The Course of Emery

Luke came out of her bedroom with his hands in his pockets, "Looks like I should be going huh?" I let out a sigh, "you don't have to go if you do not want to. You could stay here I don't mind"


9. "Hi my name is"

"I am so sorry but I cant make it in today. I am throwing up all over the place. you are going to have take care of the shop by yourself emery"

I let out a huge sigh

"yeah, yeah okay Steven. get well soon okay?"

"I will bye."


I hung up the phone and threw it onto the counter. Steven had cancelled on me on one of the most biggest days for our store. 5 seconds od summer was coming to do a signing today and I had to handle all the screaming, crazy fans by myself! I was so pissed off.

Although I was vivid, it didn't stop me from cleaning up and getting ready for the boys to arrive.

I yanked the closet door open and out fell a broken In half mop and a broom filed with ants. "Oh great!" I thought to myself.

I grasped the other half of the mop and tossed it out of the closet.

"hey don't be mean to mops!"

Startled, I turned around to see a tall, brunette boy standing there with the mop handle in his hand. he laughed and walked over and gave me the stick " I'm Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer, the rest of the boys are in the backroom. "

I was surprised because I had pictured him so much taller, but his cheeks were exactly how they were in pictures I had seen.

I smirked " hello Calum Hood, I am Emery Stone from Aquarius Records, the rest of the staff is home sick"

we both laughed really hard. I was pleased with my reply to him in a sense.

"do you want to go back with me and meet them Emery?"

"Ahhh man do I have to?" I said sarcastically and he giggled

"No I guess not" his cheeks were burning red

"I will in a moment I have to setup first okay?"


when he left I began to build the table for the signing and hang the "5 Seconds of Summer today!" poster in the front window. Everything was going great until the table leg decided to break off and make a enormous crash. I had to think fast. Did we have another table? what could I use to... and then it hit me upside the head. I grabbed the half stick from the mop and placed it gently where the leg had been. it was a perfect fit! Score 1 for Emery! Next, I placed a blue cloth over the table to hide its handy work and then tossed a couple of pens on top. I stepped back to survey my work. I was almost pleased with myself.

Cut outs of the boys were placed all over the store for decorations. it was a little creepy having a cut out of Michael Clifford by the cashier counter., but I guess I could make that part work.

all the work was done and it was time to go meet the boys. although they were extremely famous they would be just be like regular humans right? I took a deep breath and turned the door knob. I was ready for what I saw.

Gummy worms. they were all over the floor. mountains were starting to form from the worm mounds. The boys were having a gummy worm war and the next thing I knew I was the one getting pelted with the sweet treats.

I quickly grabbed a hand full of worms myself and began to grenade them at the boys. our little battle lasted for another fifteen minutes before we decided to quit and sit down on the couches. I looked around at them and we all busted into laughter.

"we will clean this up I promise" Ashton said to me "oh and by the way my name is Ashton Irwin"

I kittenish boy jumped up from behind the sofa and yelled "My name is Michael!"

I laughed "hello guys, my name is Emery"

"from Aquarius Records" Calum mumbled under his breath.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes at his comment.

"hey, where is Luke?" Ashton spoke up

"right here" a very tall,blonde boy showed his hand from under the couch.

"what the hell are you doing under there Luke?!" Calum shouted

He poked his head out from his cave "I was taking cover". I could not help but to chuckle . he soon came out from the hide out and plopped down next to me. Our thighs were nearly on top of each other, "Hi, I am Luke". my heart skipped maybe 1000 beats. "I'm Emery"

"Cool name" he said

"thanks" my face was light up like a Christmas tree.

Michael interrupted by asking when the signing was. I glanced down at my watch to check the time "oh my gosh now!" I raced out of the door and into the front room to find thousands of teenage girls lined up outside the doors. "here we go" I thought


The band was signing everything from T-shirts to bras and I was left to watch. what better way to pass the time then to listen to some of their music? I plugged in my headphones and pressed play. I began to hum to their hit single "She Looks so perfect". I found my self tapping the counter with my fingers to the infectious tune. The chorus was coming up

"She looks so perfect

Standing there in my

American apparel underwear"

I was cut short by Luke leaning in on top of the counter and whispering "and I know now that I am so down"

Completely embarrassed I shucked the headphones out of my ear and tried letting out a giggle. I could not let him know that I was nervous. I leaned in on the counter to meet him

"How did you know I was listening to that song?"

He blushed and gave me a shrug "I can read lips "

"oh can you now?" I teased and he shook his head up and down in response.

"does that mean you were staring at me?" I asked

A look spread on his face saying that he had been caught ,but he attempted to act cool

"maybe" he said coming in a bit closer

I was utterly red in the face and flattered. The next few minutes were spent by staring into his eyes until I made a funny face to throw him off guard. He laughed instantly and now you could tell he was getting nervous.

"Anyway Emery I came over here to ask where the ..... ummm "he rubbed the back of his neck anxiously, I tried to save him by finishing his sentence "the bathroom was?"

"Yeah that!"

I laughed " Down the hall to the left"

He flushed and thanked me. Soon after he turned the corner, a loud crash echoed throughout the store. I rushed out from behind the small desk to check on the noise.

As I swung around the entry way I witnessed Luke laying on the floor holding his knee and cussing.

After the cussing had died down, I bent down beside him and asked if he was alright.

"yeah, yeah I am fine" he replied

"let me see your knee" I teased in a kiddish voice. He rolled his eyes and sat up to let me look at his injuries.

"Okay, your knee looks fine but there is a cut on your hand. What did you trip over graceful?" I laughed

"a shoe" he said pointing to my bosses pair of black converse.

"oh okay, hmm.. I have a Spiderman band aid if you want it for your hand?"

"that sounds good"

I pulled him back up on his feet and came back with his themed band aid. I carefully covered the scratch on his hand as he watched my every move. his hand was soft and cold. It felt so weird touching his hand in a way and I could feel my face start to heat up once more.

Almost done putting on the bandage, my hair fell into my face.

"here let me get that" he said pushing my dirty blonde hair behind my ear and holding the side of my cheek. our eyes met and I noticed that his were bluer than anything I had ever seen. His eyes made my hazel eyes look like a deserted landfill.

If I held out a bit longer we could have kissed but I pulled away.

"okay you are all set" I said putting my hands into my skinny jean pockets.

"thank you so much"

"don't mention it"

I crossed my legs and looked up and around waiting for him to notice my surprise. When he finally looked down at the bandage, he smirked.

"just a thought" I jokingly said to him.

He blushed, looked up and winked at me.

I had put my phone number on his  Spiderman Band-Aid.

Score 2 Emery.







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