Virtual Hunger Games

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16. District Five

Jason's P.O.V

I woke up. My hair sticking up at odd angles. 'Great' I thought to myself. I went to the bathroom and tried to fix it with no luck.

"pftttt I'm not gonna get chosen I'll just wear a hat" I said to my reflection. I went back to my room and went through my wardrobe. My eyes scanned the fabric in there. They shot down on a black t-shirt and cream chino set with black lace up shoes, black socks and a nice bowler hat.My fathers hat. I put this on and walked out a water bottle in hand. I took sips tap dancing along to the reaping. My hat fell off and I ran to catch it. My golden hair running wild. I grabbed it and put it back on. I could feel some eyes on me. Probably because of my t-shirt. What ever. I love wearing these T-shirts. I got down there and threw my water bottle in the bin. Still half full. Someone will enjoy it. I got my finger pricked and went to my pen. I looked over and saw another girl in the pen opposite. She was beautiful...


Gabrielle's P.O.V

I was up hours before my alarm went off. Dressed ready to go. I had put on a yellow floral Maxi dress with some pale yellow sandals on also. The food I had made was still out on the table. I couldn't eat. I took small sips of water from my glass and put it down. My hair was a mess so I threw it up into a low ponytail. I wasn't like the other girls. I didn't care how I looked. I cared about family. I slipped on my anklet. I rushed out of the house the first ring of the bell and was down to the reaping early. I had my finger pricked and the blood put next to my name and shuffled to my pen. Looking at the paving tiles as I went. I made it there and fixed my glasses. 

"Great" I mumbled as I dropped my glasses. I found them and put them on. I looked over to the other pen. The boys pen. There was one boy. A boy with golden hair and a bowler hat smiling a small smile at me. I could feel my cheeks getting hot so I looked down at my feet again. But I had to resist looking back at him.



Everyone was full of fear. Effie walked up onto the stage but No-one was listening. She had gone through her routine. She was about to pick the name...

Gabrielle's P.O.V

I felt the fear around me. If i got out of this games. I would never need to go through this pain or fear again. 

"The tribute is.... Gabrielle May"

I was frozen with fear. I was pushed out of the pen while people sighed sighs of relief. I could see the boy looking at me again. I looked behind me and he was looking at me wide eyed. He mouthed 'I will...' He will what? I was pushed onto the stage before I could see. Effie looked at me with eyes saying sorry and moved onto the boys. I bent down and picked my anklet off my ankle and hugged it close to my chest. I didn't care if they saw. I was going to die.


Jason's P.O.V

When I saw her face, The fear that was there. I knew I had to protect her. She would die the first day in that arena. She was too fragile. I saw her up on the stage hugging something to her chest. 

"The tribute for the boys is.... Jason Colby!" I heard effie say. I felt eyes fall on me and I sprinted to the front and encased this girl in a hug.

"I'm Jason. I will protect you" I whispered in her ear.

"Thank you, I'm Gabrielle just Gabrielle" She said. 

"Well no need for shaking hands then" Effie smirked.

"Give it up for our tributes!" But instead of clapping they did the sign of respect for our district. We were bundled into a train. Knowing that this may be the only train ride we would take. So we had to enjoy it. I sat down and watched our district go by and Gabrielle slept on the sofa.... opposite.


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