Olivia has a normal life but she is turning 18 and her boyfriend just dumped her, she needs to grow up and go to college but David comes into her life and changes everything, but she will soon lose that and have no one.


11. chapter 11

Tuesday rolled along and I was at my house, my mother finally had a day off so me and my mom started buying all the party stuff for my party. “They’re aren’t coming” I said “Who? Alex, Cassidy well I know you aren’t good friends but that shouldn’t bother you” My mother said. “Its not that,

they’re coming, but the guys aren’t” I said sadly. “Aw sweetie, what happened?” she asked as she threw in pink napkins in the cart. “They’re going on tour” I said. “Aw its okay, your grandpa Frank is coming, so technically it will still be fun” My mom encouraged. “And you have me” My brother Zack said to me. I hugged him, that was the sweetest thing he ever said to me. “Well lets go pay for this and then maybe ill treat you two to ice-cream” My mother said. She was the best person in the world. My father had left us when I was six, and my mother was pregnant with Zack. He never payed child support or even called for Zacks birthday. Zack only went with our dad to his house once when he was seven and my mother has full custody because he has a girlfriend. Im not angry at my dad just disappointed. After Party City my mom took us to Baskin Robins for ice cream, I got cookie dough my mom got strawberry and my brother got vanilla. We all sat down, I saw the back of a head, A tall figure, black hair, and when he turned around it was Will. “Oh hey Olivia!” He said. “Hey Will” I said, then licked my ice cream. “So whats going on?” He asked, pulling up a chair next to my brother. “Nothing Will, we finished shopping for Olivias birthday party” my mother said, “Sorry you can’t come, maybe next year” My mother said. That was so embarrassing to me and Will. His face flushed red. “Well my apologies, Ive gotta get going, Ill see you later me and the boys are going to my house to play video games” Will said he rushed out the door. I rushed after him, I saw Cole and Cassidy, Gabe and Alex Will and some random chick Dana and some random chick, and David with some random chick. “What the hell!” I yelled. “Why didn’t you guys invite me?” I asked. “We were, but assumed you’d be busy after school” Dana said. “You could’ve texted” I said. “But we forgot” Gabe said. Will handed out the ice creams. I tried not to break my ice cream cone. “David, who is she?” I asked, the girl walked up to me. “Im Talia, his girlfriend, who are you?” she asked, poking my chest. “GIRLFRIEND?!” I yelled. “Talia is nothing to me, I love you and only you” David said. “Fuck off David, you know you lied, your worthless to me! Don’t call for my birthday!” I yelled, I walked off but felt a tight grip on my wrist. “Get off!” I yelled. “No! I will never get off! I love you!” David yelled. I had it with the boys ignoring me, and being so distant. I shoved my ice-cream in Davids face. Everyone oohed and ahhed. I walked to Cole, I shoved his chocolate ice-cream in his face. “Thats for telling me who to go out with” I walked to Dana and Gabe and shoved their ice creams all over their clothes. “Thats for “Forgetting” to call and text” I said. I walked to Will, I took his ice-cream, I didn’t shove it in his face, one. he is too tall and two. he is too nice. I walked to Talia and shoved Wills ice-cream in her face. “And thats for stealing my man” I said. “Grow up,” she said before shoving me. I got up and saw everyone walk away except David, “She was nothing to me, she likes me but I like you,” David said. “like I said, don’t call me or talk to me, Fuck off and I hope you have a fun time with Talia on tour, don’t bother trying to show up for my birthday if you do come back, your parents are welcomed not you” I said and with that I left David covered in ice-cream and walked back into Baskin Robins.  


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