Virtual Hunger Games

This is a virtual hunger games! sign up and be ready to play. May the odds be ever in your favour


17. District Six

Haven's P.O.V

I was shaky. District six yeah. But it doesn't mean there isn't homeless people here. It doesn't mean I don't live on the streets. I woke up to the sound of the bells ringing. Every year I hope I will go. Every single year. But with a name like haven? I wasn't getting anywhere. I got up and tried, tried, to make myself look a bit more presentable. I took my reaping clothes out of my sack and put them on behind a dustbin. It didn't take me long I was used to it. I smoothed down my grease slickened hair with my hands and walked down to the reaping. I looked a sight. But it was just the reaping. I prayed every year that I would go through. Proper food, clothes, and death. I can't die here. As much as I try I fail. Why? I really don't know. I signed in and stood in the 14 boys pen. Effie walked up onto the stage. No intro. Just a stern face from her. Something was wrong....


Jade's P.O.V

I walked down the main road. I was ready. I was always ready. I was homeless. I got into my pen and stood in the middle. It was like there was a bubble around me. All the privileged kids where staying away. Same as Haven. Haven.... He was just ugh! I mean we were both homeless but he never even washed at stupid hours in the morning in the well in the town centre!? oh well. I was waiting for names to be chosen but Effie had a look on her face. A look that meant something wasn't right...



Effie's P.O.V

Ugh. I had been given a notice. A notice to um. send the homeless to the games. I was fine with it. I just couldn't deal with the stench. 

"Hello" I said into the microphone "There has been a change in plan. Will Haven Kole and Jade Dide come up please" They made their way through the crowd. People were holding their noses, Making fake puking sounds as they walked pass. I didn't feel sorry for them. They stood at each end of the platform. 

"Make a cheer for our tributes for the 76th annual hunger games!" I said into the microphone. Both of them looked at me in shock. They were thrown in sacks and thrown in the animal pen of the train. I feel sorry for their stylist and mentor. Really I do.



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