Chelsea and her best friends,grace and Ashley are new at beacon hills high school and know about the to to find out more...


1. New School

Chelsea's POV•

*beep,beep,beep* my alarm clock went off at 7:00 which meant that I had to get up and get ready for my new school,beacon hills high.i stumble out of my room and bang on the door to my roommate grace's room,then stumble a few doors down to my other roommate Ashley's room."get up ya lazy butts!we gotta get ready for hell-ah,I mean school."I said.Before I go on there is one thing you should know about me and my roommates....Grace,Ashely,and I are all werewolves.anyways....I go downstairs and fix myself breakfast before watching a little tv and then go back upstairs to get ready.i walk into my bedroom and look in my closet and pull out my pink tank crop top that says 'casual is boring' and my white skinny jeans.i threw on some vans and went into the bathroom and brushed my hair and did my usual side braid.i put a thin layer of mascara on as well as my eye liner and put a tad bit of foundation on.I brushed my teeth and then i grabbed my backpack and drove grace,ashley and I to school.after we pulled into the parking lot,we got out and walked inside where we were greeted by more people and headed to the principles office to get our schedule.the principle handed us our schedule and of course we have the subject I hate and don't get at ALL,math.when we walked into the classroom,all eyes turn towards us.i felt like I was going to throw up.i hate being the center of attention!the teacher gave us our seats and started the class.we sat between two boys that looked about our age and out of the corner of my eye saw them fist bump.we sat down and the two boys turned around and introduced themselves."Hi I'm stiles and this is Scott." Stiles said."you must be new here and just to forewarn you,it gets a little....supernatural around here if you know what I mean." Scott said and then winked at his friend stiles.

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