Danger's Back (Justin Bieber)

The sequel of DANGER!!
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9. ''She was my everything.''

Justin’s Point of View:
“So…” Kelsey trailed off, her fingernails skimming the bare skin of my chest, her teeth scraping nervously against her bottom lip. “What was it like?”
Furrowing my eyebrows together in confusion as to what she meant, I crammed my neck in order to look down at her. “What was what like?”
“Prison.” She stated bluntly, cutting to the chase and even though I admired that, I couldn’t help the needle like feeling pinch at my heart.
“Well you sure don’t beat around the bush,” I chuckled, trying to find some sort of way to go about this in a positive way. I mean, it wasn’t exactly an easy subject to talk about.
“It’s just that,” Kelsey sighed, shrugging. “You know about what I went through while you were gone. It’s just reasonable for me to know your struggles as well.”
“My struggles are my struggles for a reason, Kelsey.” Kissing her forehead, I looked ahead, trying to surpass the wrenching feeling in the midst of my gut. “You don’t have to worry about them.”
“But I do worry Justin, that’s the thing.” Shifting so that her naked chest was pressed against my own, she wrapped her arms around me. “I’ll always care and it’s eating me inside not knowing what you went through.” Kelsey began to absentmindedly draw imaginary shapes against my skin as she rolled the both of her lips into her mouth.
“Don’t do that,” I murmured, grabbing her chin in between my index finger and thumb before pulling her lips free from the hold she had on them. Giving me a frazzled look, I ignored her, leaning down and placing a sweet kiss to her lips, trying to ease her mind.
Deepening the kiss, Kelsey grabbed onto my shoulders about to hoist herself up when she stopped. Pulling away from the embrace our mouths were encountering, Kelsey gave me a disapproving look. “Kissing me won’t stop me from wanting to know.”
“But it’ll distract you enough to forget about it.” I countered with a sigh, my hands inattentively running up and down her sides.
“When you were released, I just threw all my burdens on you. I yelled and screamed meanwhile I didn’t even let you explain what it was that you went through and I just feel… guilty.” Kelsey sulked, her shoulders falling.
Popping up on my elbows, I gave her an incredulous look, not being able to believe what I had just heard. “You have nothing to be guilty for. It was my fault that I got caught and taken away in the first place. You had every right to be angry with me. I lied to you, I ruined everything...” Closing my eyes, I thought back on the mistakes I had made regarding our relationship. “You had no fault in this whatsoever.”
“Then why do I feel as if I let you…us down?” Frowning, she avoided my eyes, looking at everything but me.
“You can’t be serious…” When she didn’t say anything, my eyes widened. “Babe, I tried again but she refused to budge.
Sitting up completely, I took her legs, spreading them on either side of me before grabbing her face in my hands, forcing her to look at me. “I don’t ever want you to say something like that again, do you understand me?”
“No,” I cut her off, knowing she was going to try and justify her own ridiculous reasoning’s. “Stop right there and listen to me.” When she turned her ears to me, I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, caressing her cheek with the padding of my thumb. “You didn’t let me down. If anything you made me even more proud of you. No girl could have gone through what you have yet you did and you stuck by my side the entire time. Even when you knew I was going away for a few years, you waited for me.” Shaking my head, I solemnly stared into her eyes. “If that’s not amazing then I don’t know what is.” Pecking her gently, I looked into her eyes. “You are one of the strongest girls I know Kelsey Jones and if you ever try to deny anything again, I’ll have to convince you otherwise.” I smirked.
“Something tells me that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.” Giggling, she hid her face into my shoulder once she caught sight of my bewildered expression.
“Since when did you become so outspoken about these kinds of things?” I gaped, taken back by her sudden boldness.
How someone so shy could be so damn sexy is beyond me.
“Shut up,” She mumbled, her face probably as red as a tomato right about now.
“Did something happen while I was away that I should know about?” I teased, enveloping my arms around her small frame.
“Oh, definitely,” She emphasized with thick sarcasm, “I learned a thing or two from Carly and listened in on the guy’s conversations.” She shrugged, waving a hand dismissively. “You know, the usual.”
I laughed taking in this newly found information, “That’s good to know.”
Kelsey shot her head up in mock surprise, “I was just kidding!” She eagerly defended, her mouth falling open in dismay.
Raising my eyebrow at her, I chuckled, “I know.”
