Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


12. Chapter 12

wednesday I stayed in my room. I had received so many calls from the boys and especially David. There was a knock on the door. “what?” I asked . My voice was muffled by the pillows that were on top of my face. “The boys are here, can they come in?” my mother asked. “No! I’m too ugly” I said. “Your not ugly honey! your just going through some changes in your body” My mom started to say. I screamed into my pillow. She didn’t say anything after that. The door opened and I felt something really heavy on my bed. I looked up and Gabe screamed. “Are you okay? You look sick” He said. “Im not wearing any makeup I know I look ugly!” I yelled. “Your not ugly, your pretty” David said to me. “Watch it spiderman you hurt her, and you know I should hurt you” Cole said. “He didn’t just hurt me, all of you guys hurt me” I said. I got up and opened my room door. I walked to the bathroom and the guys followed, “Uh uh, You guys can’t come in here” I said. I slammed the door in their faces and hopped into the shower. After I came out I dried up and came out the boys were still in my bed room. “Out” I said. They all walked out. I was so disappointed, I just feel like ever since the boys became big we’ve grown apart. I got dressed into my shorts and my Crop top. I put on my Doc Martins, and ran down the stairs. “Where are you going?” David asked. “No where” I said. “Its raining” Gabe said. “Fuck it, rain is just water” I said. I grabbed my hoodie and opened the door. But I felt a tight grip on my wrist. “Where are you going?” David asked me. “MOM!!” I yelled. “She went to work again” Will said. “Let go of me” I said. “Like I said, I will never let go” David said. “I will call the police” I said. His grip tightened. “Your hurting me” I said through my teeth. He let go. As soon as he let go I closed the door. As I turned around I swung my hand and slapped him across the cheek. Cole and Gabe were holding me back and Will and Dana were holding David back. "Why won't you leave me alone?!" I yelled. "I love you too much to leave you alone!" He yelled back. We were both squirming around as the boys pulled us back from hurting each other. "I love you!" David said. "Go to Talia!" I said back. "Talia is nothing!" David yelled. Zack came down the stairs. He saw us fighting. "Get off my sister!" Zack yelled. "Leave this alone kid!" David yelled to my brother. "Don't you dare yell at my brother!" I said. "Don't you dare talk to me again!" I said. And with that David left. Cole came up to me. "He loves you, and even though I don't want you two dating, you should. But it's your choice." Cole said to me as he and the guys left. I closed the door and locked it. I turned to my brother. "Let's go watch cartoons" I said trying not to cry. "Are you okay?" Zack asked. "I'm better than okay I'm great!" I said. But deep down inside I wanted to dig a hole crawl into it and never get out.

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