I Can't Think Straight

Iris has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful best friend and does extremely well in school. She also has a great boyfriend that she adores!
But one day, when her best friend Morgan confesses to her that she is Bisexual and has feelings for her, Iris begins to question her own sexuality, and her own true feelings for her best friend. Does she really love her in a best friend/sister way? Or is it more..?

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3. Chapter 2

1st period soon ended and Morgan rushes out of there like a bat out of héll. I rolled my eyes as gathered up my stuff to go to my next period class.

I'm actually really concerned for Morgan. Is something wrong? Did something happen at home? She is usually never like this unless something is extremely is bothering her; but she still talks to me when something is wrong though! Something serious must have happened/is happening then...

I guess I will just have to talk to her about it later. For now I just have to go to 2nd period. I walk out of the classroom and say good bye to my teacher. Once I'm out of the classroom I am greeted by my wonderful boyfriend; Cayden.

We have been together since January of this year. My dad works with his mom. So when my family and I went to a New Year’s Eve party at my father’s job, Cayden’s mother introduced me to Cayden. One thing led to other and bam! We started dating.

"Morning Iris." he greeted as he pecked my cheek grabbed a hold of my hand.

"Morning, Cayden." I greeted as I leaned my head into his arm.

"So how is your day so far?" he asked as we walked down to our 2nd period class. 

"Eh it was okay, I have homework in English sadly." I sighed, "Also, Morgan is pissed at me for some reason."

"Why is she mad at you?" he asked confused as we walked into class. We sat down at our table (another class with assigned seats.) his seat being in front of mine luckily. He turned around in his chair to face me.

"I don't know." I sighed as I placed my hands on my head in frustration. "This morning while we were driving to school she said something about me being popular and I denied it and since then she been in a pissed mood since." 

"Well maybe she's just jealous." he shrugged.

I lifted my head from my heads furred my eyebrows together. Morgan...jealous?

"Of what?" I asked I asked with confusion clearly heard in my voice

"You being popular, of course. I mean- what else would she be jealous of?" He said like it was obvious.

Why does everyone think I'm popular? Just because I'm friendly and a few people know me doesn't automatically mean I'm popular! It just means I'm a good person.

"I'm not-" I began but Cayden shushed me by kissing me on the lips making me blush when he backed pulled away.

"Yes you are. Now, class is about to start. We can talk more about this later, kay babe?" said Cayden as he held my hands and smiled.

I nodded my head and smiled as he took his hands off of mine and turned around in his chair. Once he was fully turned around I slumped in my chair and sighed. I don't think Morgan is jealous of me. I just think something is wrong with her. I mean, I don't think my best friend would be jealous cause I'm "popular" ...right?

Well maybe she is....

I shook my head. What am I saying? No she's not jealous of me. Something just may be happening in her life. I have to talk to her, since its Friday we can have a sleepover. That way we can talk one on one.

"Hey what's wrong?"

I turned my head to see my science/lab partner Harry. He's a bit of a nerd but he's sweet and extremely friendly and trustworthy. I could tell him anything and know that he won't blab about it to others.

"Just some friendship problems.” I sighed, as I sat up correctly since the bell just rang.

"Oh, well if you need to talk or vent to anybody  you can always call or text me after school." Harry assured, "you have my number right?"

"Yes, I do have your number Hazz. Thanks its means a lot. “I responded with a genuine smile.

Hazz nodded then looked at the board to get started in the warm up. I decided to copy that action and get started on the warm up too. I just worry about the friendship drama later.


Science was fun since Harry made me laugh the whole period. I got a few glares from others in the class a few times cause of how loud I was laughing but I shrugged it off while laughing even harder. I knew Hazz did it cause he wanted me to forget about the whole friendship drama for a little bit between Morgan and I which is extremely sweet of him to do.

"Bye Harry, see ya in 5th period!" I waved while still laughing at one of his jokes said about the teacher that he said about less than a minute ago.

"See ya Iris!" He grinned while grabbing his materials, placing them in his book bag, and headed to his next class.

Still laughing a bit I pick up all the things I need and stuff them in my bag. Once I finish I head to Cayden's desk and wait for Cayden. He was still at his desk placing things back into his book bag. Once he was done he places his book bag on his back and heads off without me.

In shock I stand there dumb founded. What did I do now? 

Once I get out of my trance I race to catch up with Cayden and pull him to the side. He looks at me with no expression and crosses his arms.  “What?" he asks.

"What the heck was that for?" I basically screamed not caring if others stare, I want to know why he just ignored me just then!

"What was what for?" He asks his face still showed no expression on his face, I can’t believe this!

"Oh I don't know," I began while putting my index finger on my head acting to act like I'm thinking, "for just basically ignoring me and walking out with pretending I was even there maybe? I already had to deal with that with Morgan and now here you are doing the same thing for no dang reason!"

