Forever is Never That

"Don't say forever."

"Why not?"

"Because, forever is never that."


2. Why don't we go there?

I laugh as Perrie pushes Zayn off her bed, they've been closer since the party two days ago.  Their arguments have turned into playful banter, and Perrie doesn't seem repulsed by Zayn.  Zayn has always had a thing for Perrie, and Perrie has always always found him as one of the most annoying people, now she sees him as adorable.  It's currently eight o'clock on a Thursday night, and we decided to have a movie night, well Perrie and I did, Zayn just decided to show up.  "Ew, Zayn we get to be in our pajamas not you, so put you shirt back on."  Perrie giggles, throwing her pillow at him, something definitely changed between them, and it's scaring me.  Instead of listening to her, Zayn jumps on her bed and pretends to sleep.

"Zayn, last time you spent the night you left a pair of sweats, and a t-shirt, want them?"  I ask, just so he will settle down and we can start the movie.  See Zayn is a kind of bad ass, but he has this giant playful side, and he only shows it around his close friends.  His hand shoots up, and so does his thumb.  I climb off of my bed, and toss him the clothes that belong to him.  He goes into our bathroom to get changed.  "What the hell was that?"  I ask Perrie, settling on her bed, I grab a pillow and set in my lap.

"What was wh..."  She starts, but is cut off when someone knocks on our dorm door.  I groan and climb off of her bed, and answer the door.  I'm surprised to see Louis standing there, he is in a pair of gray sweats, and a black t-shirt.  His hair is messy, like he just woke up, and he has bags under his eyes.  He still looks hot.

"Hey, Louis what are y..."  He cuts me off by giving me a sad look, I cock my head to the left.  "What is that look for?"  I ask him.  He brings his hand up to rub the back of his head, and then brings it down.

"Zayn, is he here?" 

"I'm here mate!"  Zayn answers for me, and next thing I know he's behind me.  When he sees Louis's upset look, his smile disappears.  "Want to stay, we're watching a movie, oh and how the hell did you know this is where I was?"

"Sure, and I asked Liam."  I step aside letting Louis in, he follows Zayn and stands awkwardly in  the middle of the room.  The room is set up around the t.v, we put the t.v in the perfect spot and moved the beds around it so we could both see it when we went to bed, the only problem we usually have is what to watch.  After another minute Louis sits on my bed next to me, since Zayn and Perrie look extremely comfortable on Perrie's bed waiting for the movie to start. 

"Per-Bear, hit play pwease!"  I say, in a baby voice, it's a thing we do sometimes.  She doesn't even notice, because Zayn and her are laying next to each other.  I go to talk again, but I see movement under their blanket, I look over at Louis who looks at me the same time.  I try hard to fight the blush, but it wins.  "I feel, we won't be watching Frozen, anytime soon."  I joke.

"If you want to get out of your pajamas, and get into some real clothes, I know a place we can hang out."  Louis offers, his voice is stiff and not as light as when we first met.  It makes me a little upset, that all the sudden he is cold, and even to me. 

I go to say it's alright and that I'll just go to my other friends dorm, but just then Perrie makes a noise, that she tries to cover up as a laugh.  "Why don't we go there?"  I ask climbing out of my bed and going to get changed.


I stifle a laugh, when Louis pulls up to Hooters.  "You're joking right?"  I ask him, he smirks turning the car off, and steps out of the car.  "Why? Why dear lord, why?"  I ask, opening the door and climbing out. 

"You talk to yourself?  Maybe your not as attractive as I thought."  I stop mid step, he called me attractive.  I'm attractive to this hot God of a man.  Hell is freezing over, people, someone help me I think I'm dying...of laughter.  That's right folks I laughed at him.  "What?" 

Once I calm down, I answer him, "You called me attractive, that's the funniest ting I've personally ever heard."  I say, starting to laugh again, but the look on his face makes me stop.  He looks serious, like an angered serious, it's kind of scary.  "What?"  I ask him, but he only shakes his head and walks away.  I jog to catch up to him, and that makes me wish I put on a better bra, because this one does keep my girls still.  It's kind of awkward, and even when I catch up to him, I still have to jog, because he's taller than me, and his strides are longer.  "What just happened back there?"


"Something happened."  I huff out, he shortens his strides so I can slow down, how big is this damn parking lot?  Oh thank God there's the door.  He opens it for me and then he falls in behind me. 

"Nothing happened, got it?"  He asks grabbing onto my upper arm, I wince making him loosen his grip.  I nod my head, and he releases me completely.  We have to wait to be seated, because it's a busy night. 

"Why are we here?" 

"Endless wings night at the bar, do you have a fake ID?"  He asks.

"Duh."  I pull out my wallet and show him my fake ID, Perrie apparently knows a lot of people.  Only a few minutes pass before two stool become available at the bar. 


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