17 year old Pandora lives in California. Everyone thinks she's a normal California girl. But they're wrong. Pandora has this big secret she can't tell anybody.

Read for thrills and chills!!! So many people in this story!!! Example: Magcon, Sam and Colby, Harry Styles, Brent Rivera, other viners, Janoskians, Ariana Grande and more!!!


1. Chapter One

Pandora's POV

School is next week and I'm so nervous. Not just for not fitting in and failing classes. There's a bigger reason. Ok so when I was in 2nd grade I was kidnapped and I can remember just enough. I was frightened. I remember that it was a man. He had shady eyes and a beard. He picked me up and ran to his car and he pulled out a shot. It was filled with blue liquid. He stuck the needle in my arm and quickly put the liquid inside my body then started to drive away with me. I started to scream and he started yelling at me. He told me he would let me leave in 3 days if the shot did what it was supposed to. I was terrified. He drove to his tiny house and I refused to get out of the car so he picked me up and took me inside. He took me to the living room and there was a boy. He looked probably about 3 years older than me. The man left the room to lock all of the doors. He made me sit by the boy and talk to him. "I-I'm Pandora." I said. "I'm Sam." He said. The man left the room and I saw a window. I slowly got up and walked towards the window and saw that it was unlocked. I looked back to make sure the man wasn't there. Then I quietly opened the window and whispered to Sam,"Come on." He got up and we got out of the window and ran. We ran to a cop car and told the cop everything. The man was arrested but I forgot to tell him about the shot. I got safely home and Sam did too. I never saw him again. I got home and told my mom everything but the shot. If I did she would freak out and make me go to the hospital and I was 6 then so I was terrified of the hospital! I decided to take a bath. I turned on the water and after it filled up I got in in and my legs felt weird and the water started bubbling and the something horrifying happened. I grew a big fish tail. I almost screamed. I got dry and grew feet again and then touched water and grew the tail. I counted and it took 15 seconds for the tail to grow after touching water. I've had the tail my whole life. So you can kinda see why I'm pretty scared for school. One drop of water and everybody knows my secret.

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