Fame (Part 1)

July 29, 2014 was supposed to be the most important day of my life. It's not everyday you get invited backstage to meet The one and only Justin Bieber. Unfortunately all the money and the fame can only do one thing to a person.


3. Fake Smiles

Fake Smiles

"Hi, I'm Meghan I won the contest," I sighed in relief that I hadn't stuttered.

"What Contest?" He spat.

Maybe He's In a Bad mood. "The one where I spend two whlole days with you"

He looked at me angrily, "Great I have to spend my time with another fan girl."

I backed towards the door and wiped away a tear. He looked at me with sympathy. He opened his mouth to say something but I quickly ran out of the room. That definetley wasn't the Justin I knew.

I slid down the wall with tears running down my face like niagara falls.. Maybe He Didn't feel good? I stood up and wiped away my tears, plastering a fake smile on my face heading back to Jess and Daniel.

"How was it,?" Jessie immediately asked.

"It was," I bit my lip, "Everything I could ever dream of,"

Daniel smiled, "We have to get to our seats," He stated.

A bodyguard lead us to our seats and I looked at the crowd. Some were smiling. Some were crying.

I lead myself to believe that Justin Had Just gotten through a hard break up and soon enough I was chanting "Justin, Justin" along with the crowd.

"When I say Justin you say Bieber"


I shouted Bieber along with the crowd. I stood on my tippy toes struggling to see the stage. Jessie saw my struggle and grabbed me underneath my armpits. He placed me on his shoulders and I leaned down kissing him on top of the head.

"When I say one, you say time"


I pumped my fist in the air shouting "Time". Justin came on stage singing and dancing. I looked at him. I really looked at him. He looked so happy and passionate. Tears slid down my cheecks because of how much he cared about his beliebers.

"Through The Bright Lights, Don't you worry, Cause every things gonna be alright." I chocked up while singing along to the song. I impatiently wiped my tears away and continued singing the song.

I eventually had to stop because sobs over took me. How could a person be so loving and caring? A waved my hands in the air, and the motion spread like a wild fire. I smiled looking at the crowd. I didn't see one person not crying. I don't think anyone in the world could have this effect on anyone. On Me.

On the seventh song justin walked off stage and Jessie set me down.

"It's not suppose to be over yet," I yelled over the crowd. A couple minutes later someone tapped on Daniels shoulder. After a few words, Daniel stepped back pushing me forward.

"Justin?" I asked in disbelief.

"Would you like to be the one less lonely girl tonight?" I stared in shock at the words he just said. I nodded unable to say anything. He grabbed my hand and lead me behind the crowd and backstage.

"Pattie will tell you when to come on," Justin said motioning to his mom. I nodded at Justin and waved to Pattie excitedly.

She hugged me surprising slightly.

"You flickered something in him," Before I could question what she just said she pushed me on stage. I squinted at the bright lights and flinched from the crowds loud roar. A back up dancer lead me to the stool. And I thanked him before sitting on it.

My heart skipped a beat when Justin came towards me singing, "How many tears you let hit the floor,"

He handed me a bouquet of roses and a heart shaped box filled with chocolates. He circled around me singing, "But no more, If you let me inside of your world they'll be one less lonely girl" He stroked my cheeck staring me in too the eye.

Call me delusional but I swear there was a spark of passion in his eye when he looked at me. He continued singing, circling me.

But at one moment he did something I don't think nobody planned for. He kissed me.

"Theres gonna be only less lonely girl," He leaned in and my breath hitched. Was he going to kiss me? He couldn't. He wouldn't. He can't.

"I have a boyfriend," I whispered.

"What's he going to do? I'm Justin Bieber." He replied cockily.

"I'm gonna put you first," He continued singing and held the microphone out towards the crowd so they could sing the rest. He leaned in a little more.

"Don't you dare," I glared at him.

"Cute," He replied sarcastically.

His placed his lips on mine and kissed me. Too stunned to do anything, I remained immobile. Normally I'd pass out, but I had a boyfriend. And I was loyal no matter what. He let go and continued singing the song as if nothing happened. His singing was tuned out by the crowd screaming.

Were they mad at me?

I scanned the crowd desperately searching for Jessie. Was he mad at me? Was he jealous?

I spotted him and my face dropped. Shocked. Angry. Jealous. Hurt. Betrayed. These were all the emotions running through him right now. I wiped away my tears and looked over at Daniel.

Anger, was the only emotion he let show. When the show was over Justin basically pulled me off stage.

"I'm mad at you," I stated.

