The Course of Emery

Luke came out of her bedroom with his hands in his pockets, "Looks like I should be going huh?" I let out a sigh, "you don't have to go if you do not want to. You could stay here I don't mind"


11. Get in the Car

"We need to start now luke! I have no idea where the hell she is!"

My screaming was echoing in my apartment.

"okay, Okay.. Call him maybe?"

Luke had put his hand on my knee in efforts to ease my anger, but I was quick to take it off.

"And what exactly would I say to him?" I sad frustrated with everything.

"Maybe if you ask him nicely he will come back" a smirk grew across his face.

"This is not the time for jokes asshole!" I said slamming him in the arm. I did not want to be rude to him since this was the first time we were alone with the rest of the band, but his jokes were becoming unacceptable.

"Okay im sorry!" his smirk turned into a frown, "Call him and talk to him though"
I took a deep breath and punched the buttons on my phone. Within seconds the phone began to ring, and ring , and ring until finally someone picked up.

"Hello my lovely" Greg said. I could see the look on his face when he said this, his big black furry eyebrows cocked to the side and his lips curling up into a "V" shape. Imagining this made me gag. Luke must have seen my facial expression because he quickly spoke up, "Be nice Em !"

I let out a long hard sigh, " We need to meet and talk this over Greg, we both know Adelynn does not deserve this." He laughed at my statement, which made my face fill up red.

"You are right Sage, why don't you just come to back"

"You know it is not that easy Gregory!"

"Sage, I love you, why cant you just be good to me and come back." He said in a fake child voice.

I was ready to go through the phone and kill him. Just the sound of his voice raised my blood pressure. I had only a little bit of politeness left in me and with that I said "where?"

"My house."

I was shocked that he was living in an actual house now instead of the ratty apartment we shared when I was still being held captive.

"Give me the address you bastard, I am on my way" I said and he gave me the placement of the meeting place. I then slammed my phone shut and looked up. Luke was sitting there looking as innocent as an angel. His blue eyes sending waves of sympathy towards me.

"So when do we leave Emery?"

"What do you mean we?" I asked confused. We had just met and he was actually willing to go with me on this trip. I thought for sure he would refuse.

"Yeah we, you asked me to help and I am. You cant just go by yourself, if he took your daughter imagine what he can do to you." Luke said he face planted on my eyes.

I started to cry , but then his thumb quickly wiped the tears away. The warmness of his hands on my cheek soothed my worries. He leaned in closer. His breath tickling my neck, "I really like you, you know?" My face flushed and I shook my head, My chest was getting hot and I knew we didn't have time for this right now. He stroked my hair behind my ear and placed his hands on my thigh. This made me stop and whisper in his ear, my voice cracking. "we have to go Luke." I wanted to kiss him badly, but this was not the time.

He let out a sigh and sat back in the couch. I got up and turned off the lights, locked the doors and hid my money I had been saving. I strolled back into the living room to see Luke standing there with his car keys swinging in circles in his hands. He smirked and nodded towards the door, "get in the car" I laughed at his audacity and went out the door.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw his vehicle. It was a bright yellow 1970's ford pickup. Out of all the people I have ever come across Luke was the last person I would have thought to drive such a thing. He came from behind me and asked what was wrong. I giggled and just shook my head.

Before I could open the door, Luke came up behind me and opened it for me, "after you" he said doing a small curtsey. My black boots hit the floor board, "why thank you". We both laughed and he shut the door.

I knew he was trying to shine light on the situation, but this was still serious. We sat in silence after I put the address in the GPS he had in his truck. The silence lingered for about 10 minutes before he spoke up, "Do you think this guy would get mad if I came in the house with you?"

"Greg?" I asked

"Yeah, Greg, do you think he would.. you know... get angry if he saw me in his house"

"Luke, You do not have to worry about me. If anything happens I will call you from my cell okay?"

He slowly nodded his head, "If anything happens, even if he lays a finger on you, call me Emery please?"

I blushed from his genuine concern for my well being and shook my head, "yes Luke, I promise"

He then smiled and turned on the radio. For the rest of the trip we listened to his favorite bands, which also happened to be my favorite. When we finally pulled into the driveway of Greg's new house I recognized the red truck in an instant. I traced back to that day when he stole it back from me at the motel. The thought of seeing his face again brought shivers done my spine and at the same time waves of anger in my chest.

I unbuckled the seat belt and closed the neon yellow door behind me. Timid, I inched to the front entrance. Then, Luke rolled down his window and shouted, "Got your phone Em?" My head bolted back to look at him and waved my device in the air.

"Okay, just checking" he said

The moment Greg opened the door a horrid smell of liquor and cigarettes piled in my nose. The smell was so strong that it got tangled in my throat and I nearly choked. Stepping inside, the white shag carpet crunching underneath my feet, Adelynn came running towards me. Her arms wide open and her face bright red. She looked as if she had been crying for a while. I was quick to embrace her and hold her in my arms once more.

