Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


6. chapter6

After school the boys came to my house my mother worked nights which means I had the house to myself. I liked to hang out with the boys but I loved to hang out with Cassidy and Alex even more. We all set our stuff down and my mom left a twenty dollar bill as usual, it was to order pizza. "Anyone want pizza?" I asked. "Sure" the boys said as they looked out the window, I walked up to them. "What are you guys looking at?" I asked, I looked across the street, the new neighbor was getting dressed and all she had on was her bra and panties. The boys were in awe. I closed the curtains. "You guys are gross" I said as I picked up my phone, I slid it open and went into the phones keypad. I typed in the number and in two rings I was ordering a plain pizza. I only ordered plain because Will was so picky. It took thirty minutes to make the pizza and ten to get to my house. There was a knock on the door and I answered. I paid him and closed the door. I set the pizza down on the table and opened it, the boys came running to the open box of pizza. They took three slices each, which left me with no pizza at all. Luckily David slipped me a piece. He was so sweet but I didn't understand why he didn't have a girlfriend. My phones text alert beeped to the sound of a bird. It was my mom, she said she was going on a business trip for the weekend. "Guys, my moms not gonna be here for the weekend, you guys know the plan!" I said. The boys left the house which left me and David. "What's going on?" David asked. "We're throwing a weekend party, it's the best party we ever thrown!" "Now help me clean up" I ordered. David threw out the pizza box. I brought my backpacks to my room. "Zack!" I yelled. Zack was my little brother. "Who's Zack?" David asked as he straighten up the couch. "My little brother" I said. I went to zacks room and locked the door. I walked downstairs and checked on David. "Thanks for helping out David. I've gotta call Alex and Cassidy to come over and invite everyone" I said.

After I called them I changed my outfit, I wore my Rawr tshirt and my black leather pants. I threw on my red leather jacket and black boots.

Next thing I know there's a party and everyone's dancing to Fancy by Iggy Azaela. It was dark but Will bought party lights. I was dancing with Sean. And we were kissing each other. After fancy was over David pulled me to the side. "Do you know how to dance?" He yelled to me over the music. "No!" I yelled back. Problem started playing and David started busting moves. Everyone crowded around him, even Sean. David made me smile and I've only known him for three days. Sean got next to me and pulled me in close by my waist. He held me tighter. "Stop it, your hurting me" I said. "I can't hear you!" He said. I know he could but he was acting like a deuche bag!. So I slapped him across his face leaving a red hand mark on his left cheek. "What the fuck!" Sean screamed. "I'm sorry, that came out of nowhere!" I said. "Grow up Olivia!" Sean said as he stormed out of the house. "Okay everyone out!" Cole screamed. Everyone started crowding as they left. Cole shut the door and locked it. "Why did you slap him?" Gabe asked. "Because he was hurting me!" I said. "What did he do to you?" Will asked. "My waist, he grabbed me and he was too tight, I asked him to stop but he was being a jerk!" I said. I took off my leather jacket and threw it on the floor. "I have to go unlock Zack from his room" I said. I tried to go upstairs but I stumbled. "Okay, we're helping you out" Gabe said. Gabe came up to me and picked me up, he carried me all the way to my bed. "I'll get you an ice pack" Alex said to me. Zack came into my room. "Are you okay Olivia?" Zack asked. "Yeah, Sean hurt me a little but I'm okay" I said. "Sean scares me" Zack said as he got next to me on my bed. "He scares me to" I said. Alex came back with an ice pack. She pressed it on my waist. Zack left the room. "I wish you could leave him, but your too stubborn" Alex said to me. "I'm giving him a chance, but if things work out I'll leave him for good." I said. "Your pretty bruised, "Alex said. "Great just what I need, Don't tell Cole, he's overprotective of me" I said. "Promise" Alex said as she left my room. I looked at myself in the mirror. "What did I get myself into?" I said.

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