Slapping my chest, she playfully glared down at me. “Asshole.”
“That’s not what you were saying a few hours ago.” I grinned mischievously. “I believe it was something more along the lines of Oh, Justin! Faster, Please.” I mimicked her in a high pitched voice that clearly sounded nothing like her but was amusing nonetheless.
“Justin!” She shrieked, horrified.
“Yes, exactly like that!”
Her face fell as a glare took place.
“I’m just kidding babe,” Laughing, I kissed her lips before lying down and pulling her on top of me.
“If you think you’re going to get a round three out of me, you’ve got another thing coming, sweetheart.” Kelsey scowled, her lips pursed in a significant amount of annoyance.
“Relax baby, we’re just going to lay down.” Patting the space beside me, I nodded towards it. “Come here,”
Hesitant at first, Kelsey gave in, lying next to me, where I had indicated for her to.
Once we were both settled comfortably, I hooked an arm around her shoulders, holding her close to me. Intertwining my right hand with her left, I gave her a kiss on the cheek. “What do you want to know?”
“About what?” She looked from our hands, up to my face.
“Jail.” I nonchalantly spoke, knowing this was important to her and as much as I refused to burden her with my hassles, I knew she wouldn’t drop this and the last thing I wanted was to upset her.
“Oh,” She parted her lips, her mouth shaping into the form of a circle in realization before regaining her composure herself. “Everything…” She trailed off hesitantly, “I want to know everything.”
Knowing she was going to say that, I inwardly prepared myself. Squeezing out palms together, I thought back to the various altercations that occurred.
An agonizingly long buzzer was heard indicating the opening of the cell door that held me separated from escape. “Bieber!” A sharp voice, twisted menacingly in a bitter distaste called out harshly.
I rolled my eyes at his pathetic attempt to sound threatening. Getting to my feet, I stood up, stretching my limbs.
Walking over to him, I perched an eyebrow up to the roof of my forehead, waiting for whatever it was that he addressed me for.
“It’s your turn to head into commissary,” He held his hands to his sides, badge sparkling despite the lack of sunlight, brown eyes radiant with anger.
I nodded, swiftly moving past his body and heading out down the hall, his body not too far from mine as he made sure to watch my every move as if I’d try to make a leave. Passing other caged animals—whoops, I meant people—along the way, I merely chuckled at their ridiculous acts of fury. Some barked aggressively, others muttered incoherently under their noses meanwhile those who actually had somewhat of a right mind, sat there, staring at their hands.
“This way,” The guard who had come to retrieve me, jabbed his thumb to his right and I scoffed at his idiocy.
“I know,” I rasped, “I’m not that stupid.” I shook my head, following yet another hallway of nothing but occupied cells until finally we were taken free from the violent soundings of their behavior.
I jerked back the moment I felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning, I nearly gripped the asshole by the neck and pinned him to the wall but kept myself from losing control. “What?” I hissed lowly, my eyes glowering.
“Follow me now,” Was all he said as he shuffled past me, leading the way.
Growling, I stalked forwards, walking in pace with him. My patience was running thin and I had about half a mind to just skip lunch and go back to my cell. It was better than following him like a lost puppy, I can tell you that much.
Grasping the handle of the door that led inside the commissary, I slipped in past, the bright light inside nearly blinding me due to the lack of luminosity we get.
“You’ve got ten minutes and then you’re set to go back.” Rodger, the guard who took me here in the first place, informed while he kept watch at the entryway.
With a simple nod of my head, I stood in line behind a couple of other inmates who were told to come here at this time as well.
Shuffling on my feet, I rolled my shoulders back, cracking my neck, trying to find something to keep me interested while I waited rather impatiently for my food.
Without much of a warning, I was shoved forwards, nearly falling against the guy in front of me. Balling my hands into fists, I immediately whipped around to see who had the intentions of dying today. I narrowed my eyes, spotting three guys hustling around with one another, clearly the reason as to why I was pushed. Clenching my jaw, I inwardly relaxed myself, trying hard not to lash out on these fuckers.
Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, letting it out, about to turn around when one of them spoke up.
“You got a problem there buddy boy?”
A sarcastic grim smile took place against my lips as I faced them once more. The one who addressed me was bald, built with tattoos covering his arms. A typical Latino Blood. Pouting my bottom lip, I shook my head. “Nah, I’m good.”
