Love starting in the mountains

Meeting Espinosa


2. fro-yo

I can't believe he would blow me off, that was the only thing that came through my head at that moment. He said to meet at freeziac at 1:00 ! Matt never seemed like that type of person.. And what kinda bothered me. We haven't talked in any type of communication in 8 hours, something had to be wrong. I decided to go home, once I sat on the couch I got a text from Matt. It read : who are you?? I replied with: y/n? Matt why weren't you at freeziac?? He or should I say SHE replies with: umm what I'm matts girl friend!! Man she must have been mad cause all that night after the hospital he kept saying how beautiful I was (witch made me blush) I simply reply : we'll tell Matt that it must have been a mistake that he saved me... That next morning the doorbell rang, it was Matt. "Y/N please forgive me that girl isn't in my life anymore it is you who I care about!" " Matt I dont even want to talk to you right now" " Y/N please just one more chance!!!" " Matt no, I'm sorry I can't.." You slam the door which hits his face really hard. He says "fine I'm not leaving this house until my love forgives me." You think to yourself, he won't last a night! I mean he needs food and he doesn't have a place to sleep! So you decide to watch him from your window from upstairs, he was there for so long that you fell asleep watching him. All of a suddenly you snap awake from the loud noise of Matt crying your name. He was still there and it was 3:00 am! Now you felt bad, so you grab a blanket off your couch and some goldfish and open the door..

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