Forever is Never That

"Don't say forever."

"Why not?"

"Because, forever is never that."


1. We have a weird relationship

I look at the blank paper on my desk, and then at the board for the task.

Write about one word that may hold meaning to one person, but doesn't for you. Alternative option: Write about a word that has meaning to you and why. This project will count as fifty percent of this semesters final grade, you have until the end of this semester to work on it, you may begin today.

How generous, letting us start a writing assignment that can make or break us, it's a double sided knife. Instead of getting right to work, or even thinking about the stupid thing I tap my pen on my desk. I gather dirty looks from my fellow classmates, which makes me giddily tap my pen louder and in longer bursts. I look over my shoulder at my friend Zayn, he gives me a smile and a thumbs up, partners in crime since the day we met. Zayn Malik is the kind of guy who is hot, and knows it too, so he uses that to play girls. I don't exactly stop him, but I don't encourage him either.

The lecture hall is quiet, with exception of my pen tapping, because professor Spiel is giving this time to us, for a guy who majored in English he has terrible hand writing.  I hate that about teachers, some of them have terrible handwriting, it should be illegal for people to have bad handwriting.  I could go on and on about terrible hand writing, because for some reason it just irks me.  It's acceptable up until a certain point in your life, but if you're in middle school and your handwriting is so bad people can't read it you have a problem.  Zayn's handwriting barley makes the cut off, in middle school I'd make him come over and we'd practice his handwriting.   I waste the whole entire hour, instead of working I plan a way of erasing the board and re-writing the assignment in my neat writing.  When the class is over a few of my bolder classmates thank me for the distraction, sarcastically of course, I just tell them to bite me.  I stand, placing my English binder in my messenger bag, and place it on my shoulder; some of my hair gets stuck under the strap so I have to lift my strap up and pull my blond hair out from underneath.  Zayn waits patiently for me, he sees me eyeing the board and gives me a questioning look. "Walk out and distract Professor Spiel, his hand writing is horrific." I say, quietly. Zayn only laughs, before walking out calling Professor Spiel names, which in turn makes him chase after Zayn.

I take a picture of the assignment, erase it and pick up a blue marker and re-write. Once I'm done I smile at my hand writing and sign it. "Nice, his hand writing is bloody terrible." A British accent says behind me. It's a boys voice, well a man's voice. There's not many British people in this school, Zayn is one of the select few, he lived in England up until sophomore year in high school, and that year I just so happened to move to the same town, I'm not British though. I turn, slowly, and I'm completely blind sided by the man behind me; he could easily be considered a God.

His hair is a chestnut color that swoops in the front, I can't even describe it, but it's hot. He has brown facial hair growing back like he just shaved. His eyes are a dull green-blue that are alight with amusement towards my actions. He's got a white shirt with superheroes on, black skinny jeans and black vans on. His arms are covered in ink, and they're rather toned, like he goes to the gym every day. I look down at my outfit, a pair of camouflage cargo shorts with a plain black t-shirt, and a pair of black flip flops. I probably look like crap, because when I got up for my lectures this morning I didn't put make up on. I hardly even brushed my hair, I just ran a brush through it quickly and left it down, and I basically got dressed in the dark. "Well, I fixed it." I reply, looking at the door to see if Zayn is in sight, but he isn't.

"What's your name?" He asks me, he's smirking with his arms crossed over his chest. His arms flex when they're folded across his chest, and it's extremely hot. Did I mention his arms are so damn hot with ink up and down then, perfectly toned, and flexed? No, okay he's got extremely hot arms. "Amber...Amber Holden."

"That's my name don't wear it out." I joke, crossing my arms over my chest. A few more students come in, a couple of them are girls who all greet they guy I'm taking to, they call him Louis, so I'm assuming that's his name. "Well, Louis it was nice meeting you, but I best tee be going. I have to go find my friend..."

"Amber, come on let's go before Professor Spiel gets back." He says peeking his head into the classroom. I mentally compare Louis and Zayn, they're both attractive have tattoos, but Louis beats Zayn—maybe it's because I don't look at Zayn like anything, but a friend. He looks at Louis, and pulls himself into the rooms. "Hey, mate where've you been?" He asks, doing the bro hug thingy that guys do.

"Around, so you know this pretty little Amber?" He asks, making me roll my eyes.

"Since I moved to the states, I feel bad for her, since she had to meet you. Liam and I are having a party at our apartment later, you in?"