I whispered in her ear, "you are safe now, we are getting out of here baby!"

I picked her up and started to walk out of the door but a familiar voice stopped me

"Sage, my love, where are you going? We need to talk this over." Greg's voice echoed

"Can I just go put Adelynn in the truck?"

"Who's truck?"

"My truck" I said uneasy  

"Oh. Go ahead, but just know that if you try to leave I can always just come right back again."

"Okay" My voice sounded like I had just been hit with a fast moving train. I scurried out of the door and put my child in the truck with Luke, "This is Addie Luke" and then I turned to Addie, "We like him" I said playfully. She laughed and Luke buckled her in right beside him.

I stormed into the house and was ready to discuss the matters at hand.

"What the fucking hell Greg?" I shouted at him. He was sitting at a dinner table

"Sage, ever since you left I have realized that I was wrong. I should have never done what I did to you, you don't deserve anything that I did," his head looked down at the ground," I have been sober for the past 5 months and I want you back. I love you Sage and I want to work this out. I miss the long nights we spent together on the roof when we were younger. I miss the laughs we shared while watching old movies during the rain. And most of all, I wish I could go back to the day when I told you to run away with me. I am still that person Sage. I miss your lips on mine and your body in my arms. Can you not see that I love you so much! I would never do what was in the past again"

I stood there completely silent. My hands wiped the tears off my face. He got out from his chair and hovered above me, "Come back, love." I hated it when he called me love. He tried to give me a kiss ,but I shoved him off me and began to scream "You honestly do not get it do you? I spent most of my time with you scared for my life. I was praying to god everyday that you would come home sober and be a dad for Adelynn. You want to know what really happened? You came home drunk off your sorry ass and hit me and treated me like shit. You could not have possibly thought about Adelynn when you went to you fucking bar with your friends. Its not like she needed you anyway ,you are nothing!" Tears raced down my face, "We have done just fine without you! I did not miss you at all! The only thing I missed was the old you, but I know that person is long gone! You are pathetic Greg! You truly believe just because you stole MY daughter and apologized that we will be all better?! No! I will never come back to you! I don't Love you anymore Greg! Damn you to hell you bastard!"

I spit and spat with anger. The last thing I spoke made his eyes widen.

"What do you mean? Why don't you love me?" he said

"Fucking hell Greg! I do not love you. I hate you. I want to be no where near you. You disgust me!"

He threw his hands in the air and they surfed across my face. Pain followed through out my cheek. He started to weep into his palms, " I am so sorry sage! Let me get you some ice." He trotted into the kitchen to get me ice. I used this time to text Luke and tell him to start the truck for Adelynn and then come wait outside the door. I scanned the room for a tool. Anything. I spotted a old Swiss army knife on the coffee table in the living room. It was red and looked to have at least 3 different types of knifes built in. I ran over and shoved it in my pocket and sat down on the couch. Greg came out of the kitchen, plopped down beside me and handed me the ice pack he had made for my face.

"Thank you" I said sounding politely fake.

I slid my hand in to my back jeans pocket and began pull out the tool.

"Sage, I don't know what came over me" His head still buried in his hands, " please forgive me." I put my hand on top of his head, "its okay Greg" I said now gripping his hair.

"I did not want this to happen again" tears were beginning to spill out of his hands. With every tear that dripped, my grasp tightened. It tightened until I had a full hand of his shaggy black hair.

"Ow!" he whimpered bringing his head from his hands.

"Oh, am I hurting you? I am sorry" I replied back. It was now or never. I took his head and threw it into the coffee table as hard and fast as I could. His forehead crushing the table glass. Bits and pieces of the glass flew everywhere. I could see his face was bleeding, but his hand was still moving. I swiped out on of the knifes on the gadget, ready to fight back if he tried to get back up. I beckoned in Luke to get the phone and call 911.  He ran through the door like a lightening bolt and frantically dialed the police, "what the hell did you do Em?" he said frightened.

"I was protecting myself" I said kicking Greg's head into the pile of glass once more. I felt the glass crunch through my boots.

"Hello? is the police?" Luke cried into Greg's house phone, "yes I need an ambulance and a police officer out here right now!" His demanding was loud.

"Someone was trying to injury my uhh.." Luke said stopping. I peered at him and mouthed the words "girlfriend". He blushed, but continued "my girlfriend. She defended her self and now he is here injured on the floor. She can explain more to you guys if you actually sent some people over to help us!"

I glanced at the kitchen clock Greg had above his oven. It read 3:42 a.m.

"Thank you ma'am" Luke said and hung up the phone, "They are on there way." A grin spread across my face. He would get put in jail and never bother me again!



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