Close As Strangers.

I love him, I do. I love him with every ounce of my body, I’m just tired. Tired of pretending that I’m okay and that I’m happy for him because, I’m not. I’m not happy for him and I’m certainly not okay.
Could you live without the love of your life for 6 months straight?.


7. End Up Here

-Alexa’s POV-

“Come on let’s goooooooo” Luke whinged “I can’t leave, that’s bunking” I threw a collection of receipts that were on the desk, his eyebrows rose “Please, I’m bored” He pouted “You aren’t supposed to be having a good time, it’s work” I stuck my tongue out at him “But I haven’t seen you in for and ever” he’s pout grew bigger “I’m sorry Jason, I wasn’t able to finish my shift because some internationally famous group member made me bunk but don’t worry it won’t happen again” I replied in a sarcastic tone “There you go, got your excuse but I can’t promise it won’t happen again” Luke grabbed my arm pulling me from the spinning chair I was sat on “I was being sarcastic” I pulled my arm back falling on my arse, Luke’s grin grew bigger before his was laughing at me “Don’t be a spoiled sport, he doesn’t have to know”  he offered me his hand again and finally accepting, I was pulled to my feet inches away from Luke’s face his ice blue eye’s pierced through mine his smirk growing on his face again his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me into a tight hug, bringing his lips to my ear he whispered “I’ve missed you” sending shivers down my spine, hugging him back we swayed back and forth to the music playing.  “Just stick a note saying closed to staff illness” Luke yelled before grabbing a pen and some sellotape “Fine” I dragged out the ‘e’ letting Luke finally win. “Yes, we’re going for ice-cream” He smiled taking my hand in his.

We strolled through the entrance of the park our fingers intertwined, to anyone we probably look like a couple but to each other we’re just lame ass best friends. Luke lugged around his guitar that was in a case in his spare hand and in my other hand I carried two ice creams, finding a spot in the shade away from the Australian heat our hands parted so we could lie down. I passed him his Strawberry sauced smothered ice cream and we ate in silence staring up at the clouds. “He loves you still” Luke’s voice cut the silence stating a fact that was completely irrelevant to the situation “And I he” I backfired with a slightly annoyed voice I was beginning to forget the pain. I think Luke realised I was annoyed so he pulled out his guitar to change the subject. He’s fingers began strumming the strings and a soft tune escaped. “Going to give me my own personal concert?” I wanted him to know I wasn’t annoyed with him. “If you want? What do you want me to play?” He gave me a cheeky smile “All my heart, Sleeping With Sirens” -  I’ve heard him play it before without him realising and it sounded amazing, his eyebrows rose clearly wanting to question my choice but instead his fingers began playing the song “Join in” He smirked.

There’s so many things that I could say, But I’m sure it would come out all wrong, you got something that I can’t explain, Still try and try and let you know” the lyrics left his lips and it sounded just as magical as the first time I heard it.

That first summer we spent one we’ll never forget, Looking for any kind of reason to escape all the mess that we thought was what made us, Ain’t it funny now? We can see, We’re who we’re meant to be”  I began singing before I knew the lyrics were leaving my lips, the smile on Luke’s face grew as he strummed the guitar.“You still have all of my, You still have all of my, You still have all my heart”.

There’s too many times I have to say, I could have been better and stronger for you and me, You always make me feel okay, Those late summers we spent stay up talking all night I’d ask ‘You think we’d ever make it?’ You’d say” Luke’s eye’s found mine he smiled softly urging me to sing back.

“ ‘I’m sure if it’s right’, ain’t it funny to think just how stupid I used to be hope you always believe. You still have all of my, you still have all of my, you still have all of my heart” I smiled back at him, his eye’s giving my strength.

Let them talk and talk and talk, Let them say what they want, We will laugh at the thought they don’t know what we’ve got” His angelic voice echoed through the park, he’s eye’s only left mine look at his guitar.

They’ll talk and talk and talk, How crazy is it? Someone could waste their whole life, helplessly, Just patiently waiting for a love like you and me, You still have all of my of my” I waited for Luke’s lyrical reply

“I’ve been waiting my whole life” Smiling I continued “You still have all of my” pausing again “For someone to save me still can’t believe that you’re mine

You still have all of my heart.” We both smiled catching our breath to be awarded with an applause, confused we looked around realising that a crowd had gathered my face turned immediately bright red. “Told you, you can sing in public” Luke smirked as if he was trying to prove a point about my stage fright, I scowled “You’re an asshole”.

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