"Yeah, is he going to be there?" Louis' hand goes behind his head and starts to rub. His gesture is almost nervous, like this he scares him. At first he was calling me a he, and I was ready to smack him.

"Yeah he is, he's my friend. If you come I'll get Amber to distract him for awhile." Zayn offers me up like a piece of meat. Louis' eyes dart to me, and he instantly tells Zayn he'll come if he does the complete opposite of what he offered before, and keep me away from him—whoever he is—for as long as he could. I realize that sentence is confusing, and quiet frankly I'm confused myself. "Alright, we gotta go, she has to go back to her door and get ready. Then we have get some shit for the party." Zayn, tells Louis and leads me out of the room.

"So Zaynie Waynie, who is this mysterious he? Do I know him?" I ask, walking backwards. He smiles and reaches his hand out, he pushes it against my forehead making me stumble off balance.

"Of course you know him, you know most of my friends dot you?" I turn so I'm walking next to him instead of backwards as we head outside and toward the dorm building.

"Apparently not, anyway I think Perrie will give a ride to the party if you just want to go and get ready." I tell him, Perrie is my gorgeous roommate, she too has a small British accent that seems to be fading a bit.

"No, it's alright I want you to come over early anyway...hey Perrie can come over now too."

Rolling my eyes I unlock my dorm room and change into a red crop too and a pair of black jean shorts.


The music is loud, and so are the people. Zayn and Liam's apartment is perfect size for a large party, I guess it's easy to get a large apartment, that's a little shady for cheap. I mean it's about three miles from campus and no one else lives in the apartment besides the drug dealer on the second floor, the rather excited forty year old on this floor and a some others, that are shadier than the building itself. The forty year old is in here somewhere, he threatens to call the cops if Zayn didn't let him join the party. "Hey, Amber wanna dance?" Niall, an Irish guy with blonde hair asks. I smile, the guys adorable, he has no tattoos, but is still hot.

"Duh." I shout back over the music, he grabs me by the waist and leads me to the make shift dance floor. The song changes to Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore. "Where've you been pretty boy?" I ask him while dancing.

"Around, how have you been?" I pulls me closer to him, making me smile. Zayn walks by, so I steal his drink from his hand, he chuckles before walking away.

"Pretty great." I cough, I forgot Zayn is a freak and will drink a cup full of pure vodka, and it's not even a flavored one it's just plain vodka. "Want a sip." I offer Niall, he gladly takes the cup from hand and takes a giant gulp.

"What's wrong with him? Just vodka what's the fun in that?" Niall jokes, giving the cup back to me.

"You get drunk faster?" I ask, not sure if that's actually true, knowing Zayn that's probably what he thinks. I look around at the bodies, almost everyone is busy doing something with someone else. I spot Louis taking a drag from a joint before getting up and leaving the circle of people who take turns taking multiple drags themselves. "Do you know anything about a Louis?" I ask Niall.

"Tomlinson? Yeah, why do you ask?" He looks curious, as to why I'd ask about someone, and ask him instead of Zayn. I laugh when he finally sets on a look of accomplishment.

"I met him today and..." I'm cut off by none other than Harry Stlyes. He's extremely hot, but the problem is he can be a big jerk.

"Amber, babe, I haven't seen you in what...a week or two." He says slinging his arm around my waste and pulling me closer to him. I don't pull away, but don't get comfortable either. "Still as pretty as always, have you considered my offer?" Harry offered me one of his spare rooms in his apartment, he also offered one to Perrie, but we both said no. He's persistent, that's for sure.

"It's still a no, but I will allow you one simple dance. Niall I'll catch up with you in a sec." Niall leaves, he watches us from across the room, well he watches Harry. I smile at him and start to dance with Harry, "So I heard that you are taken a few extra classes this year." I say tangling my fingers in Harry's dark curls. I'm not a tease or anything, well when it comes to Harry Styles I am, but he seems to be an exception for a lot of things. I place a kiss on his ear, before whispering, "Does the name Louis mean anything to you?" I pull back and place a kiss on his dimples.

