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1. sensations

I woke up to my phone buzzing under my pillow, i was pretty used to this by now, but trust me im not complaing. My face lit up and i started to smile as i took the phone from under my head, it was my boyfriend Bryan; he texted me every single morning. Now, Bryan, well hes not like everyone ive dated before, he wasnt exactly the hottest guy in school; but hes not a player either, hes pretty cute, and hes dated plenty of girls. Bryan was the schools mascot, and as other guys would see him, a loser. But he still dated a cheerleader, one of the prettiest girls i know, my old bestfriend, and more. No im not worried about his reputation, hes made it very clear he loves me, and that hes never been happier.

A lot of guys do ask how Bryan gets prettier girls a bit above his league, and the answer? He knows how to treat women, and he knows exactly what they want. And honestly i found that amazing. Hes sweet really, for once i knew, this boy might be the one for me.

Brybry: hey i know your asleep but i just wanna say your the most amazing person ever, i promise i never tell just anyone that, your beautiful and smart, everything i want. I love you , i know u have felt sm pain before, but trust me i promise your never gonna lose me. :) i love u

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