His stone wall of no expression suddenly broke down and was replaced with guilt. He sighed uncrossed his arms as he looked down at the floor, "I'm sorry Iris, it’s just that when you were flirting with Harry-"

"Wait, what?" I interrupted; did he really think I was flirting with Harry? "I wasn't flirting with Harry, Cayden."

"Yes you were! You were calling him Hazz and laughing at all his jokes! Plus he was flirting with you too!" he exclaimed, his face starting to turn red with anger.

I started laughing. I started laughing so hard that even I started coughing. I may have looked like a crazy idiot but I'm sorry this was hilarious. He actually though I was flirting with Harry? That's hilarious! He's my friend and only my friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Iris...why are you laughing? This is a serious conversation we're having and people are staring." Cayden whispered to me, while looking around the hallway.

"Oh m-my god-d." I stuttered between laughs. "He wa-wasn't fl-flirting with me!"

"Yes he was Iris!"

"No he wasn't. He was telling me some jokes cause he knew I was upset with the drama I'm having with Morgan. He was trying to cheer me up!"  I can't believe he would think I would flirt with another guy while I with him! Suddenly realization kicks in. The reason why he is so mad at me is because he was jealous!

"Oh my god, you're jealous awe!" I giggled, while poking his cheek, my boyfriend was jealous how adorable!

"No, he was flirting with you! It’s obvious he likes you Iris." Cayden stated while swatting away my hand and crossing his arms again

I stare him dumb founded. Cayden thinks Harry likes me? "Honey... he's gay." I say very slowly, "Plus he has a boyfriend named Louis."

 Cayden eyes started to widen a bit. His face turned a shade of pink as he dropped his stare on me and looked at the ground. "Oh." 

I laughed while I grabbed his hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. "Now since we have that problem dealt with how bout we go to 3rd period, the bell is gonna ring any second now."

"Okay, but one thing." he says as he lets go of my hand.

"Okay what-?"

I get interrupted when Cayden lips crash into mine. I smile as I kissed back and wrap my arms around his neck. He then pulled away and smiled at me. "I'm sorry."

I smile and peck him on his cheek. "It’s okay. Now come on, let’s go to class we're before we're late." I grab a hold of his hand and we ran to our 3rd period.


After 3rd period ends its time for lunch, Cayden decides to go sit with his friends and I decide to sit with my own. He gives me a peck on the cheek and goes into the lunch line to get his lunch.

I personally am not a big of school lunch so I bring my own. I head towards my group of friends at our usual table that is in the back of the cafeteria. Once I was near the table I see Jayla, Cassidy, our other friend Trevor, his boyfriend Jake (which is also our friend), and Morgan, all laughing. Probably at some joke Jake made, Jake is quite the jokester.

"What I miss?" I ask with a smile as I sit down next to Morgan. She automatically stiffens and looks the other way. I frown as I take out my jelly sandwich.

The rest of the table notices the strange and awkward tension between Morgan and I but thankfully decides not to mention it.

"Oh just some stupid story that happened to Jake in the grocery store lady." Cassidy says with a chuckle as she leans into Jayla. Jayla smiles and wraps her arm around Cassidy and gives a quick kiss on her forehead.

"Oh okay." I say with a smile as I take a bite into my jelly sandwich.

Jayla and Trevor end up getting into an argument about which relationships are better; Lesbian relationships or Gay ones. While Cassidy and Jake just listen in amusement and laugh at a few moments from what they say at times.

I look towards Morgan and see that she is just staring at the floor while eating a yellow apple. I poke her side and she turns around and looks at me. "What?" she asks with some venom in her voice.

Taken by surprise I raise my left eyebrow. "Well hello to you too, Morgan." I laugh; she just rolls her eyes and turns around. I furrow my eyebrows together again and frown, what’s up with her?

"Hey." I say, she turns around again and sighs,

"What do you want?" she snaps, 

"I just want to talk to my best friend. I'm sorry; I didn't know it was a crime to do so!" I exclaim while throwing my hands up.

"Well I never said it was a crime!" she yells while slamming her apple down on the table.

Jayla, Cassidy, Trevor, and Jake both stop the heated argument and look at us in confusion and worry. I don't blame them, I would too if I saw a girl yelling while slamming an apple down on a table.

"What wrong?" asks Trevor with confusion drawn in his eyes as he looks at me then to Morgan.

"Nothing!" yells Morgan as she continues to stare me in the eyes. I decide not to back down and to continue to stare into hers. What happened to my best friend?

"Yo, we all know that's a load of bull man," Jayla begins while crossing her arms, "what’s wrong? Why are you guys acting like mortal enemies? Aren't y'all supposed to be best friends?"

Morgan tears her eyes off of mine and looks at Jayla. She opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. She then closes it and stands up from her chair.

"I'm done with my lunch." she says, she walks to the garbage bin, throws her trash away, and walks out of the cafeteria.


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