“You sure gilipollas?”
Now, I may not be Spanish but I know damn well what the hell a gilipollas is and this bastard is about ready to push me over the edge of my resistance to beat the shit out of him.
“Who are you calling a gilipollas you little hijo de puta?” I rounded me lips into a smirk.
His eyes widened slightly, taken back by the fact that I knew what he said. Keeping his stance, he didn’t let this invade his swag. “Smart boy.”
“Can’t say the same for you.” Giving him a once over, eyeing the other two that were surprisingly keeping quiet unlike how they were handling themselves before, I turned around, happy to see that the line had moved up and I was closer to getting my food and getting the hell out of here.
Hushed whispers were heard behind me in which I ignored. If the bastard wanted to talk shit under his breath like a pussy then so be it.
I wasn’t going to start a pointless fight.
“Ay,” The bald one exclaimed in his thick accent, “Aren’t you that Bieber kid?”
It was about time he caught onto who I was. “Yeah,” I muttered, turning about an inch of my head over my shoulder. “What’s it to you?”
“Oh no,” He shrugged, “I was just wondering because you know, here you are, stuck in this shit hole just like the rest of us.”
“Luis, man!” His buddies exclaimed loud enough for us to hear. Clearly they didn’t want any trouble.
Luis ignored them however, staring up at me with a stone cold look.
“What are you trying to say?” I challenged.
“That you’re nothing but a rookie, kid.” He stepped up to me. “You see, the boys back home worshipped your ass, talking about how you’re some legend yet if you were so good at what you did, you wouldn’t be standing here right now.”
“I beg to differ Luis,” His name rolled off my tongue in disgust. “You see there’s a distinction between you and me.” I took notice to his profile. I knew exactly who he was and what he did. “You got caught selling drugs in a street corner when you thought all was clear and you’d get away with it, right?”
When he kept quiet, growing red and I then knew, I had him right where I wanted him. “I got caught killing someone and I would have gotten away with it too if I wasn’t ambushed. Now, that’s where the line draws our similarities, my friend. You got caught cause you’re an idiot. I got caught because I was dealing with an idiot.” I paused, smacking my lips together in satisfaction. “See the discrepancy?” I now stood up tall,  my frame towering over his. “I know all about you Luis Antonio,” I chuckled upon his awestricken nature. “Now, how about we cut the bullshit and go about our day, yeah?” Not giving him a chance to respond, I turned, leaving him in his own state of mind as I realized there was just one more person left.
After the guy in front of me walked away, I stepped forwards, getting ready to chose what it was that I wanted to eat when somebody grasped my elbow, tugging me harshly so that I whirled around and in my face stood Luis.
“I don’t like smart mouths.” He sneered in irritation, his hold on me tightening as his eyes blackened in anger.
Gritting my teeth together, I stared into his eyes, burning hazel against his solid ones. “Get your filthy hands off of me.” I warned, my voice a low murmur, not wanting to attract the attention of the guards.
“Or what, Bieber? You’re going to shoot me?” He snickered, clearly amused with himself.
“Let chance, Antonio.” I locked my jaw tight, my chest heaving in waiting anticipation.
Laughing, Luis turned back to face his boys, acknowledging them in Spanish and right when he turned around, my fist came in contact with his jaw, releasing his hold on me.
Luis then pounded a balled hand of his own to my cheek and before I knew it, I blacked out, my fists flying everywhere. Grabbing him by the waist, I threw us to the ground as I repeatedly punched him anywhere I could manage.
It took three guards to pull us a part, one of them happening to be Rodger. “Enough is enough!” Another barked, “look at the mess you made!”
Licking the blood off my lip, I spit it out to the right of me. “He fucking started it.” I muttered, my eyes blazing with fury.
“Yet you threw the first hit, come on Bieber, you’re coming with me.” The one who I recognized to be Ted, pulled me away from the hold of the other guard as he shuffled around the room and out into the hallway.
Already knowing where this was headed, I wasn’t surprised when I was thrown into confinement.
“You got three days in here, Bieber.” I watched as the metal gate closed shut, my body shaking with aggravation. “Maybe next time you won’t lose your temper.”
“Confinement?” Kelsey whispered wholeheartedly, her face contorted in both confusion and worry. “What’s that?”
