Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


16. chapter 16

"I wish I was there to help you get through this" David said to me. "Me to, but these things happen for a reason" I said as I put my hair into a pony tail. Me and David were talking on the phone. Right now he was in Chicago his hometown. "When are you coming to LA?" I asked. "Soon in a couple of months, I promise I won't forget you" David said. "Okay babe, I've got to go get ready for my birthday decorations" I said. "Bye" David said. Then I hung up. I was depressed around my birthday. I wish I had my dad, I wish my friends were here and I wish David was here. "The universe is better off without my wishes" I said to myself in the mirror. My birthday was right around the corner three more days and then I turned eighteen. When I turned eighteen I had a choice I could go to college or go on tour with my boyfriend and my best friends. I would have to ask my mom first and I know she would say yes. I walked downstairs and went straight into the kitchen. “So are you excited for today?” My mother asked as she stirred her coffee cup. “Kind of” I said glooming down. “Honey I know what happened was horrible, but he will never have to see you again, he’s in juvenile detention” My mother said, that didn’t make me feel any better. But I just smiled and nodded. I drank milk from the carton and my mother rolled her eyes. “Remind me when we go get your dress we have to stop at the grocery store and get another milk carton” My mother said to me as she washed her cup. “Mom, what if I don’t a birthday dress” I said. “Honey, I paid a lot of money for a birthday dress” My mother said. “I hate dresses” I said as I put on my sneakers. “You can’t wear pants and sneakers forever” My mother said to me. “Can we just go” I said. “Go get your brother” My mom said throwing her purse over her shoulder. I ran upstairs and my brother was of course playing video games. “Come on Zack we are going dress shopping” I said to my younger brother, “I hate dress shopping” He said as he came out of his room. “You and me both” I said as we both walked downstairs. 


When we pulled up to the outlets it was so embarrassing everyone was staring at me. Like is there something on my face I should know about? When we walked into the dress shop it was like Barbies high school prom threw up all over the place. “Just pick something you like and Ill buy it” My mom said. I never asked my mom for anything and she works so hard to finally pay off for my happiness. I guess it worked. I didn’t wear dresses unless its important, but I guess I would wear a dress for David. I picked out a red dress. Red was my favorite color if you couldn’t tell. But I would add my own touch to the dress. “Okay, Olivia I am going to go decorate the backyard, you can go home with me or you can stay here and buy other things with your brother” My mom said, Id rather stay at the mall with my brother than go home. Staying home was depressing. “lm gonna stay here with Zack” I said as I grabbed my bag. “Okay, and when I say buy anything you want buy something girly at the least.” My mom said as she gave me 100 dollars. “Thanks mom” I said as me and Zack walked around the corner. As I turned the corner I bumped into a brunette with  green eyes. “Oh I’m sorry” she said. “No I’m sorry” I replied. As we both got up and looked each other in the eye, I hated her. “Oh its you” She said. “Its me” I said. “Listen here, I thought we made it clear that me or my boyfriend would never have to see you again” Talia said to me. “Why don’t you listen here, he’s not your boyfriend so get that through your head you psycho” I yelled. “At least some people care when their boyfriends leave for tour” Talia yelled back. “I do care I was there when he left to go on the bus! He kissed me! He likes me not you!” I yelled to Talia. I grabbed my brothers hand and we walked around the outlet. I went into a store and picked up a few items to go with my outfit. “I thought mom said girly stuff?” Zack asked. “I know but, I needed this stuff” I said as I payed. 


When I got home, I hung up my dress and stared at it. It reminded me of David, our favorite color was red, but in a few months I would see him, I hope. 

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