The secret within me

Amy is an normal, fifteen year old girl. She goes in high school in the northern part of the village Zureal. But she has a little problem. Her parents. They are way too overprotective. They never give her permission to anything, there has with night time to do, and every time she asks why, they blame it on the area. Zureal is a village with a lot of dangerous predators. That doesn't bother Amy. Actually, she think the predators are very fascinating.
So one night she's asked out by her crush, Seth. Amy decides to break the rules and sneak out. It was something never to forget.


2. I dare

"I'm home!" I shouted. Mom was vacuuming, but I could hear her throwing it away, run downstairs, through the living room and into the hall, where I stood. I prepared for what happened next. She ran over to me, and gave me the biggest hug in history. "Amy," she started. "Welcome home. We have missed you so much!" "Hey mom," I could barely answer. "Could you please let go? I can't breath!" "Oh, sorry," she said and stepped backwards. We stood a little without saying anything, before mom broke the awkward silence. "Happy birthday! 16, huh. You're getting old.?" She said and poked me on the shoulder. "Stop it mom, it's embarrassing!" I complained. "Tap... Tap... Tap." I could hear footsteps and looked in the direction of the stairs. Dad was coming down, not with the exact same speed as mom. No wonder why. He looked very tired. Rings under the eyes, a sloppy posture, you could almost see some grey stands in his deep reddish-brown hair. He probably hadn't slept that much.

Anyway, he pulled me in for another hug, but let go after only a few seconds. It kinda let me down a bit. "Hi Amy," he said with a calm voice, and looked me strait in the eyes. "Happy birthday." "Hi dad," I answered with a likely calm voice and smiled. "Well... Are you tired? Shall I make some tea? Did you go to bed in proper time?.." She continued to ask, until I cut her of. "Geeez, mom! I've only been away for a week. It was just a school trip! It wasn't like I was away for a year or something. And yes, I went to bed in proper time. And because of that everyone else had to do so as well. So the rest of the trip, they were all pretty mad at me!" "Oh, I'm sorry, honey. But you know it's for the best." She sounded like she didn't care much. "So, did you get any new friends?" She moved on. "Like I said, they were all pretty mad at me. But, as unbelievable as it sounds." I started mumbling. "I actually got two new friends. It at least seems like it." "But honey, that's great! Who were they? Anyone I know?" I rolled my eyes. "I don't think so. Their names are Viola and Seth." She looked at me with those creepy eyes, it kinda made me unconfutable. "Oh. So there's a boy?" I knew it! "Yeah, but he's in the other class, and is soon going to transfer." I gave her again. "That's too bad... How does he look like?" I blushed. "He... He has light brown-yellow hair... A little bit of a wry smile. He's about a half head higher than me, and he has these... I noticed my dad had interred the room. He looked at me slightly confused, and at the same time, slightly angry. So I shut. "What are you two talking about?" he asked. "Come on, Lenard! Amy just found some new friends, and she was just telling me about them," she answered and gave me a blink with the eye. I looked away. He apparently calmed down, by the word "friends". "Besides, what would happen if she got a boyfriend?" Oh, god. That was the cue for me to disappear. "I'm going upstairs to pack out," I said and left the room. "What about the cake?" I could hear my mom shout. "Not hungry!" I shouted back. Actually, I was hungry like hell. I hadn't had any food since yesterday. But I couldn't take any more of my embarrassing mother.

I put the luggage in the corner, breathed in all the air my lungs could hold and threw myself at the bed. "Pling!" It came from my phone. "Pling!" I heard again. I reached for it, and saw the text was from Seth! I almost dropped it, by surprise. "Hey," he started out. I looked at the next massage. "Do you wanna go out tonight?.. To celebrate your birthday." I couldn't believe my own eyes. Seth actually asked me out! My heart started pounding. I thought it was gonna pound out of my chest for a second. "Pling." This time I dropped it. "Dammit!" I took it up again. "Phew..." Nothing was broken. I opened the text. "Viola is coming too," it said. I felt a little bit disappointed, but also a bit of a relief. I think I was gonna die of embarrassment, if I was alone with him an whole evening.

