Hello I'm Khaila. I'm a seventeen year old girl in an orphanage. I've been in here since I was four well anyway I share a room with Rose she's five and so adorable. I've been hoping to be adopted but who wants a seventeen year old girl. All I want is for Rose to go to a loving home.


4. Chapter 4

I was staring up at the ceiling. What did I just get myself into? I sighed putting my clothes on standing up. "If mom asks where I am tell her I'm looking for a job." I said and walked out of his room not waiting for his answer. I walked out of the house and started walking till I found some shops. First I walked into a coffee shop. I walked over to a worker. "Hello, I was wondering if I could fill out an application?" 

"Certainly." She said with a smile and handed me an application. I said thanks and filled it out. After filing it all out I went back handing it to her. "We will let you know in the next week. My names Kaitlyn, if you get the job we'll be working together," She smiled. 

I smiled. "Well thank you, Kaitlyn"

"Hope to see you soon," She smiled and I nodded and with that I left the shop and stayed out for a while. 

~Couple of days later~

I got a call back from the coffee shop and well I got the job. My first day was in an hour so I was getting ready. I went to the shop and Kaitlyn was there. She smiled and the coffee shop was pretty dead so we just talked. We got to know quite a bit about each other.   

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