A Story Behind Every Scar

An Alex rider fanfic I uploaded on wattpad, I though I'd see what you guys think! Alex rider! What happens when K-Unit see the scars that surround alex like a blanket? What happens when a mission with unusual circumstances forces Alex to do something he hasn't done for years? What happens when he starts to trust?


2. The Aftermath

Sh!t had gone down, which had lead to an angry phone call to a certain Mr Alan Blunt. Which then lead to this. The Sargent, K-unit and Alex were sat waiting for the head and deputy of MI6. To Alex it felt like a wait in prison before an execution. For bad news was all this meeting held. It was likly Blunt would give them his file and him a new mission. Just like what happened when his headteacher discovered his 'occupation'.

But it shouldn't be such a shock for k-unit. he was training with them at the bloody sas for goodness sake!

As Alex had predicted the meeting was short. Two files were handed over, a few meaningless words were exchanged and they all left again. It wasn't till they returned to base that they would get a change to read his file, or he got a chance to read his new mission so he just for the return journey slept.

Alex woke up in the back of a dark van. His first though was, "Scorpia" he snarled the word harshly into the grey blackness. "Cub is that you? Did you finally wake up?" a voice came out of the dark and a familiar face soon followed."Fox leave him alone he just woke up after sleeping for ten hours," This time the voice was Snake's. As alex shook his head to clear the faint residue of sleep he pondered that coment, 'ten hours, that wasn't normal he was normally lucky to get more than a hours good sleep. Ten hours dreamless sleep was unheard of. "Did you drug me?" he asked with a hint of hostility.


The reply came from the gloom in the corner of the vehicle, a voice he had never heard speak with such gentleness. It was Wolf. Alex's eyes soon grew acustomed to the gloom, Eagle was driving with Snake beside him in the passenger seat.Fox was crouched near his watching him with worry showing in his eyes. Wolf was sat in the corner clutching a fat grey folder with a red 'TOP SECRET' stamped on the top his name was written below. "you read it then" he spoke to Wolf softly, he had known he would find this hard to believe.

"Yeah he read it" Fox's answer was casual, " I don't really understand why he's so upset" he continued.

Alex could understand, Wolf had bullied him mercilessly ever since he first came.

"Your just a kid" the quiet comment renforced Alex's though that Wolf was in shock. "No I haven't been a kid for a long time, now I'm agent Alex Rider MI6"

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