The Course of Emery

Luke came out of her bedroom with his hands in his pockets, "Looks like I should be going huh?" I let out a sigh, "you don't have to go if you do not want to. You could stay here I don't mind"


5. Zane Cameron

"Excuse me?" my hands were trembling

"Zane, we met at Riverside one night."

My face got red and hot. I did remember him now. The terror spread throughout my body and my arm tightened, causing me unable to move. He was about 6'2 in height, a full 5in taller than me, so he could have easily taken me by force back to Greg if he wished.

"Greg sent me here to check up on you, and make sure you are doing okay" he glared strait into my eyes and grabbed my hand in his and continued to speak in his deep voice

"Can I come in?, I promise I wont wake Addie." he winked at me brushing my hair behind my ear.

The moment he said the word "Addie", all the terror boiled into anger. I slapped his hand out of my hair and yanked away from his grasp.

"No, you can not come in." I paused to look him strait in the face "and don't ever call her Addie you disgusting bastard!!"

I slammed the door against his force, probably waking everyone in the building up.

"Okay, now listen. I didn't want to do this" he said with the door knob in hand.

Soon after his statement, the entire door and bits of the wall crumbled to carpet and he was taking after me.

He finally had his arms snaked around my waist with a extremely strong hold. He had me on lock down. I could not move a muscle without his grip tightening.

I tried fighting back by screaming and kicking but his palm blanketed my mouth preventing any noise. After a while of struggling, I bit the skin on his hand causing him to moan and release me for a second. It was just enough time for me to get out of ,the now, huge hole in the wall where the door had once stood.

I ran as fast as I possibly could, banging on all the doors and screaming for help. The words "Please someone help me" repeatedly rang through the halls.

Moments later a priest caught up to me and questioned me "What is going on dear??"

I told him what had just happened to me and he seemed to believe everything that came out of my mouth. He followed me back to my room where we found Adelynn escaped out of her crib and on the tan carpet of the room. She was crying up a storm, her tears making puddles on the surface.

I gasped and picked her off the ground and tried to calm her down. I did not hesitate to peel the note that had been attached to her clear off. In a very sloppy handwriting the note read..







         ZANE C.


I crumbled up the small threat into a wad and threw it to the floor. The priest noticed I was furious and took Adelynn away from me.

I kicked and stomped and threw a complete tantrum in rage of Zane even thinking that he would lay a finger on my daughter. I screamed at the top of my lungs, throwing pillows against the wall. My fists hitting the bed until they were sore.

The whole time I was having the scene, the priest was calmly swinging Adelynn back and forth, telling her how special she will become one day. She was so happy with the man that sparkles grew in her tiny blue eyes. A wide smile spread across her face when she reached up and touched the gentleman's scruffy jawline.

In my blind anger I had not thought of the good things. I still had Adelynn. I was alive. And I was still free.

I walked toward the priest and demanded his name.

"Walter Webb" he said kindly in return

"Thank you so much for your help father" I gave him a nod in appreciation.

"Please call me Walter" he went silence and looked to be thinking. Finally continuing he spoke "come, follow me". He handed back the child and fled out of the gaping hole in the wall.

As requested I followed the man around the corner and down the stairs into a room. The room had white walls and wooden flooring. Their was a small desk with lit candles and a journal on top. Eyeing the room he found a chest underneath a messy made bed pushed back into the corner. He rummaged through the wooden lock box looking for something.

"Excuse me Walter, what are you searching for?"

"A present for you" he smirked when he said this.

He searched around the box for a great while before pulling out the gift, the object was in a miniature golden casing.

With a soft voice he beckoned me to open the box.

I sat on the bed with Adelynn in my lap and pulled the cover off the case. I gasped with surprise from what was inside.

"For your journey" Walter said.




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