared at your hand with shock and stepped back not looking at it. Suddenly there was a huge voice which seemed to come from the sky. "Wake up!!!!" It yelled and you looked up to search for this voice. Again it yelled and the ground seemed to shake making you lose your balance. Then suddenly the whiteness of the room was drained away leaving you in that black void once again.


You felt someone push you and you woke as soon as you came incontact with something hard. You whimpered and opened your eyes to see you were flat agasint the floor. Whoever was trying to wake you up had gave up and pushed you of the bed. "Finally gosh who new it would be so hard to wake up a human. MASTER!!" Someone behind you yelled and you held your hand agaisnt your ears as you still had that pounding ache. "Come on human. Master will be surprised to see you awake." The same voice said and you felt someone pulling you up by your arm. Before you had a chance to speak or even take a look at the person or beast, they pulled you out the room. "Stand up straight master will hate it if your lazy." The person said and you followed the orders and you were now able to have a look at the thing. It was a girl with orange hair and a white bow in her hair. She was wearing a white top with black dots in a line down the centre with long brown stripped sleves. She wore white shorts and over all it made her look  like a snowman. Suddenly you can face to face with a huge door and the girl pushed it open and you stepped back. "Hurry we havent got all day!" She said and pushed you through the door. You looked back just in time to see her slam the door shut and walk away. "Your awake?"

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