Licking my lips, I sighed, twirling a string of her hair around my finger. It’s a cell separated from everybody else’s for those who misbehave or are seen as a threat.” I carelessly shrugged, letting the piece I held fall back into place before brushing the hair away from her face. “It wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t mind staying away from everyone, it gave me a clear head and I didn’t have to worry about getting into anymore trouble.”
Kelsey nodded, taking this all in as she sat there silently. “What else happened?”
“Nothing really, I usually kept to myself. As much as I have a mouth on me, the last thing I wanted was to lengthen my sentencing because of too much fighting.” Caressing her stomach with my fingers, I nuzzled her neck with my nose. “I just wanted to get out of there and come home to you.”
Stiffening, I felt Kelsey place her hand on top of mine, stopping me from skimming her skin as she rolled onto her side so that we were face to face.
My arm curled around her naked waist as I held her close, never wanting to let her go. Missing her was an understatement. I craved for her touch and I yearned to be next to her. She took over my existence and became the only person I thought about.
She was my everything.
“love you.” She whispered, softly, taking the words right out of my mouth as a small smile tugged upwards. “Always have, always will.”
Grinning down at her, I captured her lips in a blissful kiss before pulling away. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”
Blushing, she distracted herself with the chain hanging from around my neck, her face heated.
“Hey,” I whispered, tapping my nose to hers as I regained her attention, her eyes bright under my gaze. “You are beautiful…”
Biting her lip, my eyes darkened as the familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach clawed its way up. Leaning down, I bit her top lip, prying her mouth open as I slipped my tongue into her mouth, tasting her.
Placing her hand against my cheek, Kelsey held me close, not wanting to break the embrace. Rolling to my back as I pulled her on top, I caressed her body in my hands causing us both to moan.
Breaking away, Kelsey began traveling kisses down my neck, sucking on the skin just under my ear. Groaning, I rotated my hips against hers, wanting her right here, right now, again. “Babe,” I groaned, “stop teasing.”
I felt her smirk against me before bringing her face up to look down at me, her hair drawing a curtain around our heads. “Speaking of teasing, you’re the biggest one of them all.”
“I just know how to play my cards right baby,” I grinned, pecking her lips. “It’s a gift, what can I say?”
Laughing, Kelsey sat upright so that she was now straddling me.
“No,” I whined in protest, grasping her hips in the palms of my hands. “Come back down here…”
Shaking her head, Kelsey grabbed the blanket on the arm of the couch before wrapping it around herself and standing up.
“What are you doing?” I gazed up at her in awe.
“Getting dressed? What does it look like I’m doing?” She gave me an innocent look as she walked over to our suitcases.
“You’ve got to be kidding me…” I shook my head, watching as she went to my bag instead of hers. “Talk about tease,” I grumbled causing her to giggle. Scowling, I sat upright, my arms hanging from my knees. “What are you doing in my bag?”
“Trying to find a shirt.” Kelsey pulled out a plain white v-neck before re-folding it and putting it to the side, grabbing various shirts before finally settling on a long sleeved red and black plaid one.
Slipping her arms in, she buttoned it up, letting it fall limp against her small body. “How do I look?” She twirled, stopping once she did a full three sixty.
Scanning her from head to toe, I bit my lip. “You look fucking sexy,” I murmured sultrily as I stood up, walking over to her. “I think you should wear my clothes more often,”
“Oh really?“ Kelsey arched a brow, beaming up at me as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
“Mhm,” I summed her up once more in my head, mentally thanking God for finding somebody so fucking perfect for me. “Though I prefer you with no clothes on at all.” I suggestively wiggled my eyebrows at her.
Rolling her eyes, Kelsey shuffled out of my hold. “You’re such a guy.”
“I’m just being honest.”
“No, you’re being a jerk,” She frowned, crossing her arms against her chest.
Sighing, I pulled her back into my arms. “I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean it. I was just messing around with you, that’s all.”
“So you don’t think I look sexy in your shirt?” She cocked her head to the side, her lips pursed.
“No, I do!” I quickly defended, “I meant that I--”
Pressing her lips to mine, Kelsey stopped me mid sentence. “You worry too much,” She stated a matter-of-factly, her hands now holding my face into place as she stared into my eyes.
Sighing, I gave her an exasperated look before smiling. “I gotta hand it to you babe, you’re a good actress.”
