Not Just The PT

When Ally gets thrown into the new position as the football team's Physical Trainer, the star quarterback starts to see her as "More than a PT"
My very first published Movella..... I hope you enjoy leave your feedback thanks!!!!! XOXOXO Alydod1d


1. One

Chapter One
Allyson's POV
 I ran down the hall not caring about who or what I ran into. I looked down to check the time and hit something hard. I fell back a few feet. A person helped me up. 
 Whoa! Hey watch where you're going. A strong voice said. 
 I looked up and saw Brent Matthers. He was the star quarterback and drop dead gorgeous. 
 Umm... Sorry. I said.  Hey where are you rushing off to? He asked I have to get to the field. I said I pushed pass him and ran to the field. 
 When I got there I heard crying. There was a mob around a girl she was holding her arm. Her hand was facing a different way. Broken wrist. I came over and twisted it back in place. She screamed and then they put her wrist in a brace. I am working on my Associates degree in Sports Medicine so I am the go to doctor at our school. Even though I am in High school they let me go to a college for certain classes so I can graduate and start an internship. The girl thanked me and went to call her parents. I nodded and walked back to class. The school’s football coach stopped me before I could get inside. 
 Hey you a doctor? He asked.
 No I am not a doctor yet. I am working- I said
 So you aren't a doctor? He asked cutting me off
 That's not what I- I said 
So you shouldn't have done whatever you did to that girls arm. He asked cutting me off once again
 I am almost going to have my Associates degree in Sports Medicine so I am the most qualified to fix an injury that has to do with sports. I said.
 Meet me on the football field right after school. He said walking away.
 Why? I called after him.
Just be there doll face. He called back.
I nodded in disgust as he walked away. He was so arrogant. I walked inside to my class. I reached for my phone and couldn't find it. Great I lost it.  I went into my geometry class and my teacher stopped me.  
Why are you late Ms. Hadley? My teacher asked.
 I had to fix a girls wrist. I am sorry. I said.
 I suppose it is fine. Take a seat. He said.
 Thanks. I said. 
I found my seat and sat down. He lectured us for almost an hour on Monet.   
 Brent's POV
 I walked out of my art class and got ran into hard by someone. She was so much smaller than me that when she ran into me she went flying. I helped her up.  Whoa! Watch were you're going. I said as she got up.
She apologized and I asked her where she was going. She told me the field and then rushed off. I looked down and saw a phone. 
 You forgot you're phone! I yelled after her but she was gone.
 I chuckled and put it in my pocket. I walked off to my next class. I walked into my history class. There was a sub so I sat in the back and grabbed the girl’s phone out of my pocket. I looked at the case. Her case was one of those cases you can draw on. She had written one quote on it the quote was only 5 words long it said: "Life is but a dream". It was in the center of a cloud. I nodded and turned it open and turned the screen on. Her lock-screen was a picture of her and another girl hanging upside down in a tree. I slide it open and it was unlocked. I looked through her phone for a bit. I found out her name was Allyson, she had a very busy schedule, and that her best friends was named Scarlett. I got into her pictures and looked through them. You can tell a lot about a person through their phone. She was actually really cute. I couldn't believe I'd never seen her around school before. She was a brunette with curly hair, she had bright blue eyes, she looked about 16 or 17, she looked athletic because of all the pictures of her and her friends on top of mountains and on bikes, she had a few dogs, and she had a great body, there were a lot of pictures of her and her friends on boats. I turned off her phone and I looked up. The sub had fallen asleep and the students were going crazy. I was too intrigued by Allyson I had become oblivious to everything else. I put Allyson's phone back in my pocket and waited for the bell to ring. Once the bell rang I walked to football practice. I made sure Allyson's phone was protected. I changed into my football gear and heard coach call my name I ran out on the field. 


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