Not Just The PT

When Ally gets thrown into the new position as the football team's Physical Trainer, the star quarterback starts to see her as "More than a PT"
My very first published Movella..... I hope you enjoy leave your feedback thanks!!!!! XOXOXO Alydod1d


3. Three

Chapter Three
Alyson’s POV
The next day I walk into my home room and saw Brent outside trying to get my attention. I looked at him. He motioned for me to come out there. I ask my teacher if I can use the bathroom she nods yes and I leave the room. 
What? I asked
I want to play another round on truth but this time add some dares in. He says I smile. 
Can't this wait? I asked. He nods no and pulled me out of the hall. We were stuck in a janitors closet inches between us. He looks down at me. 
Question: what was your first kiss like? He asks I'm looking him in the eyes I can't even think. 
Never have had one. I said looking at him. What about you? I ask
Same here. He said I bit my lip and opened the door and stepped out of the closet. 
I um.... I...... Homeroom. I said. He nodded breathless. 
Um...... Yeah......... He said. I start walking and he sighed. I didn't look back. Blushing I went back into class and sat down. I giggled and my friend Emma nudged me. 
What's up with you? She asks
I think the Brent Matthers likes me. I said
No way! She basically yelled. Everyone looked at her. She waved them away. 
Way. I said. She looked at me. 
How do you truly know? She asks
Because I... I mean he.... I mean we..... Almost kissed. I said. Her face was a look of pure astonishment. 
I... I... I have no words. She said. 
Neither did us. I said she laughed and the bell rang. I walked out of class and ran into something hard. I heard a chuckle. 
Hey. Running into people is a bad habit Ms. Dodds. A strong voice says. I look up and see Brent. I blush and smile. 
Um.... Hi. I say. He smiles. 
Hi. He says. I look at him and bite my lip. 
Um... I.... Ah..... Class. I say. He nods. 
Yeah. Class. He says I walk around him and catch up to Emma. I was blushing bright red. 

Brent's POV
I think Allyson likes me. She almost kissed me today. I am almost positive that she likes me. But she's my PT isn't that a little weird?
 I walk into my history class and daydream about Allyson. When the bell rings I head to the field. I am not benched anymore because Coach found out that I was lying so now I have to work harder. I started running ladders when she walked up. She didn't even glance at me. 
What do I need to do today Coach? She asks in her beautiful voice. 
Write down a workout that is so hard Matthers here won't be able to walk straight for a month. No one lies to me. Coach said. I heard Allyson sigh. 
Ok Coach. She said pulling out her notebook. 
Oh and I need you to set up a daily work out for Brent Monday through Saturday. Coach said. 
Ok Coach. She said plainly. I saw her sit down on the grass and start writing. 5 minutes later Allyson handed Coach a paper. She still didn't look at me. Coach looked at the paper and nodded
Very well. He said. Now work on the daily work outs. Coach said. Allyson walked off and I started to do burpies. After finishing 50 of them it was 100 pushups. Allyson walked over and handed Coach a paper. 
Matthers. He called I stopped and ran over. 
From now on Allyson will do the daily work outs with you because she's trustworthy. He said Allyson groaned. 
Coach I am starting swim practice after school tomorrow. She said. Coach nodded. 
Then Matthers will be joining the swim team just like you have joined the football team. Coach said. Allyson groaned and nodded. Coach ran off to help the other coach. 
So um... About earlier. I said. 
Please don't. She said. 
I just wanted to apologize. You're my PT I just.... I said
Yeah. I know. I feel the same way. She said. 
So what does this mean? I asked
Um.... I'm not sure. I guess you'll just- she said
Matthers back to work. Allyson here now. He yelled. Allyson walked away first and I went back to my work out. 
After practice I hurried to talk to Allyson but she must've left. I walked home and showered then fell asleep. 

The next morning I woke up to my mom shaking me. I rolled over. 
What Mom. I asked. 
There's a girl downstairs, she said that you two were going jogging for football this morning. Hurry get dressed. She said. I practically fell out of bed and hurried to put on some shorts and a sweatshirt. I walked downstairs to find Allyson in short shorts and a tank top; she was talking to my mom and smiling. She saw me and waved. 
We better get going. She said tightening her ponytail. I nodded and we started. We jog together for a good 20 minutes until I was out of breath. Allyson had barely broken a sweat. She stopped and handed me water. We ran another 30 minutes and then she decided to stop and get some water. 
How are you not tiered. I asked her she smiled
I used to run 5k's for fun. She said I just chuckled. 
So um..... I said. She looked at me. 
Yeah? She asked quizzically 
I'm just going to say it. I said I breathed in.  I like you. I said 
Oh... Um. Ok. She said. I felt heartbroken. 
Do you like me? I asked. 
Um.... Well...... Maybe just..... Yeah. I like you to. She said. I smiled. 
So do you want to go on a date? I asked. 
Sure. She said smiling. I smiled like crazy. I stood up and helped her up. I pulled her into a hug and squeezed her tight she giggled. 
What about Coach? She asked. 
What about him? I asked
Did you not read the contract he had all of you sign? She asked I shook my head. It said that you couldn't a romantic relationship with anyone affiliated with the team. She said
Screw Coach. I said as I still hugged her. We can always keep it on the down low. I said. 
Ok. She said. 
We should probably head back school starts in 20 minutes. I said. 
Yeah. She said. We let go of each other and started to jog back. 
When we got to my house she waved goodbye and started to run away. 