“Why, thank you,” Kelsey impersonated Elvis. “Thank you very much.” She winked jokingly, laughing.
Pulling away, I looked all around me before moving my eyes back over to hers. “What to do now?”
A bright smile etched across Kelsey’s face. “I think I’ve got an idea.”

“Oh my G--God, it’s s--so cold!” Kelsey stuttered through chattering teeth as she wrapped her arms around herself, trying to keep warm.

“I told you but you don’t listen to me,” I snickered, watching as she glared at me. Putting my hands up in defense, I smiled despite her vicious stare. “I’m just saying.”
“And I’m just saying,” Kelsey raised her voice, her eyes narrowed before her expression softened as she tugged me over to her, “Let’s have fun.” She whispered and right when I thought she was going to kiss me, Kelsey jumped up, dunking my head into the water.
Wrapping my arms around her legs, I pulled her down with me, her piercing scream and the a splash of water indication enough that I had succeeded in doing so.
Resurfacing, I wiped the water from my face before running my hands through my hair, causing it to stick up in all sorts of directions.
Waiting for Kelsey to get back up, I felt my stomach sink when there was no sign of her anywhere. “Kelsey?” I called out, waiting for a reply.
There was no answer.
“Babe?” Looking all around me, I was ready to dive back into the water when somebody jumped on me from behind.
Grasping her thighs so that she wouldn’t fall, I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding in when I saw it was Kelsey. “Fucking hell, babe! Don’t ever do that again, you nearly gave me a heart attack!”
“I’m sorry,” She giggled, placing a wet kiss to the back of my neck.
“I have about half a mind to throw you in again,” I grumbled, twisting my neck around in order to partially see her.
“You wouldn’t dare.” She countered.
“You sure about that?” Dropping my hands, I reattached them back once I heard her gasp and strap onto me tight.
“Okay, okay…” She breathed out, “I’m sorry.”
“Yeah, you better be.” I chuckled. “Come on,” Grabbing her hand, I tugged. “Let go so I can slid you around to my front.”
“I don’t want to fall.” Kelsey mumbled, concern laced in her words.
“You won’t.” I reassured her, kissing the top of her hand.
“Yes, I will.”
Sighing, I looked at her. “Do you trust me?”
“Of course I do.”
“Then just listen to me.” When she nodded, I continued, “Grab my hands and loosen your grip around my torso.”
“Okay…” Doing as told, she waited for my next set of instructions.
“Now, I’m going to gently pull you around. All you have to do is make sure you keep your legs around me.”
“Sounds easy enough,” Preparing herself, I yanked on her hand, swirling her around before quickly grabbing hold of her ass. Sliding my hands up, back under her thighs, I gave her a kiss on the nose.
“See? Was that so hard?”
“I guess not.”
Smiling, I laid my forehead against hers. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” Cupping my head in her hands, she gave me a gentle kiss, one that deepened slightly before pulling away. “Let’s go for a swim.”
“Somebody’s hyper,” I sniggered, settling her on her feet.
“Nope, somebody just wants to have fun. Now, come on,” She tugged on my hand, leading me to the other side of the lake. “The first one to the other side has to cook!”
“Babe, no matter who wins we’ll end up not eating anyways because neither one of us can cook.”
“I beg to differ, Bieber, now stop trying to back out of this… unless, you know,” She smirked, “you’re too chicken to go against me.”
“Bieber? Really, Jones?” I chuckled as I stood next to her. “And you’re on baby, get ready to cook up a mean dinner.” Leveling my body on top of the water, I watched as she did the same.
“Bring it on,” Kelsey smiled. “Ready?” When I nodded, she faced forwards. “On your mark, get ready, get set… go!”

“I can’t believe you won.” I muttered while drying the top of my head with a towel.

“Well you best believe it baby,” Kelsey beamed in triumph to her win as she settled her now damp towel next to mine. “Now get a cooking.” She thumbed behind her towards the small kitchen area off to the left of the cabin.

“I hate you.” I mumbled, moving past her as I lazily walked over to the kitchen area.
“No you don’t,” She laughed, following after me.
“I do right now.” I argued, giving her a playful glare as I opened the cabinets, looking for something both appetizing and easy to make.
“Don’t lie to yourself,” Kelsey teased from behind, using my own words against me.
