The Course of Emery

Luke came out of her bedroom with his hands in his pockets, "Looks like I should be going huh?" I let out a sigh, "you don't have to go if you do not want to. You could stay here I don't mind"


2. First Stop

I was falling asleep behind the wheel so I pulled in to the nearest motel. I only had about 120 dollars left from buying a full tank of gas to pay for the day.

"The Sleep Stay Motel". I trotted in through the front doors that were covered in a golden rust and by this time it was already 5 a.m. so the front desk had just posted its OPEN banner.

"Can I have a room please?" I spoke innocently to the woman behind the front desk. She had a northern accent and wore bright blue eye shadow that went all the way to her brow.

"Name please" she said slightly annoyed.

"Ummm." I could not give her my real name, Sage Elliot. Greg could come looking for me and see that I had been present. I had to create a realistic name quickly and without suspicion.

"Do you not know your name sweetheart?" shooting a confused look at me.

I thought wildly for a split second before blurting "Emery. that's my name ... Emery"

"Do you have a last name?" the last word of her statement was dragged. Her eyes filled with suspicion and her left eye brow flew up birthing a wrinkle in her forehead.

"Stone.. that's my last name.." I was so nervous that my palms became sticky and heated. My dark boots rubbing over each other, each tiny stud colliding with its partner.

I liked the ring of my new name though.. Emery Stone. It sounded as if I were a famous rock star who toured the around world. Visioning my stage name in lights, I was interrupted by the lean woman clicking her lips together "Okay , Emery Stone?.. I am going to need proof of age before I can give you the keys."

I began to rummage through my studded black leather bag searching for something without my legal name on it. I passed up lip balm , car keys, and my actual California drivers license before finding what I was looking for.

"Here you go" I handed her a "Riverside" bar ticket that I had gotten the night before I abandoned Greg.

"Umm okay.. " she slowly grabbed the ticket, pulled it across the counter and read the inscription out loud " the person who holds this ticket has free passage in through the gateways for a month.."  she continued to read "all people with ticket must be at least 18." the woman glared up from the small strip of paper to survey me. I was not yet 18. I had snatched the ticket from Greg's bill fold when he was sleeping in attempt to stop him from going to the club. But despite my efforts, it had not begun to keep him sober.

She handed back the ticket and began typing away on her computer. after I sighed in relief that she was convinced of my unreal age she glared up from her device.

"Alright, Room 64," she tossed the keys at me, hitting my stomach before I held them "its on the right wing" she paused before speaking again. "oh, and pay when you leave! "

"Okay I will, thank you... have a nice day" I left the front office and walked to my room with Adelynn in hand.

I noticed taped to the bright orange door was a small sign , with blue lettering that read "Welcome to San Francisco, California!" I shrugged my achy shoulders and opened the door anyways.

Yellow. Everything in that room was yellow. The carpet. The walls. The bed. The tables and chairs.. were all yellow! I released a loud groan and took myself and Adelynn into the yellow box of sunshine.

I set down Adelynn on a pallet I had made out of the sofa's pillows

"Time for sleep Addie" I whispered in a high pitched voice.

Once I was sure she was asleep I slammed my bag on the love seat and plopped down on the huge mass of bright yellow they call "the bed".

With my head buried in a pillow,I soon dozed off but was awoken once more by Adelynn crying.

I got up off the bed and wrapped her in my worn jean jacket. Continuing to carefully rock her back and forth until she stopped wailing. I pulled out a bottle that was halfway full of formula and fed it to her while I sang..

^^"You are my sunshine my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey.

 please don't take my sweet sunshine away."^^

Once the liquid from the small bottle vanished I set her back down on her homemade pallet. her still body filled the pallet and took her into a deep slumber.

At this point I had thoughts circling my mind.I needed to go into town and get some supplies. But with what money? I had maybe 60 dollars now and that would only buy an extra night, diapers , a couple cans of formula, and possibly some baby soap.

"What have you gotten yourself into?!" I shouted in frustration, wanting to bang my head against the happy colored walls.

I circled around thinking "What the hell am I going to do now?" "How am I going to keep Adelynn healthy until I can get money and get some where permanent to stay?"

A sprout of hope grew inside of me. Okay... I have a plan.


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