Close As Strangers.

I love him, I do. I love him with every ounce of my body, I’m just tired. Tired of pretending that I’m okay and that I’m happy for him because, I’m not. I’m not happy for him and I’m certainly not okay.
Could you live without the love of your life for 6 months straight?.


10. Don't Stop

-Ashton’s POV-

“Right, so what are you going to do about it?” Michael was staring at me while one hand was putting cheesey wotsits in his mouth. “Nothing” I shrugged, his eyes grew bigger as he threw the empty packet onto the wooden table in front of us. “Nothing?” He questioned “You heard me” I shrugged once more. “Why?” why does everyone always have to question my decisions? “Because, they’re bestfriends Mickey, if she wanted to be with me she’d be here but she’s not. I’ve left her too many unanswered texts. Too many unanswered phone calls. I’m done making effort if none is going to be returned. Her mum said she missed me obviously fucking not because she’d be here wouldn’t she.” I was returned with silence and an awkward glare from Michael.

 “The fuck has happened to you?” Michael laughed at me “What do you mean?” I held my head in my hands running them through my hair “I used to look up to you, after everything you went through you still fought for what you wanted. You never let anyone tell you no. Fucking hell Ashton, we wouldn’t be where we are without you. But now you’re sat on your fucking ass on MY sofa giving up on everything you’ve wanted. Who even are you? Stop acting so fucking pathetic” Michael spat “Giving me all this shit ‘if she wanted to be with me she’d be here but she’s not’ IF YOU WANTED TO BE WITH HER YOU’D BE THERE” I laughed, he was right “Stop swearing Michael” I smirked pulling my arm around him patting his back “Can you call Luke for me” I half smiled. I was going to get my girl back.

“Right, they’re at Niall and Harry’s hotel, don’t cause a scen....” but before he could finish I was up and out of there like a bat out of hell. “Later loser” I slammed the door and ran as fast as I could to the hotel that was 5 minutes away, pushing every individual in my way and not stopping once to catch my breath.

“What are you doing here?” Stood before me was slightly pissed looking Luke Hemmings “Is Alexa here?” he nodded slowly moving in with the door to let me past. My heart was hammering from the cardio work out that had just occurred and the fact that the love of my life was inches from me. My breath altered, my chest was tight I’d probably have a full on heart attack in a moment. Entering the living space she was sat with her back to me, her dyed red hair loose against her shoulders and her tank top showing of her olive tanned skin, she was sat laughing with Harry. That laugh was like music to my ears, just hearing it made me smile. Walking through the door frame Harry finally noticed me rising his eyebrows nodding, greeting me. Her neck twisted towards me, before her hazel eyes landed upon mine. “Hi” I let a small smile play on my lips waiting for her reply.

You could have cut the tension in the room with a knife. 

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