“Whatever,” Grabbing a box of powdered mashed potatoes, I placed it on the counter before shuffling through another cabinet and finding a can of vegetable soup. “This will have to do.” Turning, I kneeled down, opening a cupboard and taking out two pots.
Settling them on top of the stove, I opened the refrigerator, finding the milk.
“Isn’t that expired by now since you haven’t been here for so long?” Kelsey questioned from behind.
“No, I called in a favor and told one of the guys I know that live around here to restock on supplies.” Tearing the top of the box open, I sprinkled the powder inside the pot, stirring it with half a cup of milk before grabbing a stick of butter and cutting about quarter of it off. Dumping it inside, I continued mixing it all together, hoping it’d come out alright.
“Hm?” Turning around, I saw Kelsey hold out her arms before gesturing towards the counter. Laughing, I picked her up, settling her beside me on the island. Grabbing the other pot, I set it beside the one that was currently occupied. Opening the can with the opener, I spilled the contents inside, stirring it with another spoon.
“I love watching you cook.” Kelsey murmured, her eyes glowing under the dim lighting.
She grinned, nodding her head. “Yeah, it’s quite entertaining watching you so focused. It’s cute to be honest.”
“Oh, I’m cute now, huh?” I smirked, laying a hand on either side of her.
“Mhm,” Pressing her lips together, she stared solemnly into my eyes, her fingers lightly brushing against the tip of my chin, her feet moving back and forth, careful not to hit me.
Dipping my head down, I captured her palm in a kiss. Taking hold of it, I interlaced our fingers, moving in between her legs. “You’re perfect for me.”
Smiling, Kelsey looked down at her lap, covering her face.
Grabbing her chin, I gently forced her to look at me. Smiling, I leaned in, kissing her sweetly.
“Justin,” Kelsey mumbled against my lips.
“The food.”
“Shit,” I rasped, moving away and back over to the cooking pots. Luckily for the both of us, the food didn’t burn. “You’re such a distraction.”
“It’s not my fault I’m irresistible.” Kelsey playfully flipped her hair back, batting her eyelashes at me.
Barking a laugh, I shook my head, a full on smile placed on my face as I stared over at the one girl who was able to make me forget about everything and everyone. “You know with you being such a distraction and all, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up burning the house down next time.” I jeered, shaking my head at Kelsey
“Oh, hush up.” She rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue out on me.
“What are we? Five?”
“At this very moment, we are actually.” She cheesed at me, her smile lighting up the room.
I grinned, giving her another kiss before shutting off the pots after I had mixed them over and over again. Getting two plates from the drawer that held the dishes, I settled them on the counter before filling them up with soup and mashed potatoes. Taking two spoons, I sat down on one of the stools, Kelsey taking the seat next to me. “I hope you like it.”
“Is somebody nervous about their cooking?” Kelsey nudged my side with hers as she dug into her plate.
After she swallowed, I bit the inside of my cheek, curious about what she thought. “So?”
“It’s… really good Justin, I love it.” Taking another spoonful, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You’re amazing, you know what?”
I shrugged cockily, giving her one of my infamous smirks. “I try,”
Kelsey threw her head back laughing. “I hate you.” She muttered seconds later.
I gave her an incredulous look, “What did I do now?” 
“You’re going to make me choke on my food, that’s what.” She gave me a quick side glance, a mocking grin taking place.
“Whatever, I’ll just shut up then.” Stuffing my mouth with mashed potatoes, I glowered at Kelsey.
“Good idea.”
After we finished eating, I put the dishes in the sink before going to get myself a glass of water.
I watched as Kelsey grabbed the nearby sponge and began cleaning the dishes. Making sure she was distracted, I inwardly thanked God that she found something to occupy herself with as I made way into the bathroom after grabbing the other bag I had brought with me.
This was me and Kelsey’s first outing together as a couple without any intrusions and I was definitely going to make the most of it.
Running the bath, I made sure to pour in some of the vanilla scented bath salts that Carly recommended. When Kelsey was sleeping, I had planned this all in a matter of hours and luckily for me, Carly happened to be at the house with John and was more than happy to help with an interest to make sure Kelsey enjoyed herself.
“It’s the least you could do for her,” Carly stated in a low hiss that evening. “After all the bullshit you put her through.”
I ignored her remark though because as much as I hated it, I needed her help.
Shuffling around the bathroom, I pulled out various sizes of candles, lining them up around every corner before lighting them up as they created a sultry dim glow.
