The secret within me

Amy is an normal, fifteen year old girl. She goes in high school in the northern part of the village Zureal. But she has a little problem. Her parents. They are way too overprotective. They never give her permission to anything, there has with night time to do, and every time she asks why, they blame it on the area. Zureal is a village with a lot of dangerous predators. That doesn't bother Amy. Actually, she think the predators are very fascinating.
So one night she's asked out by her crush, Seth. Amy decides to break the rules and sneak out. It was something never to forget.


5. Three Days: Day two

I felt like staying in bed today, and I did. Until... I could smell bacon. A decision in the morning, goddammit. I was way too tired for getting up... But it was bacon! I got up, and walked sloppy downstairs. "Mom! Are the bacon done soon?" I shouted as much as I could. "Good morning. And no, I haven't even put them on the frying pan yet. I shrugged and ran upstairs again. A huge wave of smells met me in my room. I closed the door immediately. "What was that?" I remember cleaning a week ago. I slowly opened the door, and took a deep breath. "NOPE!" I shouted, and shut the door again. "What's wrong, honey?" Mom shouted from the kitchen downstairs. "No, nothing," I shouted back. My room was filled with a scent, not me, but a scent I could stay by forever... Seth? Why did my room smell like him? Even though I knew, he wasn't there, I was too nervous too go inside. But how is that even possible? He hadn't been here since at least two weeks ago! He hadn't left some of his here, had he? But even though he had, why was the smell so strong?

"Get your shit together, Amy!" I whispered to myself. "He's not there." I slowly turned the handle, jumped inside and closed the door behind me. It was like I was surrounded by Seth. I looked around. My whole room was a hot mess. "I'm never going to find the cause, to why this smell is all over my room. Even in my sheets!" Though, the scent was stronger in that corner. I moved slowly closer. A pile of clothes, I had forgot to put in my closet, was laying in that corner. I dug though the pile, till I found a hoody. That was the one I borrowed from Seth, about a month ago, but I couldn't smell it before. Why could I smell it now? This was getting wired. To cool my mind, and kill some time, I started to clean up. I actually found more belongings to Seth, but most of it, were small things. Like pencils, from when we made homework here. I bet he has a lot of my pencils too. But that doesn't really smell. The only thing that had a scent of Seth, was his hoody. And it filled my room completely! That's not normal! What is wrong with me?!

I didn't feel like I could talk to neither mom or dad about it, and it would just become awkward if Seth knew about the whole scent thing. The only one I could talk to was Viola. I grabbed my phone, and called her immediately, but she didn't answer the first time. Actually it took about 4 calls, before I heard: "Hi, what's up?" I didn't even bother to say hello.

"Viola!" I shouted into the phone. "I'm going out of my mind here! There's something wrong with me! I need advice, I... I..." "Easy, Amy! Calm down, and tell me slowly what happened." She tried to calm me down, but it didn't really work. "I...I..." "AMY! You obviously can't tell me through this phone, while freaking out. Freak out first, and then we'll meet by the edge of the forest in about half an hour, okay." "...Okay," I stuttered. "See ya," she said, and hung up. I started shaking, and dropped my phone, a sharp pain hit my ears as a loud sound filled the room. My hands went, as a reflex, to my head, to cover my ears. It didn't help at all. The pain was like nothing I had experienced before. Suddenly it stopped. I looked around to find out, where it came from. "Mom?" I shouted. "Yeah?" she answered. "Did you hear that?" "Hear what?" "The sound!" "What sound?" She sounded really confused now. "Nevermind," I ended it. She wouldn't have a clue anyways. But how could she not have heard it? The note was so high it hurted. What was happening to me? I turned on my computer and searched all around for reasonable explanations. But there weren't anyone. The only result I got, was supernatural, and that couldn't be... Could it? Nah. I looked at the time. 5 minutes till I had to meet up with Viola. I was so late!

Viola stood with her arms crossed, and looked at me with her disappointed face. Even though I hadn't known her for a long time, I could tell she was angry with me. "You're 10 minutes late!" She was obsessed with being there on time. She had OCD, so that was kinda important for her. "Sorry, I was searching the internet to find some answers, and the time just ran away." She sighted and looked down. "I guess it's alright then. You sounded pretty out of your mind." "I was. But it's a little better now. But I don't know what is happening to me. It seems like all of my senses are beginning to sharpen. You know, growing stronger." "What do you mean?" "I could smell bacon from the kitchen, even though it wasn't on the frying pan yet. My whole room smelled like Seth, but the only thing of his in my room, was the shirt he borrowed me once, two weeks ago. I could practically hear my mom mumbling to her self in the kitchen, I was in the livingroom. I was here yesterday, and my reactionskills were amazing. I can run faster than ever, and I'm not even tired afterwards. Do you have an explanation for all this?" She didn't say anything for a while. "Okay, I can see why you're freaked out. Did you find anything at the internet?" "Not a clue. Other than supernatural things, such as shape shifters, which is silly... Right?" "Right. Have you talked to your parents? No, not yet. For now I don't plan to, unless it keeps happening." "That's fine, I would've done the same." "Try go home. Do something you like. Draw, watch a movie, read. Anything that makes you think of something else." "Okay, I'll try. See ya' tomorrow." "Bye"

I drew all day. So much that you couldn't see the floor, because of drawings. But did it help? Not much. What should I do? And what if it got worse?

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