Love starting in the mountains

Meeting Espinosa


3. jealousy

As you look out the door you see Matt is crying, once you step outside he rushes to hug you. You ask him if he is ok, he said that he lost the girl he loves... You say that he haven't lost her he just pissed her off a bit. You lead him inside where its warm and snuggle up to him, asking why he is so crazy. He replies , cause you make me crazy. You two fall asleep in each other's arm listening to the sound of Each other breathing... The next morning Matt wakes you up exited! He said that his friend Carter Reynolds invited you two to his mansion! You say that's great! But he said that he lives all the way in Maryland. You live in Minnesota. That is a 24hr drive to get there! Matt said that he is leaving tonight, and he wants me to come with badly. You say fine I'll go. After a long ride in the car with Matt, you finally got to hear him talk about how much he missed carter instead of his attempt to rap. He said that carter has a huge place. And that was all he really talked about... Once we got there I finally got to meet carter, he is tall and dark. Not your type though! Carter whispers something to Matt, and Matt yells she's mine! Carter then said WOW MATT YOU ACTULY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!! Matt gave him that look that he is gonna kill him. We all went for a swim in Carter's pool, once Matt went to go to the bathroom carter swam over to me. He said that I was beautiful and that I was one of a kind. It didn't mean anything to me cause I had Matt in my life! All of a suddenly he grabbed me on the thigh and told me that he wanted me. I pushed him away and got out of the pool. I dried off and went to me and matts room, since I was about to go to bed I didn't even bother to turn the lights on. Once I hit the bed someone walked into the room, I assumed it was Matt. Once he was next to me I knew it was carter, so I get up and go downstairs to Matt. I tell Matt I can't sleep and that I need him, so Matt comes to bed with me. Now I'm left to relax to the feeling of him drawing circles with his thumb in my hand

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