Taking hold of the zip lock bag I had filled with rose petals that thankfully didn’t decay yet, I spread them all around the bath, dropping a few in the water as well.
Stepping back, I smiled in accomplishment. Everything looked perfect--just like I had planned.
“Justin?” Kelsey’s voice called out from the kitchen causing me to widen my eyes. Putting the bag away in the corner somewhere, hidden from sight. I walked out of the bathroom, spotting Kelsey with her hands on her hips, gazing around the living room.
Sneaking up behind her, I crouched a bit, sliding my hands around her waist, and pulling her against my chest before standing up fully, her cheek against hers. “Close your eyes.”
“What?” She whispered, her hands covering mine.
“I said close your eyes baby, I wanna show you something.” Kissing her earlobe, Kelsey slowly closed her eyes, following instructions. Leading her over to the bathroom, I opened the door, walking in with her body still held to mine. 
Making sure the door closed behind me, I held my mouth to her ear. “Open your eyes,” I spoke in a low murmur, sending shivers down her spine.
Fluttering her eyes open, a gasp emitted from her lips as she took a look around. “Y-you did this?” She whispered, stunned.
“Mhm, you deserve a night of relaxation.” I breathed out, pressing a kiss to her neck. “Come and take a bath with me.” I murmured huskily.
Rotating in my arms, Kelsey stared up at me with hazed eyes, her teeth digging into her bottom lip as she swallowed hard. Grabbing the hem of the t-shirt she wore to the lake, Kelsey was about to pull it off when I stopped her, placing my hands on top.
“Let me,” Taking hold, Kelsey let go as I tugged her shirt up, revealing her body to my greedy eyes. Discarding it to the side, I unclipped her bra, sliding it down her arms and throwing it carelessly to the side as well before attaching my lips to hers.
Pulling me closer, Kelsey ran her fingers through my hair, pulling violently at the ends. Sliding her hands down to my shorts, Kelsey tugged them down, leaving me completely bare.
Caressing her cheeks with my thumbs, I solemnly stared down at her, every inch of my body tingling with complete adoration for this girl.
Rolling onto her toes, Kelsey placed a chaste kiss on my lips.
Licking my lips to savor her taste, I grabbed her hand, leading her over to the bath filled to the top with warm water, fuzzed because of the salts I put. Helping her inside, I got in as well as we both sunk down to the bottom.
Sitting opposite each other, Kelsey moaned in appreciation to the water temperature. “This feels good.” She whispered.
I nodded in agreement, “It would feel better if you came over here though.”
Smiling, Kelsey laughed as she shifted over to where I sat. Sitting cross-legged in front of me, she leaned forwards, caressing my chest.
“Having fun?”
“Very.” Laughing, she pulled away, staring into my eyes with longing. Sighing in content, she laid her head against my chest, “I love you.”
“I love you too, baby.” Kissing her temple, I ran my hand up and down her back in a soothing motion, wanting nothing more than to make sure she was comfortable.
“That feels good,” She muttered, holding me closer as she let her eyes close under the care of my delicate hands.
Grabbing the bottle of shampoo, I poured a good amount in my hand before rubbing it in her hair. “Stay still, I’m going to lather your hair baby, okay?”
“Mhm,” Snuggling close, I smiled down at her as I continued scrubbing her head. When I was done, Kelsey pulled away.
“My turn.” She grinned, taking the shampoo I used on her and rubbing some on her hand before digging her fingers into my hair.
Running some water into a nearby bucket, I shuffled so that I had room to move. Moving back over to her, I indicated for her to close her eyes as I tipped the bucket over her head slowly, letting the water pour down slowly while washing the soap out with my other hand.
Filling the bucket up with water again, Kelsey sat up on her knees as she hovered the bucket over my head, letting the water run as she got rid of the shampoo in my hair as well.
After we rinsed ourselves off, we sat there with nothing but silence surrounding us while Kelsey played with the bubbles that engulfed her. Cupping her hands together, she took a bit of foam into them before blowing on it, letting it splatter all over my face.
Slapping a hand to her mouth in surprise, Kelsey stifled a giggle as she stared over at me, wide-eyed. “I am so sorry Justin, I--”
Before she had the chance to finish her sentence, I splashed water all over her.