Allyson's POV
When I got home I hurried and showered and got dressed in some skinny jeans and a Rolling Stones t-shirt. I got all my swim stuff packed and got all my homework in my bag and decided to drive my car to school. I hopped in my grey SSC Ultimate Aero and pulled out of my driveway and headed to school. 
When I got to school I took the back roads and parked in the teacher’s parking lot. I made sure no one was looking and climbed out. I hurried to the front of the school. I saw Brent walking up with a bunch of his football friends. My heart pounded faster. He walked past me and smiled and I smiled back. His friends waved at me and I waved back at them. 
I walked into my first period and sat down next to Ethan who was one of my best friends. We talked until the bell rang and then I started to work on my Starter. Science went by fast and I walked with Ethan and Emma to homeroom. When we were in homeroom they announced who made the sport teams. When it got to football I listened. They announced Brent's name, a few others and then they gave me an honorable mention. Everyone looked at me when they said my name. I waved and looked down. 
What the heck? Emma asked
Did they just say your name? Ethan asked me
Yeah. I am the Personal Trainer for a few of the boys. I said. 
So cool! Emma said.
So you don't really have to play. Ethan asked
Nope. I said smiling. The bell rang and I started walking towards 3rd period. My 3rd period was Math at the college. I started for my college class when Brent walked up next to me. 
Hey do you want a ride? Brent asked. 
Um... Sure... I said smiling. He smiled and we walked out to his car. He opened the door for me. I thanked him. He smiled and got in the car and we started to drive. 
So I was thinking for our date we could go out to eat and maybe go mini golfing. He said eyes on the road. 
Um... Ok that sounds really fun. I said. He smiled and looked at me for a second. 
I smiled at him he smiled back.  We walked into class and spent the whole day taking notes. After class Brent drove us back to school. We talked the whole ride about our date. When we got to school I left the car first and 1 minute later he got out of the car. I walked to my 4th period which was History. After history I went to lunch with my friends. In gym we went outside behind the school and everyone saw my car. I pretended that it was cool like everyone else. The boys were drooling over it. After gym I went to theatre and learned about the technical parts of theatre.  After theatre I walked out to the field where I told Coach that I was attending Swim team and he nodded and gave the team my workout for Brent. I ran to the pool and hopped in my suit. I walked out of the changing room and saw Brent in swim trunks. His muscles were beyond compare. I bit my lip and started to stretch out. I saw Brent walking over to me. 
Hey. He said. 
Hi. I said. 
So this whole swimming thing. What's it for. He asked
To build up your endurance. I said.
But we are just swimming in circles. He said. I looked at him. 
No we are not. We are here so you can learn how to control every muscle in your body. You will learn balance, endurance, and ways to control your breathing so when you are running you don't sound like a dying elephant. I said as I finished stretching. He nodded and started to stretch. 
Watch us swim for 10 minutes. I said. We hopped in and sprinted for 10 minutes straight. We hopped out of the pool and were barely out of breath. 
Ok your turn. I said nudging Brent. We put him in the open pool lap so he wouldn't slow us down and made him swim freestyle for the entire practice. At the last 10 minutes of practice we do shower sprints. Shower Sprints are were 2 people race each other and whoever wins gets to go take a shower and leave the loser has to face again until they win. I was up first against a senior named Katherine and I won her easily. I went to take my shower when I saw Brent get up to race the final loser. He lost again. After practice he found me. 
That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. He said. I laughed. It grows on you. I said. He grabs my hand and we walk in the dark until we see his car. 
Do you need a ride? He asked me. 
Oh um no. Thanks though. I said. He nodded. 
At least let me walk you to your car. He said. I shook my head quickly. He frowned. 
Why not? I am your boyfriend. He said. I liked how he said boyfriend. 
I... Just...... Fine. Just don't tell anyone. I said. We walked to my car. Brent's jaw dropped. 
Holy Crap Allyson! This is yours!! He asked. 
Yeah now please stop yelling. I said embarrassed. 
This is like a $600,000 car. He said. 
What really? I asked. Dad never told me that. 
Yeah. Where did you get it? He asked
My dad last month for forgetting my performance I just drive it for him I wanted a little truck but my dad got me this. I said. He was still slack-jawed 
Well. I am going to go home. I said smiling. He came out of his daze and hugged me tight.  Ill see you in the morning for our run. I said as I pulled out of the parking lot. The next morning I got in some shorts and a tank top and jogged over to Brent's house. We ran for an hour then went home to our houses to get ready for the day then after school we would go to swim for an hour then to Football for an hour. We did this routine for the next month sneaking dates in here or there. 

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