Fame (Part 1)

July 29, 2014 was supposed to be the most important day of my life. It's not everyday you get invited backstage to meet The one and only Justin Bieber. Unfortunately all the money and the fame can only do one thing to a person.


4. Don't give up

Don't Give Up

We swayed back and forth silently. I could feel people staring holes in the back of my neck. I hummed quietly to the song, looking Justin in the eye, "To be honest, I dreamed about stuff like this,"

He smiled drunkly, "I'm glad I could make your dreams come true" I blushed and stared at the ground a while before looking back up, "Why did you kiss me," The question had been on my mind for hours, and it was killing me.

"This was Justin's turn to blush, "I uh, Don't know," He looked up at me, "But I liked doing it," He admitted. The tables turned again, and I was know blushing. I felt someone tap on my shoulder and I quickly turned to Jessie. He looked at me with so much sadness, I had to hold back a sob, "I was just dancing with Justin a bit,"

"For Three Songs?" He said this like a child who just lost passes to Disney world.

A tear slid down Jessie's cheeck and he slid his hands in his pockets walking away.

"Justin, you have to understand," I turned to see Justin looking guilty. He nodded before pushing me away. I made my way through the dancing bodies and was relieved when I got outside. If I were Jessie, where would I go?

I quickly turned a corner, and sighed when I realized he was there. I heard a car rev it's engine behind me and I quickly turned around. I stared at the taxi and realization hit me. I ran towards the taxi, tripping over a rock. I stumbled and slammed against the taxi door. I banged on the window, begging Jessie to let me explain.

He finally gave in rolling down his window, staring at me.

I smiled weakly before explaining, "He asked me to dance, I hesitated, then said yes. We were just dancing, nothing more nothing less, I swear"

He shook his head, "I know,"

I looked at him confused, "But you're mad?"

He laughed sadly, "Someone beside me told me Justin was stealing you away from me, I corrected him and had no doubts. Meghan, when I saw that look in you're eye I knew you could never love me that much. And if I'm correct you'll go straight to him after this"

"Jessie I-"

He rolled up the window and the taxi driver flew off. I kicked a nearby rock, swearing under my breath.

"I'm sorry," Someone mumbled behind me. I turned to see Justin, and he quickly pulled me in too a hug. He rocked me back and forth while I sobbed.

"Take me home," I mumbled dried out and tired. He drove me to the hotel and just as I was unlocking the door, I realized I couldn't stand too see Jessie right now. I felt so guilty. I was a terrible person. No one could be so cruel.

"I can't," I whispered loudly. Justin patted me on the shoulder and brought me to his suite which was at the top of the hotel. I laid down on his bed staring at the ceiling. He threw me one of his shirts and I went in too the bathroom and changed in too it. The shirt covered my tiny frame and I quickly laid back on his bed.

"What happened to the old justin?" I questioned softly.

"The girls. The money. The fame. I couldn't really take it Meghan. I wanted to be normal. I wanted to skate and not be crowded by fans. I wanted to pick out my own clothes for once. Then the whole Selena Gomez off and on thing. I thought I was madly truly and deeply in love with her. I couldn't really handle it."

If he wasn't drunk, I don't believe he would admit this to me. I turned over and was surprised to see a tear on his cheeck.

"I use to love you Justin. I forced my self t be left handed for a years. I watched every video on youtube. Every parody. I liked it just because it had something to do with you" I sighed smiling too my self remembering those days, "You were my life Justin. You've probably heard this a million times, but take this too the heart," I paused once more, "Now I'm not so sure Justin. I'm sot even sure who you are."

I think we were both struggling not too go too sleep. My eyes drooped and I forced them too stay open.

"Don't give up on me yet," He whispered smoothing my hair back, "I'm still in there somewhere." He kissed me on the cheeck and my eyes closed


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