Gasping, Kelsey’s mouth dropped. “What the--”
“Karma’s a bitch,” I laughed as Kelsey narrowed her eyes at me.
“Well played, my friend, well played…” She shook her head, laughing slightly.
Taking her hand in mine, I pulled her into my embrace. “You know I love you.” I cooed teasingly, kissing the corner of her mouth.
“I know,” She smiled, “And you know I love you.” Nuzzling her nose to mine, she hugged me, laying her head against my shoulder. 
Squeezing her against me, I let out a sigh of utter contentment. Everything felt right, being in my girls arms was where I belonged. “Come on,” I pulled on the plug, letting the water drain. “Let’s dry ourselves and get dressed.”
“Justin, did you add more wood to the fire?” Kelsey questioned as she made her way over to the couch where I sat. She was currently wearing a pair of my sweatpants with a loose tank-top of her own.
“Mhm, the fire was running thin so I added more to keep it alive, c’mere,” I gestured to the place between my legs in which she came, sitting down with her back to my chest, my arms wrapping securely around her.
“That was fun,” She whispered after a long pause of hushed silence.
“It was, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah,” She looked over her shoulder at me, the reflection of the fire dancing in her eyes. “It was.”
“We should do it again sometime.” I kissed the back of her head.
Placing her arms on top of mine, Kelsey began to run her fingers up and down the length of my arm.
A comfortable peace overcame us as we sat in each others arms gazing at the scorching fire, neither one of us saying a word.
“Justin?” Kelsey whispered hesitantly.
“Yeah, baby?” I looked down at her.
“Do you see us ever getting, you know, married… in the future?” She fought the urge to look at me and I knew then that she was nervous about my reaction.
Smiling, I kissed her cheek. “With kids and everything.” I murmured and I knew that settled right with her because she immediately relaxed in my arms.
“Kids?” She whispered after a short gap. “As in, you want a family?”
“If I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, I’m at least going to need something else to drive me crazy along the way.”
Laughing, Kelsey laid her head back against my shoulder. “You’re so mean.” She pouted.
“Don’t act like it isn’t true.” I gave her a knowing look in which she slouched in response.
“Don’t whatever me.”
“Well, I just did,” Kelsey retaliated, “What are you gonna do about it? Noth--ah, Justin!” Kelsey shrieked as I began tickling her sides, shifting so that she was now under me and I was hovering on top.
“S--stop! I’m b--begging yo--ou!” Kelsey laughed out loud, her face turning a light shade of pink.
“You underestimate me baby,” I chuckled, giving her no mercy whatsoever as I continuously jabbed my fingers into the most ticklish spots of hers.
“Just--Justin!” Kelsey spluttered, her voice raw from all the laughter. “Stop it!”
“Admit that I’m the sexiest guys ever and I’ll consider letting you go.”
“Okay--whoa, wait, you’ll consider letting me go?” She emphasized, not pleased with my bargaining.
“Tough luck baby,” I grinned. “Now, say it and I might release you.”
Frowning, Kelsey knew there was now way out of this. “Fine,” She grumbled. “Justin, you are the--”
Before she had the chance to finish confessing the die hard truth, my phone began ringing. Choosing to ignore it, I raised an eyebrow at Kelsey. “Well?”
“Justin, you are the sex--”
Ring, ring, ring!
I groaned, rolling my head back in exasperation when the calling continued.
“Maybe you should pick it up…”
“No, this is my time with you. They can leave a voicemail if it’s so important.”
“Justin…” Kelsey gave me a look. “If it wasn’t important, I’m sure they wouldn’t call. Just go see who it is at least.” She bargained and I knew she was right.
Sliding from my position on top of her, I stood up, making my way over to the fireplace where I had left my phone earlier today when a sudden thought came to mind. Scowling, I turned to face Kelsey who was grinning menacingly from ear to ear. “You just wanted to free yourself, didn’t you?”
“Maybe,” She said sweetly, batting her eyelashes innocently as if she did nothing wrong.
“I’m going to get you for that later,” I smirked once I saw her eyes widened. Laughing, I grabbed my phone in time to see Bruce’s name pop up. Furrowing my eyebrows in confusion as to why he was calling, I accepted the call. “What?” I spat, annoyed that he was interrupting precious time with my girl.
Ignoring me, Bruce growled lowly. “Get your ass home right now. We’ve got a situation on our hands.”

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