"Maybe, I'll make a deal with you. If you play a drinking game with I'll tell you." I mull it over and give in. I grab his hand and lead him towards the kitchen, we pick a few beers, I grab Niall and he agrees to play. Zayn barges in along with Liam, Perrie, and a few other people. We haven't really decided on a game yet. Harry suggests Flip, Sip, or Strip. We grab shot glasses, vodka, a quarter and a spot in the floor. The people whose names I didn't know left saying the game was too childish, except for two random girls. We sit in a boy, girl pattern leaving me sandwiched between Harry and Niall and across Zayn. Harry is to my left Niall to my right. I go first flipping the coin in the air and calling heads, but it's tails. I pass the coin to Harry, who is on my left, and take a shot. Harry calls tails but it's heads again, so pulls off his shirt, winking at me. He passes the coin to Random Girl Numeral Uno she calls it right so it gets passed back to Harry, who calls it right.

The coin is back in my hand, I flip it and call out heads, only to get tails. I take another shot, dreading the next wrong call I make. I hand the coin back to Harry, he calls it right again, and so I get it back. I call wrong meaning I'd have to lose clothing, so I pull off my flip flops. The coin goes back to Harry, who again calls it right, finally I call it right and pass it to Niall. Niall calls it right passing the coin to Perrie. Perrie is already drunk so when she calls it wrong she pulls of her jacket. Niall gets it wrong and takes a shot.

I flip the coin again, and get it wrong I take another shot.


I'm drunk and the coin only made it around the circle fully like twice. Somehow I lost my shirt and shorts, so Harry so graciously gave his black, see through button up to me to borrow; it gradually grows darker by the bottom so my underwear is seen, and it ends at mid-thigh. We aren't playing the same game, now we're playing suck and blow, Harry and I have kissed three times. I also kissed Niall twice, Zayn and Perrie left the circle after having a heated make out session. When the paper comes to Harry again he drops it and kisses me, it's rough and sloppy. He pulls back, "Okay a deals a deal." He stands, holding his hand out to me, I take it as he pulls me up.

He leads me into a hallway of bedrooms and opens Liam's bedroom door, surprisingly no one is in here. I lay back onto the bed, the temperature in this room isn't as high as it is in the other. Harry sits on the bed, looking down at me with a smile. I smile back and giggle when his long fingers tickle my face. He laughs too, but only when I poke his dimples. "So about Louis..." I trail off.

"Yeah right, we were mates a while back, no big deal. Why do you want to know about him?" He asks me, trailing one of his fingers from my ear to my chin over and over agin, it's soothing.

"Well he's extremely attractive, he's on your level." I yawn, telling the truth. Harry knows that I thinks he's attractive, because I'm a pretty straightforward girl once we get to know each other. I'm also pretty weird, but hey.

Harry doesn't say anything, he just lays down next to me. I turn my head towards him and smile, he does the same. Before I know it I'm asleep.


I wake up to arguing outside the room. I sit up, ready to go and investigate, but my stomach rebels and I barley have time to grab Liam's poor trash can. I empty my stomach into the thing and apologize to it. Once I'm done I head into the hall where the arguing hasn't ceased. I spot Harry and Louis shouting at each other. When they notice me, they stop their argument right away. Harry hands me the glass of water that's in his left hand and the Advil that's in his right. I give him a toothy grin, thankful for the help. He bends his knees so he's eye level with me, and inspects my face. I can't help but wrap my arms around his neck, see Harry and I, we have a weird relationship. The guy is one of my best friends, but we flirt, and argue a lot. We easily get annoyed with each other, and if you didn't know any better you'd think we hated each other. Really I love the guy, because he's a great guy at heart. "I'm going to take you home when you find your clothes." He says.

I look down, realizing I'm still in Harry's shirt, and only his shirt.  I hide behind Harry and look and Louis, so is glaring at Harry.  "Hey Louis."  I say, he doesn't respond with words, only a nod of the head.  I don't remember him being so cold yesterday when we met.  The silence in the hall grows awkward so I speak up again.  "Um...where is Liam?"

"Living room."  Both boys answer, I nod leaving them at it.  As soon as I'm out of sight they start up arguing again.  I sigh, but when I see Liam, I laugh.  He's asleep on the coffee table, his head hanging off the side, his hand is in a bowl of water, that caused the wet spot on his boxers.  I spot a camera on a nearby table, and just as reach for it, Harry storms into the room.  "Amber let's go."  He grabs my wrist and pulls me toward the door.

Right before the door slams shut behind us Louis shouts, "Remember what I said Styles."


That is chapter one, I hope you enjoy.  I know that this first chapter had few Louis moments, but that's going to change I promise.  Please, please, please tell me what you think.  This is my first Movella so please just let me know what is wrong and what is right. I'd appreciate the comments.

Thank you, and good night, evening, morning, afternoon, day etc. 

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