I was just about to text him back, when I thought about my parents. They would never let me! "Who says that they're going to know," a voice said in my head. This was my chance to get new friends, and hopefully hold on to them. And I wouldn't miss that chance. Suddenly it knocked on my door. This time I didn't drop my phone, but fell on the floor myself. My mom came in. "What are you doing on the floor?" she asked. Truth or lie? Decide, quickly!.. Both. "I got a shock, and fell of my bed," I said and got up. "I sat on the edge." "Okaaay," she said. "Well, we thought you might wanted your gift." I looked up. "Unfortunately, we haven't had the time to buy it, so... we've talked a little about it, and decided that you could choose your own present. As long as it doesn't cost over 35 dollars." I thought a little bit about it. "Okay," I finally said. "I want to dye my hair." Mom looked at me, as I was out of my mind. "But your hair is so special. And it matches your eyes." "But I don't wanna be special, at least not this special. I've never seen anyone with silver-white hair! Never." I shouted. "Besides, my blue eyes, they are light blue! Light blue. That's not normal neither. Normal people has deep blue eyes, or just blue eyes!" "Fine, fine," mom surrendered. "But I'm not going to allow you contacts." I wiped away a tear. "Meet me in the bathroom in two hours, and I'll see what I can do." "But, I thought such things was done by a hairdresser?" "It usually is, but I dye my own hair too." "What?" I asked. "I'm not that young anymore," she smiled. I giggled a little bit. She opened the door to go out. "Mom?" I asked. "How come both of you have brown hair and brown eyes, while I have light blue eyes and silver-white hair?" She looked at me. "I don't know, sweetie. Maybe mother nature just want it that way. I can't tell," and so she walked out. I fell down on my bed again. I can't believe I just did that! And got permission! Awesome! Then I got back in my own thoughts. How the hell was I'm suppose to get out?! I can't pretend to sleep, because of that annoying detector, that shows if I'm asleep or not. Like I said, way too overprotective. Then I got an idea. I could use my phone! Have one earplug in, so they couldn't see it. Have an alarm set to 11. They usually sleep there. I could sneak out. Brilliant! But if I can't hear the alarm... Too bad. I have nothing better to come up with. I looked at the time. I still had one and a half hour. I started to decide what clothes, I was gonna wear. Just that took about a hour. Then it was time to decide my hairstyle. That didn't take long time, so what to do now? I couldn't decide makeup, because my parents wouldn't let me wear it. So I took my phone, and texted to both Seth and Viola, that I would be there about 11.


Finally! The two hours had pasted slowly. I ran down the stairs and into the bathroom. Mom already stood with the bottle of hair dyer, and a big smile on her face. "Ready miss?" She asked. I nodded and sat down on the chair. "Hold your breath." I closed my eyes.

"Done," I heard. I opened my eyes, but was afraid to look in the mirror. What if it didn't work out? What if I looked hideous? "Come on. Turn around," mom said. I gave her a begging look. "Come on, sweetie," she tried again. "Don't be afraid. You look pretty." "I'm not afraid!" I lied. "Really?" I nodded. "Then turn around!" I took a deep breath and turned around. I just stood and looked in the mirror for a while. "So... What do you think?" She asked. Was that really me? I already knew that hair does a big part of how you look, but not that much. "It's a little weird. My eyes brightened up a bit more, because of the dark hair," I ended up answering. Not because it bothered me. I didn't hate my eyes as much as my hair. They were always complimented. "Do you wanna change it back? I can do that if you don't like it." "No, no. I, I like it," I said and put my hand on the mirror. "It's just... It's funny to see, that I look a little bit more like you two." She giggled. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and looked in the mirror as well. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" She calmly said. "That's my Amy." She kissed me on the hair. I smiled back at her. "I'll give you a little time alone with the mirror, so you can get used to your new hair. She closed the door behind her, and I was standing alone with an completely unknown person in front of me. I stood there for five minutes, before I got back to my senses. I ran out of the bathroom and into the living room, where a pretty confused dad sat in his chair. But before he could say anything, mom said, "it was her birthday wish." He calmed down a bit. "But why would you want that?" "Seriously, Lenard. Be a little happy for her, would you?" I didn't answer dad's question, but gave mom a hug instead, and she returned it. I let go and ran upstairs, to my room, grabbed my phone, and texted Seth, that I wanted to show them something, when we met. We texted all afternoon, and when it was time for bed, I set the alarm and went to sleep.

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