Virtual Hunger Games

This is a virtual hunger games! sign up and be ready to play. May the odds be ever in your favour


13. District Two

Annabelle's P.O.V

d been training for this day. Training and training. I put my name in 50 times. I want to win the games. I put on my skirt, shirt and my grey knitted cardigan over the top. My sisters came in and wished me luck. I didn't need luck. I was going. The bell sounded out from the town centre and I went looking for my brother, Nikolia. 

"I don't need this" I whispered to myself. I heard a sniff and a sob from behind the cupboard. There was Nikola. I picked him up and ran. We were late. I left Niko in the boys 13 pen and went to my line. I was going to the games. I would go.


Matthew's P.O.V

I sat at the kitchen table. Throwing dinner knives at a target I've had there forever. I ate my breakfast with ease and slurped down my orange juice, I made sure my and sister were locked in. I was going to win this for them. I'm going to the games.




Annabelle's P.O.V

I stood there. hoping. I was training for this. I was training and going. Same as always Effie walked up to the stage and said her usual routine. 

"Welcome to the reaping for the 76th annual hunger games!" She called out. There was cheering throughout the district. You could hear it from district one.

" As always ladies  first!" As Effie plunged her hand into the reaping bowl I crossed my fingers and hoped.

"And the tribute is....." The suspense was terrifying. I could see Nikola looking at me and mouthing "No!" so I knew I had to go

"Annabelle Bernier-Cardou" I strided out and almost ran up to the stage. As I stood on the stage Effie gave me a nod of approval as she went to do the boys.


Matthew's P.O.V

I saw Annabelle up there and thought that she would not put up a fight. I already knew I was going to the games. Lets say that my mother had a quite friendly relationship with the mayor of our district. 

"Now to the boys" Effie said. I knew I was going. My name was the only name in the barrel. 
"Matthew Stevens!" She shouted into a microphone.

I ran up and stood at the stage. I shook hands with Annabelle and smirked as I got on the train. We didn't do goodbyes here. I already had a token. The last letters my mother and father wrote to each other.


Annabelle's P.O.V

As we boarded the train I felt for my token. My father's lightbulb. He gave it to me when I was six. He said "Light is the most important resource you will need. Just don't make it seen." I sat at the window and waited for glimpses of the other districts as we set off on our long journey

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