Love starting in the mountains

Meeting Espinosa


1. The Fall

It's been 4 hours in the car but you finally got there! Your brain is going crazy with excitement, you blast through training not paying any attention to what the mentor said. And when it was time to climb you see the most handsome boy you have ever seen. He was muscular and had the most dreamy eyes you have ever seen! He noticed you and you had this moment of love between each other, but then you realize you are next to climb the highest mountain you have ever seen. The only thing that crossed your mind right then was I have to impress that boy! Your best friend was already up the mountain, you thought if you caught up to her that would get his attention. So you climb as fast as you can, then all of a suddenly you hear a snap, the next thing you remember is you falling 2 story's down a mountain. But you see a ledge, once you hit it you where unconscious, when you wake up all you could see was a blur but when you focused on where you where, you realized that you are still on the ledge of the mountain. You hear a bunch of screams, when you look around the edge blood drips off your head, you feel it and you scream in pain which causes you to fall off the edge another 100 ft to the ground, but you don't hit the ground. You fall into the strong arms of the boy you saw earlier. Once he catches you you both fall to the ground. He quickly stands up with you still in his arms asking if you are ok, you are in such shock you pass out. "Get her to the hospital A.S.A.P" he cries out. You wake up in the hospital with that boy next lying right next to you, he is sleeping. You don't know him so you freak out and jump up which causes you to fall down once you realize you have a cast on your whole leg. He snaps awake and yells for a nurse, but you decline the nurse's help. He says "I don't think we have introduced ourselves quite yet?" Helping you up to the hospital bed. You reply "for complete strangers you didn't think it was weird for us to be sleeping together?" " I just wanted to make sure you where okay" he said with a worried voice. " no it's fine" you reply with your face turning bright red. He blurts out " I'm Matt, Matt Espinosa" you reply with a soft " I'm y/n" " hey you wanna go get fro-yo sometime??" He asked with red cheeks. You reply with a simple " of course, call me some time here is my number" you take a pen from the desk on the side of your hospital bed and write it on his wrist. " thanks " he then softly kisses you on the cheek and leaves the room.

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