He laughed, "It was nice trying,"

I sighed running my hands through my hair frustrated. I turned around and my mouth dropped open when I saw Jessie and Daniel a few feet away staring at Justin angrily.

"Well I'm still mad at you," I glared at Justin.

"Look I'm sorry. It was part of the show anyway," He gave me a sad smile, and I frowned. Part of the show? I shook my head, Why did I care anyway.

"Well thanks for picking me," I stated. It was like a bomb exploded in him as I watched his facial expression turn from Sweet and Caring To Cold and Bitter.

"I was ordered to," He turned on his heels going back on stage. My mouth dropped open in shock. I had never felt so used and hurt. I hung my head low walking back to Daniel and Jessie. I opened my arms and I had too stifle a laugh when Daniel beat Jessie too my hug.

He rufled my hair, "He's a prick anyway"

He let go and Jessie picked me up and twirled me around. I laughed and he set me down, "I'm sorry about the kiss and all," I mumbled.

"It's not your fault. As long as it doesn't mean anything," He replied.

Did that kiss mean something?


"And your invited to the celebrity after party at seven o'clock, which Kenny will pick you up for. Then Justin's all yours Saturday and Sunday." Scooter Explained. We all nodded and walked outside in too the bitter air.

We got in a cab and made our way back too the hotel. I quickly took a shower changing in too a white silky 'Mid Thigh' dress. I put on a jean jacket that barely stopped at my rib cage. I put on brown leather boots, that matched the belt around my waist, that stopped at my knees.

I applied mascara, eye shadow, and lip gloss. I flat ironed my naturally curly hair and stepped out of the bathroom, leaving it all to Jess. I sat on the couch with Daniel who was already ready.

"Are you excited?" I questioned.

"Yep. Do you think Ariana Grande will be there?" Daniel asked questioning about his celebrity crush. I laughed nodding, "Probably".

Daniel got out of the shower and quickly got ready. I looked at my clock reading, 6:45.

We played 'Head Bandz" to waste time. And Just to be honest I was dreading the moment when Kenny would knock on that door.

Only minutes late someone knocked on the door. Jessie stood up opening the door, greeting Kenny. Daniel and I got up and followed Kenny to his car.

We arrived at a club and Daniel and Jess got out waving to the paparazzi. I slid towards the door but Kenny stopped me by pulling on my jacket. I looked at him confused.

"He's Never kissed a girl on stage before," He stated. I blushed crimson, "Well I've never been kissed by someone famous,"

Kenny laughed at my remark, "What Justin wants is what Justin gets," He continued gravely. I tilted my head, "Justin wants me?"

Before Kenny could reply Jessie grabbed my hand leading me out of the car. I looked down at the red carpet thinking. Bright lights flashed in my face as we walked too the entrance. Every now and then Jessie and I would pose for the cameras.

Either Jessie would Kiss me lightly on the cheeck, or wrap his arms around my waist and I would lean on my tippy toes to kiss him.

We walked in and the first person I saw was, Justin Timberlake. I looked back for Jessie but he was already chatting with, Kristen Stewart.

I approached Justin T. slowly, "I really like your song Mirrors," I stated shyly.

He looked at me smiling, "Thank you. May I ask what your name is?"

"Meghan," I replied throwing out my hand, "Meghan Miles," He shook it still smiling, "Your Cute Miles,"

I blushed at this. He turned around and ordered a drink from the bar. I waved goodbye to him and weaved my way through the crowd searching for Daniel. I spotted him, and as soon as I started walking someone bumped in too me.

I stumbled but they caught me by my waist just in time, "Sorry I wasn't paying that much attention to anything," I apologized quickly.

"No, My Fault. I'm Austin. Austin Mahone," I frowned at this. Personally I never liked Austin Mahone. Him or his music. I thought he was just some Justin Bieber copy cat. But maybe he had a better personality than Justin.

I smiled, "I'm Meghan. Meghan Miles," I shook his hand, and we stared at each other for a while in awkward silence. I blushed crept on too his cheecks and I had too laugh, "I'll see you around,"

I turned to leave, but he quickly stopped me, "Wait can I have you number?"

I quickly created a new contact in my name on his phone and made my way towards Daniel. I had to laugh when I saw him chatting with Ariana Grande.

"So you found her," I teased. Daniel Blushed, Causing Ariana to laugh. Just as I opened my mouth to introduce myself, someone grabbed me by my waist dragging me on the dance floor.

This definitely wasn't Jessie. I looked up and quickly removed their arms, "Justin what are you doing?"

"Dance with me," He gave me puppy dog eyes and I laughed, "I would but you're drunk," I could smell the alcohol.

"Please," He begged. Oh why not? 



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